2023 Infiniti QX80 Performance

Infiniti QX80 Performance Rating

2023 QX80 Performance

Despite adequate outputs of 400 hp and 413 lb-ft, the 5.6-liter V8 engine has plenty of mass to lug about. Even so, independent testing has shown the QX80 can launch itself from 0 to 60 in anything from six to seven seconds, depending on the trim, and on to a top speed of 133 mph. But this is of little importance to the QX80's target audience; this isn't a performance SUV. Prospective customers will be pleased to know the largest Infiniti can tow 8,500 lbs, regardless of the driven wheels.

The seven-speed automatic transmission (with overdrive) is smooth-shifting and behaves itself in town, although a hesitation to change down at highway speeds highlights just how far self-shifters have come. As such, the eight-speed auto in the BMW X7 and the 10-speed transmission in the Navigator are far more enjoyable to use. Four-wheel-drive QX80s receive a computer-controlled transfer case, with 4WD high and low settings.

2023 QX80 Performance Photos

2023 Infiniti QX80 Rear Angle View Infiniti 2023 Infiniti QX80 Gearbox Controls Infiniti 2023 Infiniti QX80 Wheel Infiniti
2023 Infiniti QX80 Rear Angle View
2023 Infiniti QX80 Gearbox Controls
2023 Infiniti QX80 Wheel

Engine and Transmission

The 5.6-liter naturally aspirated V8 is the only option available. As used in the Nissan Armada, the engine is mated to a seven-speed automatic transmission, with a manual mode for those looking for more involvement. Around town, the suave SUV departs from intersections in a graceful, relaxed manner; throttle inputs are not as sharp as some would like.

The V8 emits a delightful growl when pushed, although a subtle burble is noticeable in urban driving. On the highway, the torque comes in handy, providing ample overtaking motivation to pass slower-moving traffic. This is the QX80's stomping ground. Together with the smooth ride, the QX80 takes long distances in its stride; the only chink in its armor is the often recalcitrant seven-speeder and the high fuel consumption.

Despite its mass, the 400 hp/413 lb-ft outputs are up to the task of hauling the QX80 about. Despite its proportions, the QX80 is well-suited to town driving, but it's at its best when cruising down the highway. We'd like to see Infiniti introduce a turbodiesel or hybrid derivative, though.

2023 Infiniti QX80 Performance Specs:

Infiniti QX80 TrimsInfiniti QX80 EnginesInfiniti QX80 HorsepowerInfiniti QX80 TransmissionsInfiniti QX80 DrivetrainsInfiniti QX80 MPG/MPGE
LUXE5.6L V8 Gas400 hp @ 5800 rpm7-Speed Automatic4X4
15 MPG
16 MPG
PREMIUM SELECT5.6L V8 Gas400 hp @ 5800 rpm7-Speed Automatic4X4
15 MPG
16 MPG
SENSORY5.6L V8 Gas400 hp @ 5800 rpm7-Speed Automatic4X4
15 MPG
16 MPG

2023 QX80 Gas Mileage

Parsimonious fuel-sipping isn't the gasoline-powered QX80's forte. The two-wheel-drive model boasts slightly better gas mileage, at 14/20/16 mpg on the city/highway/combined cycles. The 4WD models fare slightly worse, at 13/19/15 mpg on the city/highway/combined cycles.

All models at least have a fuel capacity of 26 gallons, theoretically allowing for 416 miles of travel between refueling the RWD QX80. 4WD models will have to stop more frequently, with an estimated travel range of 390 miles. Heavy fuel bills are to be expected in a large SUV such as this, but it's worth noting that if economy is more of a concern, rivals such as the Escalade offers better gas mileage, with the 4WD Escalade matching the 2WD QX80's combined 16 mpg.

2023 Infiniti QX80 Fuel Capacity

Infiniti QX80 Fuel Economy (Cty/Hwy)13/1913/1913/19

2023 Infiniti QX80 Trailering

Infiniti QX80 Maximum Trailering Capacity8,500 lbs.8,500 lbs.8,500 lbs.
Engine5.6L V8 Gas5.6L V8 Gas5.6L V8 Gas
Transmission7-Speed Automatic7-Speed Automatic7-Speed Automatic
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