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Bugatti Centodieci Review: $9,000,000 Worth Of Retro

Bugatti's customers are some of the most affluent people in the world, and as such, they hang around with similarly wealthy people. When a Chiron that costs around $3,000,000 is pocket change for you, standing out from the crowd is easy, but becomes less so when your friends all have 20-car garages. So how do you get one up on your companions? Well, you buy something ridiculously rare and expensive.

Enter the Bugatti Centodieci. With only ten units ever to be built, the Centodieci is the kind of car you may never come across in as many lifetimes. With a price tag of $9,000,000, it could take that many lifetimes to be able to afford one too. While offerings like the Koenigsegg Jesko are arguably better looking, this car builds on a heritage that the likes of Koenigsegg and Pagani will not achieve for another century. Based on the Chiron, but with more power, the 2022 Centodieci's 8.0-liter quad-turbo W16 produces a whopping 1,578 horsepower and 1,180 lb-ft of torque. But is it worth the money, or is it just an easy payday for Bugatti?

2022 Bugatti Centodieci Changes: What's New?

The Centodieci is based on the Chiron but has an all-new body that evokes the spirit of the EB110SS supercar that was commissioned while Bugatti was in the hands of its Italian former owner - hence the Italian name. Directly translated, the name means 110, calling attention to the Bugatti brand's 110th anniversary. With a retro design and more power, the Centodieci is a very different beast to the Chiron in terms of looks, but isn't too much different underneath. The interior is pretty much identical too, with just a few changes to let you know which Bugatti model you're in.

Pros and Cons

  • Ultra rare
  • Accelerates quicker than the Chiron
  • Almost as fast as the Chiron on top
  • Easy to drive
  • Design will likely not age well
  • Price is ridiculous, even at this level
  • A Chiron is just as good

2022 Bugatti Centodieci

Limited to ten units, the Centodieci was revealed in 2019 but only scheduled for first deliveries in 2022. This makes it challenging to pin the exclusive Centodieci down to a single model year. Essentially, Bugatti will be finished with the car when it's finished with the car, and no traditional timeline will limit pre-production testing. The first production example was delivered to its owner in mid-2022. None of the ten Chiron-based Centodieci models will look the same, and production will likely roll over into the following year.

Specs and Trims: Bugatti Centodieci Models And Configurations

The ten-model-only Bugatti Centodieci is one of a kind, and the snarling 1,578-horsepower W16 engine under the hood is one of the reasons why it's so exclusive. Only a handful of people were lucky enough to get their foot in the door back in 2019, and each one will likely receive a fully bespoke appearance, inside and out.

Still, the Centodiece comes with an all-wheel-drive setup and a blistering benchmark sprint time. Inside, you get heated seats with power adjustment, rain-sensing wipers, and parking sensors. Other basic inclusions are ambient lighting, an adaptive adjustable suspension, and a rearview camera.

2022 Centodieci
Starting Price (MSRP)
  • Engine:
    8.0L W16 Gas
  • Transmission:
    7- automatic speed dual clutch
  • Drivetrain:
    All-Wheel Drive
  • Configurations:
    Centodieci Coupe
Key Features
  • 8.0-liter quad-turbo W16 with 1,578 hp
  • 236 mph top speed
  • 0-124 mph in 6.1 seconds
  • Unique styling
  • Limited to ten units
Bugatti Centodieci Full Specs

The Bugatti Centodieci is a limited-run hypercar that celebrates the brand’s 110 years of existence while also paying tribute to the company’s Italian former owner and the EB110 supercar that was birthed during the 1990s. From the outside, the design is insanely radical and looks completely different from any other contemporary Bugatti model. Extensive use of carbon fiber helps contribute to a relatively low curb weight figure, while additional power improves acceleration for the Centodieci. Just ten units are being produced over a period of two years, and all are already spoken for.

Centodieci Exterior

As we've mentioned, the 2022 Bugatti Centodieci's design is intended to be a modern interpretation of the EB110's design. As such, ultra-slim LED headlights in narrow slits feature at the front, along with a relatively minuscule horseshoe grille with horizontal strakes on either side. Below is a massive carbon spoiler, while the profile features redesigned wheels that look at home on a concept-like vehicle such as this. The blacked-out A-pillars create a visor-like look for the glasshouse, behind which cheesegrater vents channel air to the motor that features a unique glass cover. At the back, a massive LED light arrangement makes up the taillight setup, with a huge wing atop the rear. Below is an enormous diffuser, while double-stacked exhaust tips finish off the unique design.

