2022 Chevrolet Express Passenger Van Interior and Cargo

Chevrolet Express Passenger Van Interior & Cargo Rating

2022 Express Passenger Van Interior

It might say "2022" on the box, but the interior of the Chevrolet Express Passenger Van is a throwback to a bygone era. The dashboard is composed of vast slabs of featureless, hard, black plastic with controls and instruments thrown at it, seemingly sticking where they landed - it reminds us strongly of Lego. Vents are oriented both vertically and horizontally and the whole layout is incoherent and unattractive to look at. The radio head unit, HVAC controls, gauge cluster, steering wheel, and headlight switch seem to come from a more modern era and sit self-consciously in their severely dated surroundings.

2022 Express Passenger Van Interior Photos

2022 Chevrolet Express Passenger Van Driver Area Chevrolet
2022 Chevrolet Express Passenger Van Steering Wheel Chevrolet
2022 Chevrolet Express Passenger Van Central Console Chevrolet

Seating and Interior Space

Regular-wheelbase models of the Chevrolet Express Passenger Van have seats for up to 12 passengers, but the extended-wheelbase models are afforded enough room for an additional row of seating; this expands seating capacity to 15. Unfortunately, there are no medium-roof or high-roof configurations available for the van, which means really tall occupants will have to duck down while searching for a seat.

The driver and front passenger have ample space, but things become a lot more cramped from behind the second-row seats; legroom, in particular, becomes problematic. We think the Express would be best used as a short-distance shuttle rather than a long-distance passenger commuter. The driver and front passenger get the lion's share of interior space, and the driver has a commanding view of the road ahead, even if the seating position is upright and truck-like.

2022 Chevrolet Express Passenger Van Interior Dimensions:

Chevrolet Express Passenger Van Trims2500 LS2500 LT3500 LS3500 LT
Headroom Front Seat40.85 in.40.85 in.40.85 in.40.85 in.
Headroom Back Seat38.42 in.38.42 in.38.42 in.38.42 in.
Legroom Front Seat41.35 in.41.35 in.41.35 in.41.35 in.
Legroom Back Seat36.3 in.36.3 in.36.3 in.36.3 in.
Shoulder Room Front68.85 in.68.85 in.68.85 in.68.85 in.
Shoulder Room Rear68.6 in.68.6 in.68.6 in.68.6 in.
Hip Room, Front65.48 in.65.48 in.65.48 in.65.48 in.
Hip Room, Rear65.62 in.65.62 in.65.62 in.65.62 in.

Interior Colors and Materials

Inside, the environment and materials are dreary; colors used in the Express Passenger Van's interior number a grand total of two - every single surface in sight is either gray or black. The vast wall of a black plastic that makes up the dash is offset by gray plastic from there on backward, and this sets the tone for the rest of the interior. The seats in the LS are covered in Medium Pewter - gray, to you and me - vinyl. Cloth front seats cost $255 extra and are rendered in the same color; the other seats retain their (gray) vinyl. Gray cloth front seats are standard in the LT. Black rubberized vinyl is the standard floor covering in the LS and this is exchanged for gray carpeting in the LT. However, you can order your LS with carpeting if you prefer, but it will cost you $185 extra. You get a urethane steering wheel, but you can have it covered in leather for an extra $185 on either trim.

2022 Express Passenger Van Trunk and Cargo Space

With seating for either 12 or 15 passengers, it's good to know that there's plenty of cargo space in the Chevrolet Express Passenger Van, too. Behind the rear-most seats in the regular-wheelbase model, there's 92.1 cubes of trunk volume, and the extended-wheelbase model boasts an expansive 127.2 cubes of cargo room. This diminishes significantly, however, with the 15-passenger seating configuration, although Chev doesn't provide exact figures. Maximum cargo space for the standard model is 218.5 cubic feet behind the front seats, with 255.5 cubes on the extended wheelbase model. The Express' 50/50 split 180-degree opening rear doors are convenient for loading cargo into the luggage compartment, and the rearmost seats fold down in a 50/50 split, offering some versatility.

There are a handful of in-cabin storage solutions. Up front, there are three cupholders and a moderately sized slide-out console. The LT trims get a deluxe front console with a storage bin, but all models feature various small-item storage compartments and trays in the dashboard, a large glovebox, and slender door pockets that don't accommodate bottles.

2022 Chevrolet Express Passenger Van Trunk and Cargo Space Photos

2022 Chevrolet Express Passenger Van Interior Rundown Chevrolet
2022 Chevrolet Express Passenger Van Forward View Chevrolet
2022 Chevrolet Express Passenger Van Cargo Room Chevrolet

2022 Chevrolet Express Passenger Van Bed Size:

Chevrolet Express Passenger Van Trims2500 LS2500 LT3500 LS3500 LT
Box Width (Wheelhousings)50.4 in.50.4 in.50.4 in.50.4 in.
Box Height (Area)51.8 in.51.8 in.51.8 in.51.8 in.

2022 Express Passenger Van Infotainment and Features


With the Express' rudimentary purpose and significantly dated outlook on life, one can't expect much from it in the way of features. Base-level features in the 2500 LS include power door locks and windows, powered and heated side mirrors, power steering, manually adjustable front seats, manual front and rear air-conditioning, a digital compass, two 12-volt power outlets, one household-style 120-volt power outlet, and a rearview camera. The 3500 LS gets Chevy's Driver Convenience Package which throws in a tilt-only manual adjustment for the steering column along with cruise control. LT trims are further outfitted with remote keyless entry, forward-collision alert, and lane-departure warning, amongst a few cosmetic upgrades such as a chrome exterior package. All the features that the higher-specced trims come with as standard are optional for the lower trims. A leather-wrapped steering wheel, a blind-spot monitor, six-way power-adjustable front seats, and a trailer hitch are optional for all.


The Express' basic nature is continued through to the infotainment system as well. Every trim comes fitted with a basic AM/FM/MP3 compatible stereo that features only two front door-mounted speakers. GM's OnStar Vehicle Insights with a 12-month subscription thrown in comes standard in every trim too. A single auxiliary input jack is provided for device connectivity and the system is 4G Wi-Fi capable. Bluetooth audio streaming capability, a USB port, and two additional rear speakers are available.


How many seats does the Chevrolet Express Passenger Van have?

Inside both the regular- and extended-wheelbase bodies, there are two front-row seats and three rows of rear seats for a total seating capacity of 12 people in four rows. The extended-wheelbase body can alternatively be ordered with an additional three-seater row at the very back to increase passenger capacity to 15 people.

How many cupholders does the Chevrolet Express Passenger Van have?

The two front-row passengers get three cupholders in the center console - one small and two large ones. The left-hand-side outboard passengers in both the second and third rows get one cupholder each, molded into the plastic ledge that serves as an elbow rest. Despite this ledge extending further back, neither the fourth nor the (optional) fifth row gets any cupholders.

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