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2019 Chevrolet Suburban

$50,800 - $85,700
Price Range (MSRP)
Chevrolet Suburban

2019 Chevrolet Suburban Review: The Oldest Car In The World

by Gabe Beita Kiser

The Chevrolet Suburban has outlasted a multitude of its rivals since its inauguration in 1935. It was then known under the moniker "Carryall-Suburban" and has since taken up its title as the longest-running nameplate in the industry with a whopping 84 years under its belt. Through the Suburban's eight-decade legacy, a key rival has managed to stay hot on its bumper, however, known as the Ford "Excursion" back then; now, that same competitor features prominently in the traditional SUV segment under the Ford Expedition badge. But, Chevrolet asserts that the Suburban is now better than ever, powered by a burly 5.3-liter V8 direct-injection engine with outputs of 355 horsepower and 383 lb-ft of torque, and with a buffed-up 420 hp 6.2-liter V8 option for the top-tier Premier trim, along with a ten-speed automatic transmission. A six-speed automatic transmission otherwise services the lineup in standard guise, powering either the default rear-wheel-drivetrain or optional all-wheel-drivetrain. GMC's Yukon XL is another full-size SUV that has come a long way as the Suburban's corporate twin, and has taken up a firm standing within the market today; even so, allure remains high for the supersize nine-seater Suburban.

2019 Chevrolet Suburban Changes: What’s the difference vs 2018 Suburban?

For 2019 Chevrolet has extended the options list with a new RST Performance Edition Package, which is available for the Premier trim only. It comprises a 6.2-liter V8 engine with 420 hp and 460 lb-ft, a ten-speed automatic transmission, a high-capacity air filter, a 170-amp alternator, 3.23 axle ratio, two-speed transfer case (with available all-wheel-drive), active noise cancellation, trailer brake controller, magnetic ride control and Sport calibration. Options for the RST include a Borla exhaust and a Brembo brake kit. This model year sees the Havana Metallic and Tungsten Metallic colors deleted from the exterior palette and replaced with Shadow Gray Metallic. It is otherwise business as usual for the large Suburban SUV.

Pros and Cons

  • Comfortable ride quality
  • Expansive cabin room
  • Impressive trunk capacity
  • Upscale interior impression
  • User-friendly Intellilink infotainment system
  • Sluggish acceleration responses
  • Challenging boat-like handling
  • Below-average reliability

Suburban Exterior

Deep into its eleventh generation, and the Suburban exhibits no hint of its substantial age. The LS and LT don a black mesh front grille, outlined with chrome bars only on the Premier. Halogen headlights are standard on the LS and LT while HID headlights and front fog lights adorn the Premier. 18-inch aluminum wheels with a high-polished finish bedeck the LS and LT while 20-inch polished-aluminum wheels better fill the wheel arches of the Premier. There are ten other wheel options available throughout the lineup, some as standalone options and others included in the various optional appearance packages. The exterior mirrors are power-adjustable and heated, as well as being color-keyed.

2019 Chevrolet Suburban Front View
2019 Chevrolet Suburban Front Angle View
2019 Chevrolet Suburban Front Angle View
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The Suburban full-size SUV's dimensions are similar to those of the Tahoe crossover SUV. It's only longer at 224.4 inches, giving it 20 inches on the 204-inch Tahoe. A lengthy wheelbase of 130 inches on the Suburban is also more impressive than the Tahoe's, which is capped at 116 inches. Both models otherwise share a height of 74.4 inches and a width of 80.5 inches, and both ride 7.9 inches above the tarmac. While the Suburban's massive wheelbase discourages any real level of off-roading, it boasts a decent approach angle of 15.5 degrees and a departure angle of 21.1 degrees. With the base engine and rear-wheel-drive system, the Suburban weighs in at a hefty 5,405 lbs and 5,653 lbs in all-wheel-drive guise. With the optional 6.2-liter engine, those figures climb to 5,756 lbs with the RWD system, and 6,021 lbs for the AWD.

