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Minivans are few and far between in the USA, with most of the market drawn to the more modern and well-rounded appeal of SUVs and trucks. In fact, when it comes to the production of contemporary minivans, Chrysler is one of the only marques out there still catering to the classification. Every Chrysler van offers a balanced and refined ride quality, ample seating, sufficient cargo space, practicality and versatility, and plenty of value for money. They also boast exceptional on-road safety and proven long-term reliability, marking them as some of the most ideal family carriers money can buy.

Chrysler Van Range

The latest family van lineup from Chrysler is not extensive, with only two nameplates on the market in the US. The two nameplates that make up the range differ in their pricing, specifications, and sizes. The more premium and larger of the two is also available in hybrid form.

  • Voyager: Under the hood of the Voyager is a V6 engine developing 287 horsepower and 262 lb-ft of torque that, along with a nine-speed automatic transmission, powers the van’s front-wheel-drive system. The 7-seater Chrysler van is commodious and featureful, packaging more than enough creature comforts and conveniences for everyone onboard. It’s also very practical and versatile for a 7-seater, presenting 32.3 cubic feet of cargo room behind the rear-most seats, which is easily accessed thanks to the brand’s Stow n’ Go functionality for the Captain’s chairs. Though somewhat outdated and slightly less refined than many of its competitors, the Voyager is still an ideal fit for the full-size American family.
  • Pacifica: The Pacifica is equipped with the exact same powertrain as the Voyager, but an all-wheel-drive layout is available although it is standard on one of the nine models in the lineup - the Launch Edition. The 7-seater Chrysler models are capable of being configured in 243 different seating and storage layouts, according to the manufacturer. This makes the minivan genuinely easy to live with on a daily basis, while still being ideal for the family that goes on regular vacations. It’s also one of the better-looking minivans out there and drives a little better than its sibling, especially with the available AWD system.
  • Pacifica Hybrid: Thanks to the addition of two electric motors to its V6 engine, the hybridized version of the Pacifica delivers peppy off-the-line acceleration and frugal fuel economy performance in general. Outputs are still ceded to the front wheels as standard, but a refined eFlite electrically continuously variable transmission takes command of power delivery. Despite the addition of the hefty electrical equipment, this hybrid handles just as well as the regular, gasoline-run Chrysler van models.

Chrysler Van Models And Price List

Model Power Engine Base Price
Chrysler Pacifica 287 hp 3.6L V6 Gas $37,020
Chrysler Town & Country 283 hp 3.6L V6 Gas $29,995
Chrysler Voyager 287 hp 3.6L V6 Gas $34,665
Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid 260 hp 3.6L V6 Plug-in Hybrid $49,000

Buying a New Chrysler Minivan

Almost every new and used vehicle for sale in the USA has undergone review by CarBuzz’s knowledgeable and experienced journalists. So, before purchasing a new Chrysler Minivan in 2021, be sure to browse through the comprehensive reviews of the many Chrysler vans. Each write-up goes into detail on everything one would need to know to make a savvy purchase decision including information on overall performance, standard and available features, and much more.

There are general advantages and disadvantages carried by every brand and vehicle. Here are just some of the more commonplace characteristics CarBuzz’s journalists have identified in Chrysler’s selection of minivan models:


  • Powerful and refined powertrains
  • Premium look and feel, inside and out
  • Commodious and upscale cabins
  • Practical cargo and versatile seating
  • Extensive list of options and packages


  • Difficult to maneuver and mundane to drive
  • Insubstantial list of standard specifications
  • Competitors are a lot more premium


What fuel economy does the Pacifica Hybrid return?

Fuel economy performance from the hybrid Pacifica is impressive, considering its size and heft. It returns EPA-derived gas mileage estimates of 82 mpg equivalent (MPGe) in the combined driving cycle.

What is the maximum towing capacity of the Voyager?

The Voyager can tow up to a maximum of 3,600 pounds, which is relatively good for the class, considering that the Honda Odyssey and Kia Sedona can both lug up to 3,500 lbs. If you’re looking for something that can tow and carry much more, commercial vans are significantly more utilitarian and may serve you better.

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