2023 Genesis GV60 Performance

Genesis GV60 Performance Rating

2023 GV60 Performance

With a more powerful front motor and a 115-hp power advantage over the Advanced, the 0-60 of the Genesis GV60 Performance is claimed to be four seconds, but it has been independently tested as quickly as 3.6 seconds without the 1-foot rollout. This is very quick indeed and shows a clean pair of heels to its two most obvious European rivals. With 314 hp, the Advanced is plenty fast enough and should get you from 0-60 mph in around five seconds. You don't take a knock in trailering capacity either, as both trims can tow 2,000 pounds. Unless you track it, there's no place where you can legally run up to the GV60's top speed; anyway, due to both trims' standard all-season tires, this is likely to be capped at 130 mph.

2023 GV60 Performance Photos

2023 Genesis GV60 Driving Front Angle Genesis
2023 Genesis GV60 Cup Holder Genesis
2023 Genesis GV60 Wheel Genesis

Engine and Transmission

There are two electric motors in the Genesis GV60 Advanced - one for each axle to provide standard all-wheel drive. The rear motor develops 214 horsepower, and the front motor makes 100 hp for a total of 314 hp. The Performance has its front motor upgraded to 214 hp as well, bringing its total output to 429 hp. This can be upped to 483 hp for a short time while in Boost mode. To make the most of the power, the Performance's wheels and brakes are upgraded, and it gets a standard electronically activated limited-slip differential. The AWD system provides excellent launch grip and added traction on slippery surfaces. Still, you can't go off-road with the GV60, this is very much a road-biased sporty crossover, with the occasional foray onto a gravel road.

2023 Genesis GV60 Performance Specs:

Genesis GV60 TrimsGenesis GV60 EnginesGenesis GV60 HorsepowerGenesis GV60 TransmissionsGenesis GV60 DrivetrainsGenesis GV60 MPG/MPGEGenesis GV60 Range
AdvancedElectric314 hpSingle Speed AutomaticAWD95 MPGE248 miles
PerformanceElectric429 hpSingle Speed AutomaticAWD90 MPGE235 miles

2023 GV60 Gas Mileage

The EPA has rated the GV60 Advanced's efficiency as 103/86/95 MPGe on the city/highway/combined cycles. It uses a 77.4-kWh battery, which means that the typical owner can expect a range of around 248 miles on a full charge. The Performance has the exact same battery, but due to its higher power output and larger wheels, it's a little less efficient with figures of 97/82/90 MPGe, giving it a range of around 235 miles. The Genesis GV60's MPGe and range figures aren't great, but they're on par with the Q4 Sportback e-tron and better than the C40 Recharge. Nothing can touch the Tesla Model Y for efficiency in this class, however, with the Model Y Performance offering blistering performance and 111 MPGe combined efficiency for the price of a GV60 Advanced.

On a 240-volt AC Level 2 charging outlet, it will take seven hours to charge the GV60's battery from ten to 100%; if you charge at the maximum rate of 250 kW, it will take only 18 minutes to charge it from ten to 80%.

2023 Genesis GV60 Fuel Capacity

Genesis GV60 TrimsAdvancedPerformance
Genesis GV60 Fuel Economy (Cty/Hwy)103/8697/82
Genesis GV60 Hybrid Battery Capacity77.4 kWh77.4 kWh
Genesis GV60 Charge Time68 Hrs Charge Time @ 110/120V, 7 Hrs Charge Time @ 220/240V, 1.22 Hrs Charge Time @ 440V68 Hrs Charge Time @ 110/120V, 7 Hrs Charge Time @ 220/240V, 1.22 Hrs Charge Time @ 440V

2023 Genesis GV60 Trailering

Genesis GV60 TrimsAdvancedPerformance
Genesis GV60 Maximum Trailering Capacity2,000 lbs.2,000 lbs.
TransmissionSingle Speed AutomaticSingle Speed Automatic


Which Genesis GV60 trim is the most efficient?

The Advanced is the most efficient trim with EPA estimates of 103/86/95 MPGe on the city/highway/combined cycles, giving it a range of 248 miles on a full charge.

How long will it take to charge the GV60’s battery at home?

If you are going to plug it into a standard 120-volt power outlet, it's going to take around 68 hours - or almost three days, to fully charge the battery. But if you have an AC Level 2 240-volt wall box installed, it will take only seven hours and can be done overnight.

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