Exterior Colors

The deletion of Havana Metallic and Tungsten Metallic made way for the addition of Shadow Gray Metallic, and there are now a total of nine exterior color options available for the Suburban. This includes Black, Summit White, and Pepperdust Metallic. Siren Red Tintcoat is offered for all trims at $495, while the Iridescent Pearl Tricoat is optionable only on the LT and Premier at an extra cost of $995. It doesn't matter what one chooses to coat the Suburban in as it looks appealing in them all. However, it's aggressive demeanor and chrome exterior accents are best emphasized by any of the darker hues, particularly by the Siren Red Tintcoat.

Suburban Performance

The Suburban's potent default 5.3-liter V8 engine provides strapping levels of acceleration which are intensified by the beefier 6.2-liter V8 engine option. Equipped with the base engine, and in rear-wheel-drive guise, the Suburban jaunts from 0-60 mph in 7.3 seconds - slapping in the 6.2-liter engine cuts that time down by one-and-a-half seconds. The all-wheel-drive system slows things back down a tad, dropping the time by around 0.2 seconds regardless of the engine option, but giving the Suburban better capability in snowy climates. The Ford Expedition in any guise is somewhat faster than the Suburban overall, delivering a 0-60 mph time of 5.3 seconds in its fastest configuration.

The Suburban with the 5.3-liter engine and the rear-wheel-drive system offers the greatest towing capacity from the range. With the Max Trailering Package optioned in, it manages to tow 8,300 lbs. Comparatively, the Ford Expedition can tow up to 1,000 pounds more.

In terms of off-road capability, the Suburban doesn't offer much; its enormous body limits it substantially particularly in terms of its articulation over rougher terrain and when maneuvering through tight spots. Still, a locking diff is standard, and a low-range transfer case is equipped to give it some off-road credibility, which is still diminished somewhat by standard running boards and the lengthy wheelbase. The Ford Expedition is generally quite similar, but it is almost two inches higher off the ground, giving it a bit more versatility than the Suburban.

2019 Chevrolet Suburban Front View Driving
2019 Chevrolet Suburban Rear View Driving
2019 Chevrolet Suburban Wheel

Engine and Transmission

The base 5.3-liter V8 engine and six-speed automatic transmission are both favorable, but the optional 6.2-liter V8 engine and ten-speed automatic transmission do stand out as the better option, though. The base powertrain setup feels optimally refined, and even with the hefty weight of the full-size SUV, the V8 is more than up to the task of getting it on the move. Off-the-line acceleration is met with robust and immediate power delivery. The gas pedal calibration is, sadly, rather dull and responds sluggishly to driver input. Nevertheless, the V8's 355 hp and 383 lb-ft of torque are always there, from pulling away from a traffic light in town to overtaking at speed on the highway, even when fully loaded or with a heavy tow load. The six-speed automatic transmission is great; it shifts imperceptibly, efficiently modulating the engine's power for optimized and consistent delivery.

Unfortunately, the more potent 6.2-liter V8 engine (420 hp and 460 lb-ft) and further refined ten-speed automatic transmission, is available only for the top-tier Premier trim. We say unfortunately because it is the better powertrain setup of the two, but can only be optioned on the range-topping trim for a much heftier starting price - it's well worth it though, as this setup compounds on the excellent traits of the base engine, providing even greater overall acceleration and smoother shifting.

  • Engines
    5.3-liter V8 Flex-fuel (FFV), 6.2-liter V8, V8 Gas
  • Transmissions
    10-Speed Automatic, 6-Speed Automatic
  • Drivetrains
    4X4, RWD

Handling and Driving Impressions

Over typical roads, the Suburban generally rides comfortably and feels smooth; its large, heavy chassis remains well-controlled and menial road imperfections are suitably absorbed by its all-terrain tires. However, larger road imperfections and typical undulations do notably rattle the rear of the cabin. Nevertheless, the interior is impressively quiet, isolating almost all exterior noise at all speeds. It handles pretty well too, considering its hefty weight and enormous chassis; its bulkiness is inescapable in terms of feel, but it remains composed right up to the limit and when taken around bends. There's not much feedback communicated through the steering, and the turning effort feels overly light, and - while responses to inputs are sluggish - the large SUV is still easy to guide through the streets. Fortunately, the Suburban's brakes provide some confidence; they feel reliable and effectively stop the hefty SUV in good time while keeping it stable. Although equipped with a locking differential, low-range transfer case, and all-terrain tires, the Suburban isn't a natural off-roader. It's fitted with standard running boards to ease ingress and egress for passengers as more of a luxury-focused vehicle and its extensive wheelbase lends itself to this end instead.

