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With a heritage stretching back to 1903, Ford has become a household name by producing superior vehicles and family commuters, as well as premium Ford models as cars under the Lincoln badge. Famous for introducing large-scale production methods to the industry, Ford vehicles continue to be popular in the USA with monstrous haulers such as the Super Duty range of pickups and iconic pony cars like the Mustang. But Ford’s range of crossover SUVs, trucks, and vans hasn’t stagnated over the years, with numerous hybrid and fully-electric models available as part of the global move to electrification.

What To Consider Before Buying Ford Models

If you are on the lookout to buy a new Ford car, there’s more to think about than simply what colors you can paint your ‘Stang in, namely:


  • Capable off-road-focused SUVs in the lineup
  • Various van configurations with city dimensions for easy maneuverability
  • Multiple engine choices across the range including torquey diesel motors on workhorse trucks
  • Impressive specs for performance derivatives designed for higher speeds and thrilling drives
  • Loads of high-tech features, especially for top-end models
  • The price of a Ford car is generally reasonable, with budget-friendly options available
  • Low-mileage used models are available at a good price
  • Hybrid and electric variants across the lineup


  • Ford USA discontinued the production of hatchbacks and small sedans
  • Not all vehicles in the stable have standout styling, and some can be a little forgetful in terms of design
  • Reliability and build quality aren’t rated highly in consumer reports for all models
  • Mainstream cars are bland and dull to drive


Is the Mach-E a real Mustang?

While the Mach-E shared a name with the iconic pony car, the Mach-E is a four-door crossover SUV that can be had as a tame family car or a ferocious crossover that does justice to the name. So while it doesn’t look like the original Mustang, it’s still satisfying to drive.

What is Ford’s cheapest car?

Second-hand Fords are well-priced, but when it comes to the new models, the EcoSport and Maverick lineups start at just under $25k in their base specifications.

Is the Blue Oval electrifying all its cars?

Like most manufacturers in the industry, Ford has committed to ramping up global production of electric cars. It has also invested $22 billion in the electrification strategy until 2025.

Are there any electric Ford trucks?

Both the Ford Maverick and Ford F-150 can be had with hybrid powertrains with EV variants on the horizon, but the Ford F-150 Lightning was the brand’s first all-electric pickup. The latest generation comes with the option of two batteries: Standard Range trucks make 452 horsepower while Extended Range version produce 580 hp. In both cases, torque is rated at 775 lb-ft.

What is the best commercial van from Ford?

While Ford doesn’t produce any minivans, it makes a range of commercial vans to cater to anything from cargo deliveries to people transport. Depending on your needs, you can choose from the smaller Transit Connect vans or even the all-electric E-Transit. The best van is the one that meets your needs.

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