2022 Bugatti Centodieci Front View Bugatti
2022 Bugatti Centodieci Rear View Bugatti
2022 Bugatti Centodieci Front Angle View Bugatti
See All 2022 Bugatti Centodieci Exterior Photos


The Centodieci is marginally wider and lower than the Chiron on which it is based and features an overall width of 80.6 inches, with height at 47.3 inches. Overall length and wheelbase are unchanged at 178.9 and 106.7 inches, respectively, but thanks to more extensive use of composite materials, the Centodieci is a little lighter than the 4,400-pound Chiron. The Bugatti Centodieci has a curb weight of 4,356 lbs.

Exterior Colors

With all ten models spoken for shortly after its unveiling in 2019, there's no configurator to play around with to look at existing palettes or customization options. Instead, each of the blessed buyers will be able to specify their Centodieci masterpieces exactly to their own whims and wants. The first production example sports a classic EB110 Blue with Sport Silver Wheels - dressed to match its owner's classic EB110 GT of this color scheme.

Centodieci Performance

While only the very elite club of owners and Bugatti's own test drivers will have had an opportunity to drive the Centodieci, we suspect that it will respond very similarly to the Chiron, with surprisingly good throttle response and a very smooth kind of power delivery. This would make the car easy to drive in traffic while still offering incredible performance. Speaking of performance, the Centodieci is quicker in a straight line than the Chiron, getting from 0-124 mph in just 6.1 seconds - 0.4 seconds quicker than the Chiron, although the 0-60 time is still "less than 2.4 seconds". However, the top speed is lower than the Chiron's 261 mph and is limited to 236 mph.

With the same sort of running gear and suspension as the Chiron, we expect that the Centodieci will be just as approachable and enjoyable to drive. The Centodieci won't be noticeably more agile or engaging, though, since the weight reduction noted is just 44 pounds, but that's no bad thing.

2022 Bugatti Centodieci Front Angle View 1 Bugatti
2022 Bugatti Centodieci Rear Angle View Bugatti
2022 Bugatti Centodieci Brakes Bugatti

Engine and Transmission

The same 8.0-liter W16 quad-turbo engine that powers the Chiron does duty in the Centodieci, but here it makes 99 hp more, although the torque figure is unchanged. The familiar seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission sends 1,578 hp and 1,180 lb-ft of torque to the permanent all-wheel-drive system.

While we aren't lucky enough to ever get to drive one, we assume the Centodieci will be as comfortable yet impressively well-balanced as the Chiron is. Its AWD system should find traction despite such an absurd amount of power turning the wheels. At the end of the day, a car like this will likely never be driven in anger, but if a lucky owner has the guts to do so, the experience should be rewarding.

  • Engine
    8.0L W16 Gas
  • Transmission
    7- automatic speed dual clutch
  • Drivetrain

Centodieci Gas Mileage

While no official EPA or manufacturer estimates are available for the Centodieci's fuel consumption, we expect them to mirror those of the Chiron, which achieves an abysmal 9/14/11 mpg on the city/highway/combined cycles and should return an average of around 240 miles of range from its 22-gallon gas tank.

  • Fuel Tank Capacity
    12.0 Gallons
* 2022 Bugatti Centodieci Coupe

Centodieci Interior

As with the car it's based on, the Bugatti Centodieci is both super exclusive and ultra-focused, meaning that while you're likely to find only the best materials on offer here (and each of the ten models is likely to be highly customized), the cockpit is driver-focused. There is ample interior space for the driver and passenger and two digital displays flanking an analog speedometer. You won't find much in the way of infotainment or luxury and comfort features, although there is climate control and seat heating - but the rest of the cabin is designed for performance bliss. The Centodieci has an almost identical interior to that of the Chiron, with only some minor trim pieces, accents, and logos changing.

2022 Bugatti Centodieci Central Console Bugatti
2022 Bugatti Centodieci Steering Wheel Details Bugatti
2022 Bugatti Centodieci Seat Details Bugatti
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Seating and Interior Space

Like the Chiron, the Centodieci gets a pair of luxurious heated seats to keep occupants in supreme comfort, with plenty of headroom and legroom for even six-footers. Instrumentation and gadgetry are angled towards the pilot, and all the controls are within easy reach. The seats are also supportive on long journeys, but all-around visibility is poor, although that shouldn't be a problem in a car that will likely only ever get moved in order to be displayed.

  • Seating capacity

Interior Colors and Materials

Like with exterior colors, the interior look and feel of the Bugatti Centodieci will depend on what the buyer wants. The basics carry over from the Chiron, which sees loads of leather, carbon fiber, and aliminum throughout the cabin, and the options for making the interior unique will likely be endless.