Suburban Gas Mileage

In the automotive world, with great power, comes great irresponsibility - at least in terms of fuel economy that is. And the Suburban's thirsty V8s guzzle gas like an Irishman chugs down beers on the eve of St. Patrick's Day. The best the Suburban has to offer are EPA estimates of 15/22/18 mpg city/highway/combined with the base engine and rear-wheel-drive setup. The all-wheel-drive system drops these figures to 14/22/16 mpg. The 6.2-liter engine and ten-speed automatic gearbox improve efficiency on the highway, at least in rear-wheel guise, returning 14/23/17 mpg, however, the four-wheel system loses the advantage, returning 14/20/16 mpg. With its 31-gallon gas tank, or in this case, beer keg, filled to the brim, the Suburban offers a range of around 558 miles before needing a top-up.

  • Fuel Tank Capacity
    31.0 Gallons
  • Fuel Economy
    City/Hwy: 15/22 mpg
* 2019 Chevrolet Suburban 2WD 1500 LS

Suburban Interior

The Suburban is impeccably well built overall, and the in-cabin design and high-quality materials elicit an impression of modernity and luxury, even to the level of that of premium luxury vehicles. The cabin is serenely quiet thanks to the new triple-perimeter door seals, while overall, cabin room is more than ample throughout, capable of housing up to nine people. The seating position and the layout of the controls are ergonomic, functions are easy to understand, and the general cockpit design is easy to get accustomed to. The seats are also really comfortable with well-cushioned and expertly contoured support provided. While the LS comes standard with premium cloth seating, leather is optional on all trims, and standard on the LT and Premier. Comfort levels are high in the Suburban, with tri-zone automatic climate control fitted across the range and the cabin boasting eleven charging locations, as well as built-in 4G LTE Wi-Fi for up to seven devices.

2019 Chevrolet Suburban Dashboard
2019 Chevrolet Suburban Central Console
2019 Chevrolet Suburban Central Console
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Seating and Interior Space

As standard, the LS and LT seat eight occupants; the Premier is suited for seven. The LS can seat up to nine with the front split-bench seat optioned in, while the LT can be optioned with front and second-row bucket seats to seat seven. This is standard in the Premier, with the option to a three-seater second-row bench to seat a total of eight occupants.

The front seats are comfortable, spacious, and supportive, with plenty of adjustability; the second-row seats are comfortable too but are limited in adjustability to their seat-folding functionality. The third-row seats are firm and thin, but head and legroom from front to back are ample, even for adults in the third-row. The high-level of adjustability allows for easy positioning of the driver's seat and controls; the seats are high-set for a commanding view of the road, which also, along with the standard running boards, make ingress and egress as easy as can be.

  • Seating capacity

Interior Colors and Materials

The LS's premium cloth upholstered seats and in-cabin finishes can be optioned in either Jet Black or Cocoa/Dune at no cost. Leather-appointed seats are standard in the LT and can be hued in either Jet Black, Jet Black/Dark Ash, or Cocoa/Dune. The Premier is adorned with perforated-leather upholstery optional in either Jet Black, Cocoa/Dune, Jet Black/Mahogany, or for $295, Cocoa/Mahogany. All trims come with a leather-wrapped steering wheel and first- and second-row carpeted floor mats as standard. The various appearance packages offer a few other thematic interior compositions.

Suburban Trunk and Cargo Space

The Suburban offers a massive 39.3 cubic feet of room behind the third-row of seats - enough room for just about every one of the nine occupants' vacation luggage. The third-row seats fold flat in a 60/40 split and are power-operated in the Premier; the second-row seats fold down completely flat too, in either a 50/50 or 40/20/40 split, opening up a grand total of 121.7 cubic feet of space with all seats stowed away and 76.7 in the two-row setup.

There's a vast array of in-cabin storage options in the Suburban; all four doors comprise wide pockets with bottle holder slots, a smaller secondary pocket, and a small items tray. In the front of the cabin, there is a large center armrest console, a small items storage tray, two large cupholders, and a large passenger-side glovebox. There is a seatback map pocket on both front seats and two cupholders in the third-row seating space.

