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2019 Chrysler Pacifica
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2019 Chrysler Pacifica Review

The Pacifica was released in 2017 as a minivan, replacing the Town & Country that was discontinued the year prior. As a seven-seater - with optional extra seating for eight in total - the Pacifica offers six trim options, although all are configured with the same fuel efficient 3.6-liter V6 engine that makes 287 horsepower. Offering a luxurious and refined cabin, the Pacifica is broadly specced to include more affordable base models and slightly pricier top-end trims that cater to all entertainment and comfort needs. With excellent utility options, and the Stow 'n Go seats that fold under the floorboard (or alternatively allow for superb underfloor stowage), the Pacifica offers good cargo space and lots of nooks and crannies for small items to be stored. With superb handling and competent driving, even through corners, the Pacifica checks most of the boxes competitors have mastered, and offers some serious competition to both the Kia Sedona and the Honda Odyssey.

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2019 Chrysler Pacifica Changes: What’s The Difference vs The 2018 Pacifica?

There are no changes made for the 2019 line-up, barring the addition of certain features to the base model Pacifica L, including blind spot monitoring, rear parking sensors, and a rearview camera.

Pros and Cons

  • Excellent visibility all around
  • Easily folded seats stow full flat
  • Luxurious and refined cabin
  • Superior handling
  • Broad range covering affordable and opulent options
  • Irregular and inconsistent gearshifts
  • Slightly less spacious cabin than rivals

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2019 Chrysler Pacifica Trims

See trim levels and configurations:

Trim Engine Transmission Drivetrain Price (MSRP)
3.6L V6 Gas
9-Speed Automatic
Front-Wheel Drive
3.6L V6 Gas
9-Speed Automatic
Front-Wheel Drive
Touring Plus
3.6L V6 Gas
9-Speed Automatic
Front-Wheel Drive
Touring L
3.6L V6 Gas
9-Speed Automatic
Front-Wheel Drive
Touring L 35th Anniversary
3.6L V6 Gas
9-Speed Automatic
Front-Wheel Drive

Pacifica Exterior

The Pacifica offers a stylish exterior that belies its practical nature, offering itself as a sleek and lovely vehicle. Large windows are eye-catching, and the sliding door hides the tracks for a seamless look. Halogen or quad halogen headlamps with auto-high beam assist are standard across the range, and the basic 17-inch wheels can be upgraded to 18- or 20-inch wheels depending on trim level. A sunroof is not standard but can be equipped in top-end models, as can a roof rack and body side moldings on the upper spec variants. The twin-grille nose presents the Chrysler logo elegantly, overall giving a classy and refined look.

2019 Chrysler Pacifica Front View Chrysler 2019 Chrysler Pacifica Side View Chrysler 2019 Chrysler Pacifica Front View 1 Chrysler
2019 Chrysler Pacifica Front View
2019 Chrysler Pacifica Side View
2019 Chrysler Pacifica Front View 1
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As far as minivans go, the Pacifica features dimensions that are slightly more imposing than immediate rivals the Kia Sedona and Honda Odyssey. Its 203.8-inch length and 69.9-inch height are longer and taller than both other competitors, as is the generous 79.6 inches in width. The wheelbase on the Pacifica is also slightly longer at 121.6 inches, making for a more spacious interior and smoother ride quality. As the lightest of the three minivans mentioned here, the Pacifica has an overall curb weight of 4,330 lbs, coming in just under the Honda in mass. Ground clearance is not quite as impressive, at only 5.1 inches, although not essential on non-off-road vehicles.

  • Length 203.8 in
  • Wheelbase 121.6 in
  • Height 69.9 in
  • Max Width 79.6 in
  • Front Width 68.3 in
  • Rear Width 68.3 in
  • Curb Weight 4,330.0 lbs

Exterior Colors

The Pacifica boasts a beautiful palette of ten exterior colors, which includes two shades that are only available upon request. The basic paint colors available are Bright White Clear Coat, Dark Cordovan Clear Coat, Brilliant Black Crystal Pearl, Velvet Red Pearl, Granite Crystal Metallic, and Jazz Blue Pearl. Luxury White Pearl and Maximum Steel Metallic are premium paint options.