Centodieci Trunk and Cargo Space

No official cargo volume figures are provided for the Centodieci, but you can rest assured that the practicality levels of this car will be inversely proportional to its price. In the regular Chiron, you get just two cubic feet of volume, and the Centodieci is unlikely to blaze a new trail in this department.

In the cabin, a decently sized glovebox is accompanied by a spot in the center console for your phone and keys. You also get closable door storage compartments, but not much else.

2022 Bugatti Centodieci Front Angle View 2 Bugatti
2022 Bugatti Centodieci Top View Bugatti
2022 Bugatti Centodieci Side View Bugatti

Centodieci Infotainment and Features


Little information is available on what the Centodieci comes with in terms of features, but you can expect the Chiron's heated power-adjustable seats, power-adjustable steering wheel, rain-sensing wipers, rearview camera, and heated power wing mirrors to carry over. Parking sensors are also likely included, along with cruise control, adaptive height-adjustable suspension, ambient interior lighting, and a cooled glovebox. As with the Chiron, don't expect to find any advanced driver aids like adaptive cruise control or autonomous emergency braking.


As with other features of the car, the infotainment system in the Centodieci is likely very similar to that in the Chiron, meaning that there is no central display. Instead, details on media will be displayed on one of the TFT screens that flank the central speedometer. The Chiron's sound system with diamond membranes is likely to be included too, and is made by the Accuton brand. Wi-Fi compatibility and Bluetooth should feature, but Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone integration systems are likely absent.

Centodieci Problems and Reliability

The Centodieci is meticulously crafted and it will take two years for all ten units to be built, so we don't expect any reliability issues. However, it may be worth noting that the Chiron was subject to a couple of recalls. The problems included a rear left-hand driveshaft that could break and a malfunctioning stability control system. Another two Chiron issues were for side airbags that may not deploy correctly and seat recliner brackets that were improperly welded.

For added peace of mind, the Centodieci was subjected to intense hot-weather and endurance testing to ensure that it holds up in extreme conditions, or the kind of conditions it will likely never be exposed to in its lifetime.

Although no info is publicly available on the warranty, we expect the Centodieci to come with four years of full warranty coverage and complimentary scheduled maintenance for the same period.

Centodieci Safety

The Centodieci is the kind of rare, expensive machine that will likely never be crashed intentionally, at least not by a rationally thinking owner. Fortunately, although there are no crash test results for an official safety review of the Centodieci, Bugatti crashed one Chiron multiple times with no weakening of the carbon body.

US NHTSA Crash Test Result

NHTSA safety ratings are not available at this time.

Key Safety Features

As standard, the Chiron features a rearview camera, parking sensors, frontal, side-impact, and curtain airbags, as well as rain-sensing wipers. You won't get advanced driver aids like blind-spot monitoring as standard, and while we're sure customization on such an exclusive car can cut into this territory, new owners are going to be much more focused on enjoying their uber-exclusive machine than worrying about adaptive cruise control.

Verdict: Is the Bugatti Centodieci A Good car?

The Bugatti Centodieci is not really a car. It's a driving art piece, however abstract and unattractive that art piece may be. It's not the kind of car you buy for the way it drives, or the way it makes you feel. It's not the car you take on cross country road trip escapades and it's not the car you buy because you want to drive as fast as possible. Numerous other options on the market fill those criteria, and some fill all of them at once. The Centodieci is a car that you buy for only two reasons: to show off, or as a future investment. Due to its unbelievable price, you can tick the first box easily. Due to the car's rarity, it will likely be worth its asking price for a long time to come. However, the design is not the most alluring, and the EB110 to which this car pays tribute was never a fan favorite of die-hard Bugatti connoisseurs. That said, as long as there's money in the world, there will always be a market for limited-run uber-exclusive hypercars. Still, if it were our money, we'd buy a regular Chiron and spend the rest on a few other hypercars.

What's the Price of the Bugatti Centodieci?

The 2022 Bugatti Centodieci has a starting price of a whopping eight million euros, which, at the time of unveiling, meant that each car would cost at least $8.94 million. Even with that scandalous price, all ten were sold to existing Bugatti customers long before we had the chance to even see the car.

What Bugatti Centodieci Model Should I Buy?

As mentioned above, the Centodieci was limited to just ten models and each and every one was sold out before the international press even saw the final product. If we had the option, we would likely spec ours in a pastel blue or a canary yellow, to match the iconic colors seen on EB110s of the 90s.

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