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Best Convertibles of 2019

Despite convertibles sacrificing practicality and driving dynamics, and fetching a price premium over their hard-top counterparts, the appeal of top-down motoring remains as strong as ever. Not only do the best convertibles look the part, but when the weather suits, they add an undeniable glamor to the driving experience.

Of course, choosing the best convertible is no easy task. Whether sporty or luxurious, fabric top or a more complex metal roof, we’ve conducted the convertible reviews you want to know about. We’ll also give you insights into engines and transmissions, interior space and practicality, and expected reliability for the latest convertibles on sale. Whether you’ve already drawn up a shortlist, or are new to the buyers’ market, we’ll help you sift through the best roadsters on sale in 2019 to find the one that suits your needs.

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