2024 Cadillac Ascendiq

Cadillac Ascendiq
2024 Cadillac Ascendiq

GM's new Ultium Platform made its debut in the Cadillac Lyriq. Upcoming models will share more than just this platform, however. It seems that all forthcoming EVs Cadillac will have a name ending in 'iq.'

While the 2024 Lumistiq will cater to the crossover audience, the Ascendiq will be built for people who aspire to do more than curb crawling.

The name alone gives it away. "Ascend" indicates crawling up something, but it also has meaning in the social context. As in, one is ascending the social ladder towards the one percent.

The Ascendiq will likely use the complete three-motor system designed by GM, providing roughly 1,000 hp. Other details are scarce at the moment, but like the Lumistiq, the Ascendiq will likely be unveiled in 2023 and launched before or during 2025.

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