Best Electric Cars of 2020

The internal combustion engine has been around for over a century, and in that period has been perfected as both powerful and extremely efficient, but it is slowly making way for electric cars. Like most good things coming to an end, the standard mill may die out entirely at some stage.

So what is going to replace the trusted gasoline mill? Our bet is on fully electric cars. Since the introduction of hybrid vehicles such as the Toyota Prius to the US market, people have been intrigued by green cars. Some appreciate the environmentally-friendly element, especially the fact that these vehicles steal some power out of the hands of giant oil companies, while others adore the performance aspects of rides such as the Porsche Taycan and Tesla Model S. From the best value electric car to those at the apex of our rankings, we’re here to tell you watts what - pun intended.  

What to Consider Before Buying

If you’re on the search for a new electric car, here are a few key factors and potential disadvantages to think about before splurging:


  • You save money by not having hectic gas bills
  • Not as harmful to the environment
  • Instant torque
  • Almost silent journeys
  • Cheaper in terms of maintenance


  • Higher initial cost
  • Extra components add to portly curb weights
  • Charging takes longer than a stop at the pumps
  • Less choice available 

Top-Rated Electric Cars 

Eco-friendly cars are about more than zero-emissions transportation. Many of them also have breathtaking acceleration in near-silence, making for a truly unique driving experience that many find appealing. Shopping around for the top-rated EVs are daunting, especially as this kind of technology is a lot more of an unknown. We’ve researched the best of these on your behalf, covering everything from styling and the creature comforts inside, to warranty coverage. While our rosters are comprehensive, there are a few standout brands that have set the benchmark in efficiency and affordability. The Tesla Model Y has a great balance of output, total range, and usability, while the Porsche Taycan dominates the sedan list. The Chevrolet Bolt is ideal for those who want an affordable entry point to the EV world.

Main Characteristics of Green Cars  

Hybrid cars use less gas than regular automobiles, or you could opt for a fully electric one, instead. These consume no fuel at all, and run on electricity alone. Some identifying attributes of the best electric vehicles:

  • Non-gas propulsion - Instead of traditional fuel-fed powertrains, electric components motivate the car, either combined with a stock gas-driven setup by means of additional electric motors or as fully electric. This makes them good for the environment too.
  • Refilling through a loading station - while home charging is the main way to restock batteries on your EV, there are public ports too, but this can be time-consuming.
  • They manage good acceleration - Many have impressive power, which translates to lightning-fast take-offs.
  • All-electric range - With the ability to travel on a single charge, EV’s are perfect for inner-city commuting. 

New EV cars

If you’re looking for quotes on a new EV, the scope of all-electric cars for 2020 is growing. For small families and couples, we would recommend the newest Model 3 or Nissan Leaf. These four-door sedans provide enough space for four occupants. If you’re after something more posh, there’s the Porsche Taycan. Electric vehicles in 2020 also come in the form of SUVs, such as the Audi e-tron and Tesla Model Y, and there is also the much-anticipated Ford Mustang Mach-E to keep an eye out for.


What is the charging time for these autos?

In general, this depends largely on the capacity for filling the battery. The Model X Long Range requires upwards of 13 hours to charge fully. The Chevrolet Bolt, however, garners 100 miles from only 30 minutes of fast loading. In any case, the benefits of not having to fill up are well worth the extra time spent. 

What is the maximum range you can drive in such a vehicle?

Compact vehicles such as the Chev Bolt EV already reach 259 miles on one charge, but you’ll have to check out the Model S Long Range if you plan on doing extensive trips: it does 373 miles, and the newest electric cars go further than ever before.

What are the best new EVs?

The EV game is heating up in the USA, and a lot of new designs will join the stage in 2021. The latest include the Polestar 2, BMW IX3, and Mercedes EQC. It is difficult to say which are the best EV cars, as each car offers a different level of muscle, practicality, and luxury. We would also watch over the Germans, who are rumored to release some seriously competitive vehicles to match Telsa in the near future.

Be sure to stick around for inside information on the best electric car reviews, pictures, and videos to remain informed, or check out 2019 options.



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