2019 Chevrolet Suburban Trunk Space
2019 Chevrolet Suburban Trunk Space
2019 Chevrolet Suburban Trunk Space with Seat Folded

Suburban Infotainment and Features


Standard features are plentiful in the Suburban from the entry-level trim. The LS allows for remote keyless entry and ignition; it's also outfitted with a leather-wrapped tilt-only steering wheel, a ten-way power-adjustable driver's seat, electronic cruise control, and tri-zone automatic climate control. The LT extends the list with a manually-tilt and telescoping steering column, ten-way power-adjustable front passenger seat, heated front seats, a programmable power liftgate, an auto-dimming rearview mirror, and a universal home remote. Moving up to the Premier adds a power tilt and telescoping steering column, heated steering wheel, heated and ventilated front seats, heated second-row outboard seats, 60/40 power-split-folding third-row seats, and a hands-free programmable power liftgate. An integrated rearview camera and rear park assist are standard on the LS, while the LT gets forward collision alert, low-speed forward automatic braking, lane keep assist with lane departure warning, safety alert seat, and Intellibeam assist. At the top of the range, the Premier is fitted with lane change alert and blind-spot alert, rear cross-traffic alert, and front and side park assist.


An eight-inch diagonal color touchscreen is the standard infotainment display across the lineup. The LS is equipped with a six-speaker audio system while the LT gets a premium nine-speaker Bose audio setup with a RichBass subwoofer. The range-topping Premier sports a Bose Centerpoint ten-speaker surround-sound audio system. All setups include AM/FM/HD Radio and features a CD player, allows for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay functionality, Bluetooth audio streaming and - in the Premier - for Navigation as well. There are five USB charging ports located throughout the cabin along with five auxiliary 12-volt power outlets, a single auxiliary input jack, and a 110-volt power outlet is found in the media hub. The Premier model is fitted with a wireless charging pad, but the remainder of the range have built-in 4G LTE Wi-Fi allowing for connectivity for up to seven devices. The Chevrolet IntelliLink infotainment system is one of the better interfaces available in the market as it is favorably intuitive and very user-friendly.

Suburban Problems and Reliability

The 2019 Suburban has been subject to only one crucial recall; certain second or third-row rear seatbelt retractor assemblies had the potential for not automatically locking when the seatbelt is fully pulled out of the retractor, preventing a child seat from being properly secured. J.D. Power places little confidence in the dependability of the Suburban, however, scoring it a below-average predicted reliability rating of two-and-a-half out of five. Fortunately, Chevrolet covers the Suburban with a three-year/36,000-mile bumper-to-bumper warranty and a five-year/60,000-mile powertrain warranty. This coverage is on par with typical industry warranty offerings.

Suburban Safety

Though the IIHS has not yet evaluated the 2019 Chevrolet Suburban for its crashworthiness, the NHTSA gave the full-size SUV an overall safety score of four out of five stars. It lost points in the standard rollover test, in which it scored only three out of five stars.

Key Safety Features

There is an appealing level of decent active safety and advanced driver aids included in the Suburban as standard, even at the base level. The LS is equipped with six standard airbags, an integrated rearview camera, adaptive cruise control, rear parking sensors, and teen-driver technology for the parents who want to keep an eye on how their teenagers drive. The LT is further outfitted with forward collision alert, low-speed forward automatic braking, lane keep assist with lane departure warning, and IntelliBeam high beam assist. Standard on the Premier and optional for the LT are lane change assist with blind-spot monitoring, and rear cross-traffic alert, however, front and rear park assist is exclusive to the Premier.

Verdict: Is the 2019 Chevrolet Suburban a good SUV?

