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Anyone with a large, lively household knows the value of a capable people-hauler, and Honda’s minivan certainly fits the bill. The brand is known for its high standards in passenger safety, so it’s no surprise that its largest people-mover is exceptionally well-built. While the brand only proffers a single variant in the States, it is a class-leading one.

Common Specification for 2020 Honda Vans

The segment is known for its ability to cart around people and cargo, but there’s more to it than just that; the following key characteristics are also expected:

  • Performance: Robust acceleration is a must in these hefty transporters, though they are nowhere near being considered sporty. The energetic acceleration is purely there to benefit the ride quality of the cruiser from take-off and onward. They’re pretty good handlers as well, thanks to their elongated body shape, but that quality only strengthens the segment's penchant for comfort.
  • Powertrain: Strong and sturdy engines competently power these hefty commuters while an automatic transmission assists in keeping things easy for the driver. A front-wheel drivetrain is standard in the single offering.
  • Features: As passenger-centric vehicles, plenty of creature comforts and conveniences come standard even at the base level. A comprehensively functional infotainment system can be expected, though full functionality is only unlocked on the higher trim levels. There are conveniences such as electronic seating adjustments, automated temperature control, and a whole lot more.

Honda Minivan Models

Odyssey: A 3.5-liter V6 engine and ten-speed automatic gearbox are standard in all five trims in the 2020 model year lineup, replacing the nine-speed from 2019. All are now also equipped with a stock FWD system, with no all-wheel-drive offered. Though outfitted to seat up to eight passengers in three rows of seats, it’s still very commodious on the inside. The modern and ergonomic styling is complemented by creature comforts and conveniences.

What to Consider Before Buying

If you plan on purchasing a new minivan anytime soon, be sure to check out CarBuzz’s car buyers guide where you can find detailed reviews of all the vehicles sold in the USA. There is also a really nifty comparison tool, so if the Honda van models price or specs don’t quite fit your requirements, maybe one of its competitors will suit you better. Below are just some of the up- and downsides to any new Honda van:


  • Competent and refined powertrain
  • Contemporary and intuitive infotainment
  • Versatile and commodious interior
  • Featureful with many available extras
  • Good safety and reliability standards


  • Honda loyalists have only the one option and will have to delve into higher trims for more
  • Second- and third-row seats are difficult to configure
  • All advanced driver-assist technologies cost extra
  • All-wheel-drive is not offered at all


What is the Odyssey’s fuel economy like?

Gas mileage returns for the van are relatively average, with the EPA rating it at 19/28/22 mpg city/highway/combined.

Is there a hybrid Honda van available?

No, the automaker does not produce any hybrids for the classification at this stage.

What are the Odyssey minivan’s dimensions?

The people-hauler spans an overall length of 203.2 inches with a 118.1-inch wheelbase. It stands at 68.3 inches tall with a width of 78.5 in. It weighs in at a hefty 4,593 pounds in its heaviest guise.

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