Ferrari 458 Spider

2015 Ferrari 458 Spider Overview

Since the 458 is such a clever car in hardtop form, Ferrari knew that they would have to make the convertible version pretty special as well. For the drop-top 458, even the design of the roof itself shows an attention to detail almost unheard of in other brands. Despite the difficulty of making a mid-engine convertible of any kind, the 458’s folding metal roof is not only 55 pounds lighter than a soft top would have been, but it also takes up less space. Of course, the Spider is still heavier than the hardtop, and some of that amazing speed and handling is therefore compromised.

Ferrari 458 Spider Models

Trim Engine Transmission Drivetrain Price (MSRP)
458 Spider
4.5-liter V8 Gas
Rear-Wheel Drive

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