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America is all about going big, especially when it comes to vehicles with most Americans cruising the streets in large types of pickup trucks and crossover SUVs. Because of this, many automakers have discontinued the production of their compact cars including every division under the FCA banner. That doesn’t mean you can’t get behind the wheel of a small car from Dodge, however, as used Dodge cars are a popular choice in the USA, and the second hand vehicle market is booming.

Dodge Small Car Range

Currently, Dodge doesn’t produce small cars in the US but you may be able to find some of the discontinued models on the second-hand market:

  • Dart - The Dart is a compact sedan that offers balanced performance and a pleasant ride quality. It was offered with the choice of three different engines, two transmissions, and five trims. Though none are particularly competitive performance-wise, the Dart is respected for its frugality, passenger comfort, and practicality.
  • Nitro - With a potent V6 unit under the hood with up to 260 horsepower and a sport-tuned suspension buttressing the chassis, the Nitro compact SUV feels right at home on the city streets. Its best qualities are its enthusiastic acceleration responses, poised handling, and plush ride quality on the road.
  • Caliber - The Dodge Caliber offers little more than a subjectively cool and unique design, oodles of passenger room, and plenty of cargo space in the trunk. It’s otherwise very lackluster, heavy on fuel, and short on good features. It also has some weak safety ratings.

Dodge Compact Car Models and Prices

There are currently no new compact cars from the brand on sale, but the used-car market offers a wide selection of used Dodge small cars for you to peruse.

What to Consider Before Buying:

Here are some of the typical advantages and disadvantages associated with Dodge’s subcompact and compact cars:


  • Most are pretty good-looking and unique
  • Standards specs are good and features plentiful
  • Pricing for Dodge cars is relatively affordable


  • Low-quality builds and materials
  • Concerning reliability expectations
  • No new small cars are expected from the brand


What was the price of the Dodge Viper brand new?

While not a small car by any manner of means, the sleek, low-slung sports car deserves a mention. The Viper coupe was offered at an MSRP of around just under $90,000 while the convertible cost just a little more than $90,000.

What’s the most fuel-efficient compact car from Dodge?

The 2016 Dodge Dart is the most frugal compact car from Dodge, with the sedan achieving 27/38/31 mpg on the city-highway/combined driving cycles with the 1.4-liter turbo-four engine and automatic transmission setup.

What’s the smallest Dodge car?

In terms of dimensions, the Dodge Caliber offers the slightest measurements, with a length of 173.8 inches, 103.7 inches for its wheelbase, and a width of 68.8 inches. Standing a smidge over 60 inches tall, the compact Caliber represents the hatchback segment with its divisive looks and stature.

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