  • Billet Silver Metallic Clearcoat
  • Bright White Clearcoat
  • Brilliant Black Crystal Pearlcoat
  • Dark Cordovan Pearlcoat
  • Granite Crystal Metallic Clearcoat
  • Jazz Blue Pearlcoat
  • Luxury White Pearlcoat
  • Maximum Steel Metallic Clearcoat
  • Ocean Blue Metallic
  • Velvet Red Pearlcoat

Pacifica Performance

There is only one engine option across the range based on the 3.6-liter 287 horsepower Pentastar powertrain. On all models, except the base trim, this comes with Idle Stop/Start capabilities. Paired with a nine-speed automatic transmission, the Pacifica is configured as a front-wheel drive with no other drivetrain options, unlike the Toyota Sienna which offers available all-wheel drive.

As a minivan, the Pacifica is not expected to churn out hot performance numbers, but with the optional towing package, produces ample horsepower and torque to allow for a 3,600 lbs maximum towing capacity. With top speeds of 140 mph, this large vehicle still manages a respectable 0-60 mph figure of 7.7 seconds. With very similar times among minivans in this segment, the Pacifica fares well, beating both the Kia and the Honda at the entry point of the range for engine performance.

2019 Chrysler Pacifica Front View Driving Chrysler 2019 Chrysler Pacifica Rear View Driving Chrysler 2019 Chrysler Pacifica Rim Chrysler
2019 Chrysler Pacifica Front View Driving
2019 Chrysler Pacifica Rear View Driving
2019 Chrysler Pacifica Rim

Engine and Transmission

The classic 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 with variable valve timing is featured across the range and is paired with a nine-speed automatic, with added idle/stop feature on the top-end models. Although offering a quiet ride with minimal cabin noise and low NVH levels, the gearbox doesn't seem as refined as the rest of the vehicle does. It's rather jerky between shifts, and the frustration of having no direct control over shifts via shift paddles is apparent when encountering delayed downshifts when going uphill or needing passing-maneuver power.

The engine itself is smooth and refined though, and aiding towing capability, there's a low-range gearbox setting to maximize low-down torque.

  • Engines
    3.6L V6 Gas, 3.6L V6 Plug-in Hybrid
  • Transmissions
    9-Speed Automatic, Single Speed Automatic
  • Drivetrain

Handling and Driving Impressions

The joy of a longer-wheelbase and supple suspension is a smooth, pliant ride that absorbs bumps in the road without transferring any discomfort to the cabin. The Pacifica achieves both of these objectives with ease, and only the change to 20-inch wheels detracts from this ability to maintain a soft ride. This minivan is no strong performer at from a standstill and it can feel lethargic and a bit lazy at the start, but with a bit more pressure on the accelerator, it graciously acquiesces.

For such a large vehicle, the steering is remarkably light and easy to control, making navigating tight spaces an effortless affair despite its size. On the open road, however, there really could be more feedback from the wheels to give the driver some confidence in the vehicle's abilities, although rougher road surfaces are handled without hesitation. Handling is surprisingly good, with a depth of composure beneath the large cumbersome body. There is less body roll than expected around corners and on winding roads, and with minimal nose-dive under braking. The Pacifica is a competent vehicle with good levels of grip and composure.

Pacifica Gas Mileage

There's no need for premium fuel on the Pacifica, and with a tank capacity of 19 gallons, it delivers moderate gas mileage estimates. Very much on par with the likes of the Honda and Kia rivals, the range as a whole delivers 19/28/22 mpg on city/highway/combined cycles due to sharing the same 3.6-liter engine; the lower-end trims (L and LX) both drop down by one point on the city cycle to achieve 18 mpg. This implies a range of 418 miles per tank of regular unleaded gas across the board in mixed driving conditions. The Honda Odyssey trumps these mpg ratios by a mere one point, while there is no noticeable difference between the Kia and the Chrysler, save for the bigger gas tank on the Sedona.

  • Fuel Tank Capacity
    19.0 Gallons
  • Fuel Economy
    City/Hwy: 18/28 mpg
* 2019 Chrysler Pacifica L FWD

Pacifica Interior

An impressive interior space has been created by the manufacturer, and the Pacifica features sufficient space to seat seven comfortably. The second row can be upgraded to seat an additional passenger through equipping a bench, although this would make space a little tight for broader occupants. Marginally smaller than rivals, the Pacifica still utilizes its space well, and in the front has generous head and legroom, for even six-footers. Upscale, high-quality materials are used throughout the cabin to create a refined and premium feel (which in some finely detailed areas didn't quite live up to the standard). The dashboard and infotainment system present an intuitive and user-friendly platform. Four full sets of Latch car-seat connectors are available (albeit not particularly user-friendly), and seating, in general, is well-padded and supportive.

