2023 Ford GT Mk IV

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2023 Ford GT Mk IV Rear Angle View
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2023 Ford GT Mk IV: Everything We Know So Far

While Ford mulls over the possibility of an all-new supercar, we at least have the track-only Ford GT Mk IV to show us just what the Blue Oval is capable of at the very highest level of performance. Based on the road-going GT, the Mk IV's twin-turbocharged EcoBoost engine has been developed with the aim of producing over 800 horsepower. All that muscle - along with a Multimatic Adaptive Spool Valve suspension - is wrapped in a long tail carbon fiber body, with each one of the 67 examples to be built by hand. That number is a nod to the original 1967 GT Mk IV race car, and Ford has embarked on an exclusive application process for the few lucky customers who can even afford the $1.7 million price tag.

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2023 Ford GT Mk IV
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When Is The 2023 Ford GT Mk IV Coming Out?

The release date for the 2023 Ford GT Mk IV in the USA has been set for late spring 2023, but "client selections" were already confirmed in the first quarter of 2023 - that is basically Ford's way of saying it has already decided who will have the opportunity to purchase this car and who will not. This car will be coming out as a final curtain call to the most recent GT generation.

What’s The Price Of The 2023 GT Mk IV?

The starting price of the 2023 Ford GT is a staggering $1.7 million, but we can safely assume that individual customer specifications could add significantly to that MSRP.

For reference, the standard GT cost around $500,000, so this Mk IV is over three times as expensive. It's difficult to stomach this amount of money in light of the other exotics you can have from more prestigious automakers. There's the 829-hp Ferrari Daytona SP3 with its knockout design and sensational V12 for around $2.2 million - and you can actually drive it on the road too. But if you want something homegrown at a more reasonable price, there's the Chevrolet Corvette Z06 - it's not a track special, but it makes 670 hp, can dash to 60 mph in 2.6 seconds, and has a starting cost from around $110k. But rivals and money are boring, sensible considerations that won't even register to the person buying a GT Mk IV.

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New Ford GT Mk IV Exterior And Colors

To the Blue Oval's credit, the radical design of the new Ford GT Mk IV's exterior makes the standard GT look almost ordinary. It's little wonder that this car has been deemed for track use only, because it's just about impossible to navigate the average driveway or speed bump in something that sits this low to the ground.

The exterior is an aero-focused, long-tail design that has obviously been crafted to slip through the air as efficiently as possible. The Mk IV follows the daytime running light pattern of the regular GT but does not appear to have regular headlights. An extremely prominent front splitter stands out, while the vented hood is highlighted in red.

The side view showcases aerodynamic wheel covers and Michelin tires, and the doors have Ford branding on them. Side skirts are in visible carbon fiber, as are several other components dotted around the body. At the back, the GT Mk IV features a huge rear wing and high-mounted exhaust outlet with dual pipes. The rounded taillights look like they could come off a conventional road car, but the large rear diffuser screams racer.

Seen here in a livery that blends multiple blue shades with red, along with white lettering, it's unclear if customers will have other Ford GT colors to choose from.

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Ford GT Mk IV Dimensions

Official dimensions for the Ford GT Mk IV were not shared by the manufacturer, but its lengthened wheelbase and long tail body suggest it is larger than the regular GT. The latter has a length of 187.5 inches, a 106.7-inch wheelbase, a height of 43.7 inches, and a width of 78.9 inches.

The curb weight for the Mk IV is unknown, but as a track-only beast, it could be lighter than the 3,300-odd pounds of the normal GT.

Ford GT Mk IV Engine And Performance

Compared to the regular GT, the engine in the new Ford GT Mk IV coupe has received a monumental power boost. The twin-turbo EcoBoost V6 made 660 horsepower in the normal car, but Ford is targeting over 800 hp for the Mk IV. The engine is said to have a larger displacement too, but what that is hasn't been specified just yet - nor have any other performance specs.

To go with its prodigious power, Ford says a proper racing gearbox has been used in the Mk IV, but once again, didn't go into further detail. Considering that the normal GT with 660 hp was clocked at around three seconds for the 0-60 sprint, one can only imagine how quick the Mk IV must be.

Besides the stretched wheelbase, the GT Mk IV has a Multimatic Adaptive Spool Valve race suspension.

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2023 Ford GT Mk IV 4
2023 Ford GT Mk IV 5

Gas Mileage

While there are no gas mileage claims for the Mk IV, the standard 2022 Ford GT returned 12/18/14 mpg city/highway/combined, which is actually decent for a car of this nature. We don't expect the GT Mk IV to do any better with its larger, more powerful EcoBoost engine, and that's a fact that will bother exactly nobody.

Ford GT Mk IV Interior And Cargo

Nothing was said about the interior of the Ford GT Mk IV when the car was revealed online in December 2022, nor were any pictures of the cabin shared. The standard GT already has an exceedingly minimalistic cockpit that puts all the attention on the driver, along with a fixed driver's seat - however, both the steering wheel and pedals can be adjusted.

We can imagine the seats in the Ford GT Mk IV being even more extreme, race-like items, possibly with six-point harnesses and a carbon shell, which would make it suitable for hard track use. Since the Mk IV can't be driven on normal roads, Ford won't need to focus as much on comfort or sound insulation, although the standard GT is already a raucous beast from behind the wheel.

2023 Ford GT Mk IV 6 Ford

A full infotainment system wouldn't really be necessary for a track-only car, so it may not have as much functionality as the standard GT in this area. The same goes for safety equipment that would be essential for a street-legal car.

We'll have to wait and see if the changes inside are as drastic as those outside. The standard Ford GT has less cargo space (a laughable 0.4 cubic feet) than pretty much any other car on the market - it can only accommodate a small camera bag and perhaps a water bottle. Don't expect the Mk IV to be any better in this area, even with its longer body.

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