The 2019 Chevrolet Suburban is an excellent vehicle, despite having less than ideal safety ratings and a rather low predicted reliability. It remains a favorite due to it's inherent luxurious and practical nature, making it ideal for extended road trips with the entire family. For such a large-sized SUV, it rides smoothly and with confidence thanks to the two burly, yet refined, powertrain options. It isn't very economical at all, but with a giant 31-gallon gas tank, it will still get to where it needs to be without having to refuel too often. Its cabin is immaculate, quiet and comfortable, clearly prioritizing passenger-conveniences as an SUV with all the necessities and luxuries required to keep everyone suitably entertained. It offers great versatility with seating for up to nine people, and seats that fold down flat to expand cargo capacity to a cavernous 121.7 cubic feet behind the front seats. On top of that, practicality is impressive too, with a maximum towing capacity of 8,300 lbs; some rivals offer a bit more in this regard, though, but not necessarily as part of such a balanced package. The Suburban can be difficult to maneuver through the city streets because of its massive size, and it isn't as economical or comfortable on the highway as many of its rivals - but overall, and taking its impressive legacy into account, it remains an ideal family hauler and road trip ally.

What's the Price of the 2019 Chevrolet Suburban?

The entry-level Suburban LS trim enters the market with a starting MSRP of $50,800, followed by the mid-level LT trim which is priced at $55,800. The top-level Premier trim is smacked with a sticker price of $65,500. Equipping the all-wheel-drivetrain to any of the models, ups the price by $3,000 for all trims. On the Premier model, upgrading to the optional 6.2-liter V8 is done by means of adding either the RST Performance Edition package for $2,720, or equipping the comprehensive Premier Plus at a cost of $11,675. These prices are all exclusive of Chevrolet's destination freight charge of $1,295 as well as tax, registration, and licensing fees.

2019 Chevrolet Suburban Models

The LS, LT, and Premier are the three trims that comprise the 2019 Chevrolet Suburban lineup. Across the range, the Suburban is equipped with a 5.3-liter V8 engine, six-speed automatic transmission, and rear-wheel drivetrain. A more potent 6.2-liter V8 engine and smoother ten-speed automatic transmission are optional, but only to the Premier edition. All-wheel-drive can be equipped to any of the trim levels.

The LS comes equipped with remote access and ignition, a leather-wrapped tilt-only steering wheel, a ten-way power-adjustable driver's seat, electronic cruise control, and tri-zone automatic climate control. An integrated rearview camera and rear park assist are its only standard driver aides.

In the middle of the lineup is the LT, adding a manually tilt-and-telescoping steering column, ten-way power-adjustable front passenger seat, heated front seats, a programmable power liftgate, heated front seats, an auto-dimming rearview mirror, and a universal home remote to the list of standard features. It also gets forward collision alert, low-speed forward automatic braking, lane keep assist with lane departure warning, safety alert seat, and Intellibeam assist to flesh out the driver aids a little.

At the top-end of the range, the Premier trim is fitted with the full spectrum of features available. It upgrades to a power tilt-and-telescoping steering column, a heated steering wheel, heated and ventilated front seats, heated second-row outboard seats, 60/40 power-split-folding third-row seats, and a hands-free programmable power liftgate. To give the driver more confidence, lane change assist with side blind-spot monitoring, rear cross-traffic alert, and front and side park assist are standard here.

Trim Engine Transmission Drivetrain Price (MSRP)
5.3-liter V8 Flex-fuel (FFV)
V8 Gas
6-Speed Automatic
Rear-Wheel Drive
Four-Wheel Drive
5.3-liter V8 Flex-fuel (FFV)
V8 Gas
6-Speed Automatic
Rear-Wheel Drive
Four-Wheel Drive
5.3-liter V8 Flex-fuel (FFV)
6-Speed Automatic
Rear-Wheel Drive
Four-Wheel Drive
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Additional Packages

A range of optional packages is available for all Suburban trim lines, including a few accessories and appearance-focused packages too. Available to all trims is the Max Trailering Package which, for $580, equips the Suburban with a 3.42 ratio axle, a trailer brake controller, a Z85 Premium Smooth Ride Suspension Package with air leveler on LS and LT trims, and a two-speed active transfer case on all all-wheel-drive trims for those wanting to tackle rougher terrain.

For the LS, an Enhanced Driver Alert Package is available at $695, which adds a safety alert seat, IntelliBeam headlamps, power-adjustable pedals, forward collision warning, low-speed forward automatic braking, and lane-keep assist with lane departure warning. A $2,280 All-Season Package equips the LS with 20-inch polished aluminum wheels, with 20-inch all-season tires, body-color bodyside moldings, black roof-rack cross rails, all-weather floor and cargo mats, and the contents of the Max Trailering Package.

