2024 Cadillac Lumistiq

Cadillac Lumistiq

In keeping with naming EVs using a moniker ending in 'iq', the Lumistiq is one of Cadillac's forthcoming EVs to be built on the General Motors Ultium platform. Unlikely to be a sedan, the Lumistiq will cash in on the growing popularity of crossovers worldwide. By utilizing the Ultium platform and batteries, up to three motors can be packaged generating circa 1,000 horsepower, while a range of more than 300 miles should be attainable, if not more.

Details are otherwise scant, but expect styling similar to what we've already seen on the Lyriq and Celestiq, and expect various teasers and tidbits of information to drop over the next while. A reveal will likely happen towards 2023 and the Lumistiq is expected to come to market before 2025.

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