2022 Ford Transit Cargo Van Exterior and Dimensions

Ford Transit Cargo Van Exterior Design Rating

2022 Transit Cargo Van Exterior

The Transit's mild exterior changes during that mid-life facelift two years ago will be difficult to spot if you don't know the van well, but they are there. The front grille was updated, with the halogen headlights also getting a mild revision. The proportions of the vehicle look the same as before with plastic bumpers and 16-inch steel wheels as standard. As an option, you can get covers for the steel wheels or swap them out for 16-inch aluminum wheels. Short- or long-arm wing mirrors are available, and the rear doors can be fitted with glass for more light and rearward visibility. Foglights and an HID upgrade for the headlamps are also available as an option, as is a chrome exterior trim package.

2022 Transit Cargo Van Exterior Photos

2022 Ford Transit Cargo Van Front Angle View Ford
2022 Ford Transit Cargo Van Rear Angle View Ford
2022 Ford Transit Cargo Van Side View Ford


The 2022 Transit Cargo Van is available in a number of configurations, with a low, medium, and high roof and a regular, long, and extended body length. Two engines and two drivetrain options are available too, meaning that dimensions vary considerably across the spectrum. Two wheelbase options are available, with the smaller being 130 inches and the longer one measuring 148 inches. Length ranges from 217.8 to 263.9 inches, while height is between 82.2 and 110.4 inches. Width has less of a gap across the range, measuring 81.3 inches on all but the DRW equipped Long-EL configuration, which measures 83.7 inches wide, excluding mirrors. Curb weights are affected by configuration choices too, but the Transit is no lightweight, tipping the scales at more than 5,000 lbs. The interior cargo-area height can be as much as 81.5 inches, which is handy when one needs to climb in the back to look for an item.

2022 Ford Transit Cargo Van Exterior Dimensions:

Ford Transit Cargo Van Trims150250350350 HD
Max Width81.3 in.81.3 in.81.3 in.81.3 in.
Length217.8 in.217.8 in.217.8 in.263.9 in.
Height100.7 in.100.7 in.100.7 in.109.4 in.
Wheelbase130 in.130 in.130 in.148 in.

2022 Ford Transit Cargo Van Weight Information:

Ford Transit Cargo Van TrimsCurb Weight
1504,985 - 5,471 lbs.
2504,985 - 5,769 lbs.
3504,985 - 5,769 lbs.
350 HD5,769 - 6,065 lbs.

2022 Ford Transit Cargo Van Tires:

Front TireLT235/65SR16
Rear TireLT235/65SR16
Spare TireFull-Size

2022 Ford Transit Cargo Van Wheels:

Wheels TypeSteel Wheels
Front Wheel Size16" x 6.5"
Rear Wheel Size16" x 6.5"

Exterior Colors

The Transit is available in just two no-cost paint options: Race Red and Oxford White, although most will stick with the latter. Other options include Ingot Silver, Agate Black, Avalanche Gray, Abyss Gray, Blue Jeans, and Carbonized Gray. All these optional choices add $200 to the build price, and although that's not much, a cargo van is a workhorse, not a fashion statement, so we'd save some cash and stick with Oxford White unless one's corporate identity lines up with one of the other hues.

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