The $5,435 LT Signature Package is an exclusive LT package and fits 20-inch chrome wheels, 20-inch all-season tires, bright bodyside moldings, chrome grille insert, polished exhaust tip, chrome recovery hooks, and chrome assist step kit. The Sun, Entertainment and Destinations Package can also be optioned on and includes an eight-inch diagonal Chevrolet Infotainment System with Navigation, rear-seat Blu-ray entertainment system, power sunroof, and an additional nine months of SiriusXM Radio and SiriusXM Traffic services all for $3,530.

The Premier can be optioned with an expensive $11,675 Premier Plus Edition package, which upgrades the powertrain to the 6.2-liter EcoTec V8 engine paired to a ten-speed automatic transmission. It further equips 22-inch six-spoke split chrome wheels, a power sunroof, rear-seat entertainment system, power-retractable assist steps, black roof-rack cross rails, and a polished exhaust tip. This also supplies interior enhancements, such as jet black/mahogany brown perforated leather-appointed interior seating, second-row power-release bucket seats, eight-inch enhanced driver information center, a head-up display, cargo area organizer, high-capacity air cleaner, 170-amp alternator, two-speed active transfer case (on AWD models only), trailer brake controller, and a 3.23 axle ratio.

What Chevrolet Suburban Model Should I Buy?

We recommend opting for the top-of-the-line Premier trim as it is the most versatile option in terms of performance, and the best value for money proposition in terms of standard included features. While retaining the base 5.3-liter V8 engine allows the Max Trailering Package to be equipped to the SUV, giving it a maximum towing capacity of 8,300 lbs, the exclusive 6.2-liter V8 engine improves its overall straight-line performance, but can only be had on the Premier. As the optional engine is available within two packages, if you do choose to opt it in, we suggest going all in and selecting the Premier Plus Edition package which also equips a head-up display, an eight-inch enhanced driver info center, a power moonroof, rear-seat infotainment system, and a trailer brake controller to name just a few. We also suggest sticking to the rear-wheel-drive system as it benefits acceleration, economy, and towing capacity.

2019 Chevrolet Suburban Comparisons

2019 Chevrolet Suburban
2019 Chevrolet Suburban

2019 Chevrolet Suburban vs Chevrolet Tahoe

With a base trim line MSRP of $48,000, the Tahoe is around $2,800 cheaper than the entry-level Suburban. It's a little shorter than the Suburban too, which means less than half the trunk capacity and less rear cabin legroom; but, it doesn't lose out completely in the way of practicality, as it offers a greater maximum towing capability of 8,400 lbs. The two models are otherwise almost identical in every other regard, from the standard features and cabin interior to the powertrain options and even trim levels. The Suburban does offer slightly more in terms of luxury with a better audio layout featured in the Premier, and a few more drivers-assists too. But a decision will ultimately come down to whether you'd want to take advantage of the Suburban's class-leading in-cabin and trunk room, or the Tahoe's marginally improved towing capacity and slightly lower price tag.

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2019 Chevrolet Suburban vs Ford Expedition

The Chevrolet Suburban and Ford Expedition stand head to head as core rivals in this segment. They are both venerable long-standing class leaders as full-size SUVs and are both offered as similarly purposed packages, with very similar pricing points to one another. The Expedition offers a more powerful turbocharged 3.5-liter V6 engine capable of churning out 375 hp and 470 lb-ft of torque. It performs much the same as the Suburban's base 5.2-liter V8 engine but doesn't quite match up to the 6.2-liter V8 option available on the Suburban Premier, which handles the SUV's weight with aplomb. The Expedition does, however, come standard with a better ten-speed automatic transmission as standard throughout the lineup, which is only available on the top trim of the Suburban. The Ford Sync 3 infotainment system is also favored over Chev's already highly intuitive IntelliLink interface, and - together with Expedition's 12-speaker Bang & Olufsen Play audio system - it certainly outranks the offerings from the Chev. The Expedition can only seat a maximum of eight passengers, so if you need space for nine, the decision is easy; but, if towing is your priority, you will need to opt for the Expedition with its higher towing capacity. Seating and towing capabilities aside, the Expedition takes the win as the slightly more premium offering, delivering better value for money overall.

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