2019 Chrysler Pacifica Dashboard Chrysler 2019 Chrysler Pacifica Steering Wheel Detail Chrysler 2019 Chrysler Pacifica Front Seats Chrysler
2019 Chrysler Pacifica Dashboard
2019 Chrysler Pacifica Steering Wheel Detail
2019 Chrysler Pacifica Front Seats
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Seating and Interior Space

All models have standard seating for seven passengers, although the upper trims can be customized to seat eight through an additional package. In doing so, the patented Stow 'n Go second row falls away, limiting the amount of trunk space. Although featuring a smaller cabin than most rivals, the Pacifica has utilized what is available to give sufficient leg room for five adults in the rear. The third row may be a little tight for long-legged occupants but is not as tight as in the SUV segment. Second and third-row seating also reclines and can stow away (powered on upper trims). Driver and front passenger seats are high up and provide a good driving and visibility position; large windows make it easy to see on all sides.

  • Seating capacity
  • Front Leg Room 41.1 in
  • Front Head Room 40.1 in
  • Rear Leg Room 39.0 in
  • Rear Head Room 39.6 in

Interior Colors and Materials

Eleven interior color combinations are available across the range, although certain schematics are limited to specific trims. On the base three models, the L, LX, and Touring Plus, high-quality cloth interior is available in Black Cloth/Ravine and Sepia stitching or Toffee Cloth/Ravine with Toffee Stitching. The Touring L and Touring L Plus trims have the option of Black McKinley leather trim/Axis perforations with light diesel grey stitching or sepia stitching, or Alloy McKinley leather with Alloy stitching or two-tone Alloy/Toffee stitched Leather. Black Cloth/Black Ravine with diesel grey stitching is optional on the Touring Plus. For the Limited edition, standard interior configurations include Black Nappa Leather with Axis perforated inserts with diesel grey stitching, Alloy Nappa Leather with perforated inserts and cranberry wine stitching, or Deep Mocha Nappa Leather with diesel grey stitching. A final optional interior for the Limited variant is black Nappa leather with light grey stitching detail.

Pacifica Trunk and Cargo Space

Rivals in the minivan segment do offer better cargo capacity in available cubic feet. That is not to say the Pacifica is not versatile at all. With all seating rows in place, cargo space is set at 32.3 cubic feet, which is less than both the Honda and Kia. However, under-floor storage space is ample when seats are not folded down. With all seating cleanly folded away (thanks to the excellent Stow 'n Go feature, which sees seats folding below the floor), the maximum cargo space available is 140.5 cubic feet - ample for large items or moving boxes.

As if making up for slightly less cargo volume than some, the Pacifica is not to be outdone in terms of small item storage. Large water bottles and numerous small- to midsize items can be kept in the center console. The cabin is also populated with numerous small item bins and pockets, cupholders and cubbies.

2019 Chrysler Pacifica Maximum Cargo Space Chrysler 2019 Chrysler Pacifica Cargo Area Chrysler 2019 Chrysler Pacifica Trunk Space with Seat Folded Chrysler
2019 Chrysler Pacifica Maximum Cargo Space
2019 Chrysler Pacifica Cargo Area
2019 Chrysler Pacifica Trunk Space with Seat Folded

Pacifica Infotainment and Features


The base model Pacifica L features no automatic climate control and instead is equipped with driver and passenger manual temperature regulation. Tri-zone manual climate control is standard on the LX model, and only upgrades to automatic climate control from the Touring edition and up. Features that are standard across the range include speed control, steering wheel with tilt and telescoping function, floor tray storage and third row Stow 'n Go seats. Keyless entry and an advanced airbag system are in place, with blind spot monitoring, electronic parking brake, electronic stability control, rear park assist, and a backup camera. Heated steering is available only on the top three trims, as are steering-mounted audio controls. Eight-way power adjustable seating for the front passenger and driver is excluded from the base model, but standard on other trim levels. Ventilated seats feature only on the fully-loaded Limited edition.


