2022 Genesis G90 Interior and Cargo

Genesis G90 Interior & Cargo Rating

2022 G90 Interior

The interior should be the highlight of any exclusive luxury vehicle. To us, luxury is space and simplicity, and the G90 sedan scores high marks in both departments. While the general theme of the interior is minimalist, the attention to detail is remarkable. In many ways, it schools some other wannabe S-Class competitors out there. One notable example is the infotainment interface. Instead of using an existing interface from the Hyundai range, the G90 features an entirely different operating system with colors designed to complement the interior.

As standard, the 3.3T Premium gets Nappa leather seats with a suede headliner and a 22-way power-adjustable driver's seat. That's power-adjustment for lumbar, shoulder support, and seat bolsters. The front seats are heated and ventilated. In the 5.0 V8, the party moves to the back. The right rear seat has a 14-way power-adjustment, while the left seat gets 12-way power-adjustability. Both seats are heated and ventilated, while this row also includes illuminated vanity mirrors and a rear-seat entertainment system with dual 10.3-inch HD screens.

2022 G90 Interior Photos

2022 Genesis G90 Instrument Board CarBuzz 2022 Genesis G90 Instrument Cluster CarBuzz 2022 Genesis G90 Heated And Cooled Seating Adjustments CarBuzz
2022 Genesis G90 Instrument Board
2022 Genesis G90 Instrument Cluster
2022 Genesis G90 Heated And Cooled Seating Adjustments

Seating and Interior Space

You might have guessed that the G90 has no problems accommodating five fully-grown adults. As we alluded to earlier, space is one of the main hallmarks of luxury, and the G90 has plenty of it. The front legroom is 46.3 inches, while the rear legroom is 37.8 inches. Headroom is equally impressive, measuring 41.1 inches in the front and 38 inches in the rear. Getting in and out is easy, thanks to large doors with a soft-closing feature. The view from the driver's seat is generally good, plus the G90 comes with all sorts of features to help you maneuver in tight spaces.

The right rear seat in the V8 deserves special mention, as it comes with more power-adjustment than the left seat. This is relevant if you plan on being chauffeur-driven from your house to the country club. Since there is no front passenger, this seat can be moved right up the dashboard. This leaves ample space behind, comparable to a business-class seat on a plane. The right rear seat won't recline completely flat, but catching a few Zs is easy enough.

2022 Genesis G90 Interior Dimensions:

Genesis G90 Trims3.3T Premium5.0L Ultimate
Headroom Front Seat41.1 in.41.1 in.
Headroom Back Seat38 in.38 in.
Legroom Front Seat46.3 in.46.3 in.
Legroom Back Seat37.8 in.37.8 in.
Shoulder Room Front59.1 in.59.1 in.
Shoulder Room Rear57.9 in.57.9 in.
Hip Room, Front56.5 in.56.5 in.
Hip Room, Rear55 in.55 in.

Interior Colors and Materials

Genesis knew that to beat the establishment, it couldn't just offer an interior that's merely good. Something extraordinary was required, and that's what you get. Nappa leather seats are standard across the range, as is a microfiber suede headliner. You get the feeling that the seats will still look good in twenty years. That's saying something in a world where almost everything is designed to last no more than ten years. The available interior colors are Indigo Blue, Brown, Beige with a Brown dashboard, Beige with a Black dashboard, and Black.

To further enhance the interior, Genesis uses trimmings like wood, brushed metal, and leather. These materials tend to look cheap when used in bulk, but in the G90's cabin, they're subtly applied in all the right places. Our only gripe with the interior is the button quality. Owners will interact with buttons regularly, and a higher quality plastic or metal could have been used instead of the cheap-feeling buttons it currently has.

2022 G90 Trunk and Cargo Space

Luxury barges offer interior space in spades, but all of them share one particular problem: a lack of proper cargo capacity. The G90 provides 16 cubic feet of cargo capacity. Audi's A8 comes with 12.5 cubes and the BMW 7 Series has a more spacious 18.2 cubes. This collection of trunks aren't small but easily beaten by something as mundane as a Honda CR-V.

All of these cars share another oddity, which might seem like an oversight at first. None of them have rear seats that fold flat, so when it comes to trunk space, you get what you get. The reasoning behind it is simple. Market research shows that owners of these kinds of cars also own some kind of SUV used for those purposes. Interior storage is good, with a large center console storage bin and door pockets. Cupholders are found throughout.

2022 Genesis G90 Trunk and Cargo Space Photos

2022 Genesis G90 Second-Row Seats CarBuzz 2022 Genesis G90 Trunk Space CarBuzz 2022 Genesis G90 Cargo Net CarBuzz
2022 Genesis G90 Second-Row Seats
2022 Genesis G90 Trunk Space
2022 Genesis G90 Cargo Net

2022 Genesis G90 Cargo Dimensions:

Genesis G90 Trims3.3T Premium5.0L Ultimate
Trunk Volume15.7 cu. ft.15.7 cu. ft.

2022 G90 Infotainment and Features


There are no additional packages available for the Genesis G90, and we like that. You get the idea that each G90 is built to be as comfortable as it can be, with nothing left on the table. Take some notes, European and American manufacturers. The 3.3T Premium comes standard with an adaptive suspension, full LED headlights, soft-close doors, and a surround-view camera system. Standard features on the inside include a 22-way power-adjustable driver's seat, Nappa leather, a microfiber suede headliner, three-zone automatic climate control, and a wireless charging pad, to name just a few of the highlights.

The 5.0 Ultimate adds several additional features to make life in the rear as comfortable as possible. Its specs include a 14-way power-adjustable seat on the right and a 12-way power-adjustable seat on the left. Both come with ventilation and memory.


The 12.3-inch infotainment display is nestled neatly within the swooping dashboard. It's a much better look than the usual iPad-like screen bolted to the top of the center console. Unfortunately, the 12.3-inch can only be operated via the centrally-mounted knob and buttons on the dashboard.

The display is crisp, and the colors of the various menus blend well with the interior. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are standard. You also get an old-school aux input, USB ports front and rear, SiriusXM satellite radio, and Bluetooth connectivity. The system is mated to a 17-speaker Lexicon sound system, and it produces clear tones. The 5.0 Ultimate adds dual 10.3-inch HD screens for the rear seats.

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