2023 Chrysler Voyager Performance

Chrysler Voyager Performance Rating

2023 Voyager Performance

The primary purpose of a minivan is to transport a relatively large number of people safely and reliably between two points. That's it. It doesn't have to look great and doesn't have to be fast. Chrysler knows this all too well and has bestowed the Voyager with a level of performance that is best described as "timid". Under the hood is a relatively lively 287-horsepower V6 engine that does its best to haul this 4,330-pound couch around. Although Chrysler has not released any official performance figures - because why would you bother with a minivan - independent testing has shown zero to sixty sprint times as low as 7.3 seconds. That's faster than a 1968 Chevrolet Corvette 327. Power is sent to the front wheels exclusively, which is a bit of a letdown when you consider the fact that the Toyota Sienna is available with all-wheel drive. It might be FWD only, but the Voyager can still haul 3,600 lbs, which is more than competitors such as the Honda Odyssey.

2023 Voyager Performance Photos

2023 Chrysler Voyager Aft View Chrysler 2023 Chrysler Voyager Gearbox Controls Chrysler 2023 Chrysler Voyager Insignia Chrysler
2023 Chrysler Voyager Aft View
2023 Chrysler Voyager Gearbox Controls
2023 Chrysler Voyager Insignia

Engine and Transmission

There's no need for complicated powertrains if a car's sole purpose is to slowly cart people around from the casino to the retirement village. For that reason, Chrysler has stuck with a tried and tested naturally-aspirated six-cylinder. This engine produces a solid 287 hp and 262 lb-ft. As is the norm for this type of engine, maximum power is only reached at a sky-high 6,400 rpm, and max torque is delivered at 4,000 rpm, which means you'll have to put your foot down if you want to see any real progress. Around town, the Voyager scoots along with no complaints and is a capable cruiser on the highway; just don't expect bristling overtaking maneuvers. The nine-speed automatic transmission shifts smoothly enough and does a fine job of keeping the engine in its optimal powerband.

2023 Chrysler Voyager Performance Specs:

Chrysler Voyager TrimsChrysler Voyager EnginesChrysler Voyager HorsepowerChrysler Voyager TransmissionsChrysler Voyager DrivetrainsChrysler Voyager MPG/MPGE
LX3.6L V6 Gas287 hp @ 6400 rpm9-Speed AutomaticFWD22 MPG

2023 Voyager Gas Mileage

The modern minivan has a lot on its hands these days: not only do owners expect them to offer enough space for the whole family, but it needs to keep them safe, comfortable, drive and handle like a much smaller car, and return good fuel economy figures. When it comes to fuel economy, the math does not favor the humble minivan. With a curb weight of over 4,000 pounds, a big V6 under the hood, and the aerodynamics of a house, you'd expect the Voyager to suffer at the pumps. Still, this American favorite performs rather admirably. The EPA rates that the Voyager will manage a best performance of 19/28/22 mpg on the city/highway/combined cycles. The Honda Odyssey's gas mileage numbers are identical. With a 19-gallon fuel tank on board, the Voyager will get 418 miles on a single fillup.

2023 Chrysler Voyager Fuel Capacity

Chrysler Voyager TrimsLX
Chrysler Voyager Fuel Economy (Cty/Hwy)19/28
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