The first four models come with a six-speaker sound system and a seven-inch touchscreen through which an AM/FM radio plays and USB/Aux and Bluetooth input can be configured. The infotainment system is also responsive to voice inputs and is compatible with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. On the Touring Plus and Limited models, the audio system is replaced by an Alpine 13-speaker premium sound system, which can also be optionally equipped on the Touring L trim. The touchscreen is upgraded to an 8.4-inch display inclusive of navigation on the Touring Plus and Limited Edition and purchased as a package on the Touring Plus and Touring L. An overhead DVD system is optional on the LX, Touring Plus and Touring L variants.

The uConnect system from Chrysler is installed in each model and is both user-friendly and simple to master. Intuitive menus and commands make for quick input, and connecting to other devices is straightforward.

Pacifica Problems and Reliability

JD Power rated the 2019 Pacifica three out of five for predicted reliability, which translates to "about average", which is not necessarily problematic this early into the lifespan of this newest range. There have been two recalls between August 2018 and May 2019 for certain Pacifica models relating to the loss of power steering assist and possible engine stalls. Warranties are comprehensive and include a three-year/36,000 mile basic warranty and a five-year/60,000 mile drivetrain warranty. Roadside assistance is also offered for the same period.


  • Basic:
    3 Years \ 36,000 Miles
  • Drivetrain:
    5 Years \ 60,000 Miles
  • Corrosion:
    5 Years \ Unlimited Miles
  • Roadside Assistance:
    5 Years \ 60,000 Miles

Pacifica Safety

The IIHS awarded this minivan the Top Safety Pick for 2019 due to its high scores, given a general rating of "Good" for crashworthiness tests (the highest score), as well as Superior in front crash prevention. Headlights did not receive the best rating, trim dependent, and ease of use for LATCH car seat connectors was noted as marginal. The NHTSA awarded this range five full stars out of five for front and side crash ratings and four out of five in rollover tests.

US NHTSA Crash Test Result

  • Overall Rating
  • Frontal Barrier Crash Rating
  • Side Crash Rating
  • Rollover Rating

Key Safety Features

Standard available safety features include a fully advanced airbag system, with front and side knee airbags and side-curtain bags for all three rows. Blind spot monitoring with rear cross-path detection is also included, as is electronic parking brake and electronic stability control. There is a rear-park assist function and back up camera on even the base model, and four sets of Latch car seat connectors. When the second row is configured as a bench seating three across, a third Latch tether is available as well. Additional advanced driver aids need to be separately equipped.

Verdict: Is the 2019 Chrysler Pacifica A Good minivan?

With awards such as Top Safety Pick from the IIHS and a host of standard safety features on board as standard, the Pacifica is a good vehicle indeed. Covered by solid warranties and with good reliability thus far, this minivan is a value-for-money family carrier with excellent utility, a premium cabin, and a comfortable ride. Although not as spacious as rivals, the cabin is comfortable for seven occupants, and various storage options make for a practical minivan. The combination of utility, comfort, and a responsive, fuel-efficient powertrain is excellent; it also boasts an intuitive and easy-to-use infotainment system.

What's the Price of the 2019 Chrysler Pacifica?

At the bottom end of the range is the Pacifica L, priced at only $26,985, similar to its rival the Kia Sedona. The LX variant comes in at $29,795, while the Touring Plus in the middle of the range costs $33,245. Heading towards the upper end is the Touring L model, costing $36,545, while the second from the top trim, Touring L Plus, is given an MSRP of $39,395. The fully loaded and most expensive trim is the Limited edition, priced at $44,445. All prices quoted are exclusive of a $1,495 destination charge.

2019 Chrysler Pacifica Models

The Pacifica range comprises multiple models, with slightly confusing name tags. All models feature the same 3.6-liter engine and are front-wheel drive exclusively. The base model is dubbed the Pacifica L, and includes keyless entry, blind spot monitoring, rear park assist and three rows of high-quality cloth seats.

The LX trim builds on existing features and includes tri-zone manual temperature control, body-colored exterior trim, idle stop/start and eight-way power adjustable driver's seat with lumbar support. The second row also offers Stow 'n Go foldable seats.

The Touring Plus upgrades to automatic tri-zone climate control, power-sliding rear doors and liftgate, LED tail lamps and chrome exterior trim. Various interior trim options also become available on this model.

