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Chrysler is an American automaker that started out as the United States Motor Company in 1910. It is one of the ‘Big Three’ automakers in the USA and now operates as a subsidiary of the Stellantis automotive company. It’s made a name for itself over the years as a manufacturer of premium vehicles across a number of classifications. In recent years, the Chrysler lineup has been reduced to just a few choice models that continue to impress in their segments.

List of New Chrysler Car Models and Prices

This is a list of the Chrysler car models currently for sale in the USA:

Model Power Engine Base Price
Chrysler 200 Convertible 173 hp 2.4L Inline-4 Gas $27,950
Chrysler 300 292 hp 3.6L V6 Gas $34,295
Chrysler Airflow TBC TBC TBC
Chrysler Aspen 303 hp 4.7L V8 Gas $34,730
Chrysler Crossfire Coupe 215 hp 3.2L V6 Gas $34,735
Chrysler Pacifica 287 hp 3.6L V6 Gas $37,270
Chrysler PT Cruiser 150 hp 2.4L Inline-4 Gas $18,275
Chrysler Sebring Convertible 173 hp 2.4L Inline-4 Gas $27,850
Chrysler Town & Country 283 hp 3.6L V6 Gas $29,995
Chrysler Voyager 287 hp 3.6L V6 Gas $35,495

What to Consider When Buying Chrysler Vehicles

Luxury cars sell quite well in the US, so long as they don’t carry an obnoxious price tag, and this definition fits Chrysler cars to a tee. They may not be the most premium vehicles on the road, but they mimic the experience quite well. This has helped them go toe-to-toe with European competitors and remain popular well past their best-by date. But what else helps these vehicles stand the test of time?


  • Capable powertrain options
  • Sophisticated exterior styling
  • Loads of space inside the cabin
  • Generally good consignment of features
  • Not as expensive as the competition
  • One of the few brands that still make a minivan


  • Cost-cutting cabin materials
  • Missing some key safety features
  • Non-hybrids are not fuel efficient
  • Not exactly cutting-edge in terms of tech or design


What are the best Chrysler vehicles?

The lineup of models currently includes an executive sedan and a couple of minivans. This is a little surprising since neither of these body styles is particularly popular anymore. That being said, it is the minivans that really impress. The Pacifica, in particular, is a marvel of comfort and practicality, though it may lack some refinement. It is also available as a hybrid to help curb its thirst, though this requires a significant upfront investment.

Are Chrysler cars reliable?

Generally speaking, yes. The Pacifica has a good reputation, and its PHEV variant ranks third among the most reliable plug-in hybrids in the country. And despite the brand's premium status, the cost of repairs is actually quite low since spare parts are locally sourced from one of the largest automakers in the world.

What is the price of a new Chrysler car?

The cost of a Chrysler reflects its position in the premium segment, but they actually don’t cost an exorbitant amount. The aging 300 executive sedan carries a price tag of around $37k. The Pacifica is a couple of grand more expensive, while the hybrid variant of the van sells for north of $52k to start.

What are the latest Chrysler models?

It may have taken a while, but Chrysler is finally giving us an SUV. The latest addition to the brand’s lineup will be the new Airflow, an electric SUV set for release sometime before 2025. It promises the same good looks we have come to expect from Chrysler with a futuristic twist, as well as a competitive range from a powerful motor setup.

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