2022 GMC Sierra 1500 Interior and Cargo

GMC Sierra 1500 Interior & Cargo Rating

2022 Sierra 1500 Interior

The existence of the Ram 1500 and the all-new Ford F-150 has moved the yardstick for what's acceptable in a pickup truck's interior. Hopping out of any of the trucks mentioned above and into the Sierra will result in nothing but disappointment. The dashboard looks like a single piece of cheap stamped plastic, scattered with multiple buttons and a touchscreen interface that looks ridiculously tiny in such a large center console. The quality levels are below par, but at least the space is good.

For years automotive hacks have used the excuse that the cost-saving had to come from somewhere, and interior quality is an easy target. Both the Ram 1500 and Ford F-150 disprove this now-defunct argument, as they retail for the same sort of money while offering vastly superior interior quality, and arguably more quality elsewhere, too.

2022 Sierra 1500 Interior Photos

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Seating and Interior Space

Interior space depends on the configuration, with the Crew Cab offering the most amount of space in the rear. All models come with 44.5 inches of legroom and 43 inches of headroom in the front row. The Crew Cab offers 43.4 inches of rear legroom and 40.1 inches of headroom. The Double Cab's headroom is still sufficient (39.9 inches), but the 35.2 inches of rear legroom will see even average-sized adults struggle to find a comfortable seating position.

A three-seat bench is standard up front on the Regular Cab and base Double Cab and Crew Cab models. High-end models lose the front bench, replacing it with two bucket seats, an armrest, and storage cubbies below the center console, reducing its capacity to a five-seater. Four-way manually-adjustable seats are standard on low to mid-spec models, while high-end trims get ten-way power-adjustable seats.

2022 GMC Sierra 1500 Interior Dimensions:

GMC Sierra 1500 TrimsProSLEElevationSLTAT4DenaliAT4XDenali Ultimate
Headroom Front Seat43 in.43 in.43 in.43 in.43 in.43 in.43 in.43 in.
Headroom Back Seat39.9 in.39.9 in.39.9 in.40.1 in.40.1 in.40.1 in.40.1 in.40.1 in.
Legroom Front Seat44.5 in.44.5 in.44.5 in.44.5 in.44.5 in.44.5 in.44.5 in.44.5 in.
Legroom Back Seat35.2 in.35.2 in.35.2 in.43.4 in.43.4 in.43.4 in.43.4 in.43.4 in.
Shoulder Room Front66 in.66 in.66 in.66 in.64.5 in.64.5 in.64.5 in.64.5 in.
Shoulder Room Rear64.9 in.64.9 in.64.9 in.65.2 in.64 in.64 in.64 in.64 in.
Hip Room, Front60.9 in.61.2 in.61.2 in.61.2 in.60.8 in.60.8 in.60.8 in.60.8 in.
Hip Room, Rear60.2 in.60.2 in.60.2 in.60.2 in.59.3 in.59.3 in.59.3 in.59.3 in.

Interior Colors and Materials

On the more affordable end of the Sierra range, cloth seats are standard. The base trim is equipped by default with Jet Black vinyl but has optional no-cost access to cloth upholstery, too, while SLE and Elevation trim add Slate and Dark Walnut upholstery options and forgo the vinyl. These colors are also available on the SLT, but the cloth is upgraded to perforated leather. The top-spec Denali gets premium leather in Jet Black or a mix of Dark Walnut and Dark Ash Grey. AT4 trim comes with its model-specific Jet Black perforated leather with Kalahari inserts. As far as trim goes, there's nothing that stands out. Even high-end models get faux metal trim on the center console and steering wheel.

2022 Sierra 1500 Trunk and Cargo Space

There are three available bed lengths: Long Box, Standard Box, and Short Box. The long box measures eight feet and has 89.1 cubic feet of space. The standard box is 6.6 feet long and has a cargo capacity of 71.7 cubes. The short box is still quite sizeable at 5.8 feet. It has a total cargo capacity of 62.9 cubic feet. Payloads vary based on engine and drivetrain as well as box size, but range from 2,000 lbs at the lowest end of the spectrum to 2,250 lbs at the other end of things. Not only are the beds versatile in size, but GMC also has unique features like a carbon fiber composite bed that's resistant to scratches and damage, and the MultiPro tailgate - standard on every trim except the base one - that has multiple ways in which it can open, including forming a step to climb into the bed.

Interior storage is adequate. On models with the three-seat bench in the front, the center seat can be folded flat and used as an armrest/storage space. If you want to transport valuable items, you can fold the rear seats in crew and double carb derivatives to create a sizeable in-cabin storage space behind the rear seats.

2022 GMC Sierra 1500 Trunk and Cargo Space Photos

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2022 GMC Sierra 1500 Bed Size:

GMC Sierra 1500 TrimsProSLEElevationSLTAT4DenaliAT4XDenali Ultimate
Box Length (Floor)69.92 in.69.92 in.69.92 in.69.92 in.69.92 in.69.92 in.69.92 in.69.92 in.
Box Width (Floor)71.4 in.71.4 in.71.4 in.71.4 in.71.4 in.71.4 in.71.4 in.71.4 in.
Box Width (Wheelhousings)50.62 in.50.63 in.50.63 in.50.63 in.50.63 in.50.63 in.50.63 in.50.63 in.
Box Height (Area)22.4 in.22.4 in.22.4 in.22.4 in.22.4 in.22.4 in.22.4 in.22.4 in.
Cargo Box Volume22.4 cu. ft.22.4 cu. ft.22.4 cu. ft.22.4 cu. ft.22.4 cu. ft.22.4 cu. ft.22.4 cu. ft.22.4 cu. ft.

2022 Sierra 1500 Infotainment and Features


Like every other pickup truck out there, there are various levels of comfort and convenience. Base models get the necessities like single-zone climate control, a manual tilt steering wheel, manually adjustable seats, and a 12V outlet. SLE grades gain a multifunction steering wheel, cruise control, and semi-automatic climate control. The Elevation trim adds keyless entry with push-button start, two additional USB ports for rear passengers, and remote start.

At the SLT level, we can see the luxury stepping up a notch. From this level, the Sierra gains heated front seats and steering wheel, dual-zone climate control, and ten-way power adjustment for the driver's seat. AT4 specification adds ventilated front seats, and heated rear seats. The top-spec Denali adds an eight-inch digital instrument cluster, a premium Bose sound system, navigation, blind-spot monitoring, and lane change alert.


All Sierra models come with two displays: a digital display in the instrument cluster and a touch screen interface with wireless Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and Bluetooth streaming. On the base model, you get a 3.2-inch monochromatic information display, while mid-spec models get a 4.2-inch information display. The Denali comes with a fully digital instrument cluster.

As for the main touchscreen interface, base models get a seven-inch touchscreen. From SLT and upward, the Sierra gets an eight-inch display with HD Radio and SiriusXM added to the suite of functionality. Denali models get navigation and a seven-speaker Bose sound system. The rest of the line-up comes as standard with a six-speaker sound system, while the Regular Cab only has two speakers.

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