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While many of the USA’s automotive companies - and more specifically Ford’s - small car models have been discontinued from production, there are still some in the segment that are available, albeit in the used car arena. Here we review some of the compact car models from Ford, detailing how much they retail for, levels of comfort, and even present them in pictures. Globally loved and generally appreciated for their many plus-points, these little cars remain some of the best in the classification, and their demise was not unanimously approved of.

List of Small Ford Cars

  • Fiesta Sedan - The last iteration of this four-door is from 2019, and is equipped with a peppy 1.6-liter turbocharged engine. It’s known for agile handling, having a well-appointed interior, and making use of a brilliant display setup for audio and media.
  • EcoSport - This small crossover is still being made in 2020, and gets the balance between small-car-nimbleness and SUV practicality right, thanks to its slight dimensions. It can also be specified with optional AWD in all trims, and it is fitted with numerous standard features that speak to its value for money. Additionally, there is over 20 cubic feet of cargo space in the back.
  • Fiesta Hatchback - As with it’s larger sibling, this little firecracker has also been culled and takes an athletic and fun ride - as well as a really affordable base price - with it. Now only on the second-hand market, this pint-sized package remains on our favorites roster, and boasts just over two cubes more in terms of trunk space.
  • Fiesta ST - The ‘sports car’ variant of the cars with the same name, the ST embodies entertainment and genuine motoring pleasure, although calling it that is definitely a misnomer. Sill, it has a six-speed manual transmission for maximum engagement and is a hoot to pilot. Most certainly one of our all-time favorites, the ST now exists only in older incarnations in the United States.

Small Ford Car Models and Specifications

Model Power Engine Base Price
Ford Bronco Sport 181 hp 1.5L Turbo Inline-3 Gas $29,215
Ford Maverick 250 hp 2.0L Turbo Inline-4 Gas $22,195
Ford C-Max Hybrid 188 hp 2.0L Inline-4 Hybrid $24,120
Ford EcoSport 166 hp 2.0L Inline-4 Gas $22,040
Ford Escape 181 hp 1.5L Turbo Inline-3 Gas $27,185
Ford Fiesta Sedan 120 hp 1.6L Inline-4 Gas $14,260
Ford Focus Electric 143 hp Electric $29,120
Ford Mustang Mach-E 266 hp Electric $45,995
Ford Transit Connect Cargo Van 162 hp 2.0L Inline-4 Gas $34,100
Ford Maverick Lightning TBC TBC TBC

What to Consider Before Buying

There are some advantages and disadvantages to owning a diminutive machine to take into account before making the final decision to purchase. Here are noteworthy points to peruse about small cars from Ford:


  • Impressive performance at a budget-friendly cost
  • Urban-friendly profile and pleasant exterior appeal
  • Entry-level derivatives represent plenty of value for the money
  • Intuitive and high-quality infotainment systems


  • Dated design
  • Middling safety and reliability ratings
  • There are no new small cars from Ford


Why are small cars not being produced?

The surge in SUV popularity has led to fewer petite autos for sale - most manufacturers have committed to putting effort and finances into creating small- and midsize crossovers that tick all the boxes, instead, or channeling resources into electric cars. Sadly, this means the end of the line for the segment.

What is the smallest van from Ford?

The Transit Connect Cargo Van, with its standard wheelbase length of only 104.8-inch, is the smallest Ford vehicle in this classification. It has a starting figure just shy of $24k and is easily maneuverable in the urban jungle due to its size.

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