On the Touring L variant, heated front seats and leather upholstery are equipped, and sunshades for the second and third row become available. An upgraded sound system is optional at this level, as is a better infotainment system.

Second from the top is the Touring L Plus trim, where a noise-reducing windshield, heated steering wheel and second-row seats, as well as ambient lighting,g are included. Infotainment is updated to incorporate an 8.4-inch touchscreen with navigation and an Alpine 13-speaker sound system.

The fully loaded model, known as the Limited, boasts 18-inch wheels, two sunroofs, ventilated front seats with premium leather upholstery, a hands-free liftgate and LED fog lamps. Auto-dimming exterior and rearview mirrors are also standard on this trim.

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Additional Packages

The SafetyTec Group package is auto-equipped to all models in the Pacifica range and includes a range of safety features such as blind spot monitoring and rear park assist. There is no additional cost to this package.

The S-Appearance package is an optional package for only the top four trim levels and features a roof rack, body-color mirrors, black badging and daylight opening moldings, black grille surrounds, a leather-wrapped steering wheel and 18-inch Black Noise wheels. This package is priced between $595 and $795, depending on which trim level is to be equipped.

An important package to note, the Advanced SafetyTec group makes advanced brake assist, rain-sensing wipers, high-beam headlamp control, adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, and parallel and perpendicular park assist standard. It adds $995 to the total cost price and is only available on the top-end trims.

The Touring L Plus and Limited trims have the option of adding the 20-speaker Harman Kardon bundle for $695, which upgrades to a premium sound system and amplifier. On the Limited edition, the second row can be converted to a three seater bench at $495 extra.

The Trailer Tow bundle, which enables the Pacifica to tow up to 3,600 lbs, can be equipped on all except the bottom two trims and is priced at $995.

Finally, the uConnect Theatre with streaming package and overhead DVD player can be installed on the Touring Plus trim for an additional $995.

What Chrysler Pacifica Model Should I Buy?

Featuring a cost-effective base model and a luxurious fully-loaded version, the Pacifica range covers both ends of the spectrum. A happy medium, the Touring L is our recommended model, priced at $36,545 to start with, allowing for great versatility in terms of adding on other packages. It is equipped with tri-zone automatic climate control, 17-inch silver painted wheels, remote engine start, steering mounted audio controls and nifty grocery bag hooks in the rear. Heated front seats and leather upholstery add to the premium cabin feel, and the addition of the Advanced SafetyTec package makes it a brilliant value-for-money, family vehicle.

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2019 Chrysler Pacifica Comparisons

Kia Sedona Kia
Honda Odyssey Honda
CompetitorHorsepowerMPGPrice (MSRP)
Chrysler Pacifica287 hp19/28 mpg$38,020
Kia Sedona 276 hp18/24 mpg$30,400
Honda Odyssey 280 hp19/28 mpg$37,840

2019 Chrysler Pacifica vs Kia Sedona

The Sedona, at entry level, is priced within a few hundred dollars of the Pacifica. With a slightly less powerful 3.3-liter V6, the output from the Kia is only a little less. Using an eight-speed automatic, it has less impressive fuel economy ratings, featuring a thirstier engine on the highway and combined cycles. It offers better ground clearance and cabin space, and also proves to have the better, more comfortable seats for the long-haul. The Pacifica is the leader in ride quality and handling, however, dealing with jostles and bumps much better than the Sedona. Kia has the upper hand in reliability scores and much more impressive warranties (such as a 10 year/100,000 mile powertrain warranty). With only a few more features as standard on board, the Sedona comes out the winner - but only by a hair's breadth.

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2019 Chrysler Pacifica vs Honda Odyssey

With a legacy of excellence, the Odyssey is tough competition for the Pacifica. Although priced a little higher at a base level, the Honda offers every convenience which the Pacifica has and more. Second-row seats can slide forward and backward as well as to the side, making entry to the third row a breeze. Equipped with a 3.5-liter V6 engine, it makes similar horsepower and torque to the Pacifica and offers a very marginal improvement in fuel economy. The tie is easily broken by the Honda's excellent transmission, as opposed to the sometimes tacky and idle gearbox on the Pacifica.

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2019 Chrysler Pacifica Video Review

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