Gordon Murray Automotive

Gordon Murray will forever be associated with the iconic McLaren F1, a hypercar that was way ahead of its time and an engineering marvel; around 25 years after the F1 arrived, Gordon Murray Automotive (GMA) was established. With Murray at the helm, the company aimed to set new standards for supercars in the modern era. So far, GMA has brought us the magnificent T.50 and T.33. Despite GMA’s young age, Murray’s wealth of experience has ensured that these cars are virtually untouchable as driver’s cars, with lightweight bodies and scintillating V12 engines. In the future, GMA will expand with a high-performance electric SUV. But regardless of what powers it, all cars from Gordon Murray Automotive are touted as benchmarks for driver enjoyment.

Gordon Murray Automotive Products

As GMA has only been around for a few years, the number of Gordon Murray Automotive products is limited. The T.50 was revealed in 2020 with a 3.9-liter naturally aspirated V12 that revs all the way to 12,100 rpm - an incredible feat. It makes 654 horsepower and 344 lb-ft of torque, but the emphasis is more on the driving experience than breaking speed records. This sensational machine has a carbon tub monocoque, weighs only 2,174 pounds, and the driver sits right in the middle of the car, flanked by two smaller passenger seats. That was followed by the even more extreme T.50s Niki Lauda, with hundreds of parts changed to improve aerodynamics and optimize it for use on the track.

The GMA T.33 followed, and while it also sports a high-revving V12 engine, it is a two-seat grand tourer that will be road legal in the USA, unlike the T.50. Making 607 hp and 333 lb-ft from its Cosworth 3.9-liter V12, it is still a supremely capable performance car, but also a more practical one.

What’s The Price Of Gordon Murray Automotive Vehicles?

One can’t judge the price of GMA’s cars by regular standards. Accessible only to a few of the world’s elite, the T.50 had a price that was equivalent to over $3 million when it arrived, and just 100 were planned to be made. As for the T.33, that cost around $1.8 million - all are sold out even though the first deliveries are only scheduled for early in 2024.

Model Power Engine Base Price
Gordon Murray Automotive T.33 607 hp 3.9L V12 Gas $1,800,000

What To Consider Before Buying Gordon Murray Automotive Cars

Gordon Murray Automotive cars are not only high-priced exotics but are produced in extremely limited numbers, so even if you can afford one, there is no guarantee you’ll be able to buy it. The T.33 is already sold out, and the T.50 could only be imported into the USA via the show-and-display amendment that forms part of the United States Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.

Assuming that you can get hold of any GMA cars, there are a few advantages and disadvantages worth considering.


  • Unsurpassed driving experience
  • T.33 and T.50’s phenomenal, high-revving V12
  • Light weight contributes to fantastic dynamics
  • Low production numbers guarantee exclusivity
  • Exotic designs, inside and out
  • Future collectible status


  • T.33 and T.50 are already sold out
  • T.50 is not road legal in the USA
  • Stratospheric prices
  • Not as exciting to look at as Italian exotics


Is Gordon Murray Automotive a new brand?

Gordon Murray Automotive was established in 2017, so it is still a relatively new manufacturer. However, its founder, Gordon Murray, brings to the table years of experience at McLaren. McLaren, of course, is a prestigious British brand that rose to prominence with its first road car, the F1. Gordon Murray is responsible for the design of cars that won five Formula 1 racing world championships.

Does Gordon Murray Automotive sell EVs?

GMA doesn’t currently sell an EV, but it has plans for two electric SUVs. One will be a larger vehicle to rival the Lotus Eletre, and there will be a smaller one weighing between 2,400 and 2,600 lbs - remarkably light for an electric SUV.

How many seats does the Gordon Murray Automotive T.50 have?

The T.50 has one larger central driver’s seat and two smaller passenger seats, so it can accommodate a maximum of three people.
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