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There is no denying that the future of the automotive industry is electric power, especially in countries like the USA, where the charging infrastructure is already widespread. Therefore, it makes sense that even traditionally old-school brands like Jeep are going electric. The brand has traditionally dominated the off-road SUV segment, a part of the market that isn’t naturally inclined to going the EV route. However, the hybrid Wrangler 4xe has been quite successful, and the benefits of having an all-electric Jeep vehicle.

Characteristics of Jeep Electric Vehicles

So what does the future of Jeep electric vehicles look like? The brand has promised a fully electrified portfolio by 2025 and teased information on various new electric jeep cars, of which two are tipped to make it to the US.

  • Powertrains: The changeover from internal combustion to electric power is not easy for everyone, least of all in a segment where off-roading prowess reigns supreme. Still, manufacturers like Rivian, Ford, and GMC have highlighted the benefits of harnessing electric power for off-roading applications. Jeep electric cars come in swinging, with the both the Recon and Wagoneer S tipped to makes 600 horsepower or more in its most powerful guise.
  • Range: Performance isn’t the only benefit of electric power, and improved ‘economy’ in the form of gas mileage equivalent figures make EVs desirable. A target range of around 400 miles is claimed for the new Jeep electric car range, with charging capabilities for the battery expected to be around 200 miles of range per 10 minutes on a charger.
  • Capability: A key selling point from the brand has always been versatility. Jeep vehicles need to be able to handle daily tasks, be practical, and tackle the road less travelled, and Jeep EVs should be no different. The Recon will be trail-rated to take on the toughest that nature has to offer while the Wagoneer will focus on comfort.
  • Cost: The price of an electric Jeep won’t be cheap but it shoouldn’t break the bank either. Despite being priced higher than gas-fed variants, EVs save you money in the long run.

What to Consider Before Buying an All-Electric Jeep

With most manufacturers moving to electrification, expectations for electric cars from Jeep are high. Here are just some things to keep in mind if you’re hoping to add one to your garage:


  • Familiar Jeep styling with contemporary twist
  • Still the go-to name for off-roading
  • Good expected range
  • Trail-rated capability in Recon model
  • High luxury expectations from Wagoneer S


  • Still cutting its teeth on EV technology
  • Higher starting MSRP
  • Limited lineup

Price Of Jeep Electric Cars

Cutting-edge tech doesn’t come cheap, but with limited Jeep EV products slated for the US, the lineup and respective pricing will be a simple affair. The expected price of electric Jeep products are:

Model Power Engine Base Price
Jeep Recon 400 hp Electric TBC

FAQs About Jeep EVs

Are there any electric Jeeps for sale right now?

Jeep is preparing to break into the EV market, but it has revealed a couple of models so far. The Avenger is an electric SUV designed for Europe since it was deemed too small to be successful in the States. Instead, the fully electric Recon off-roader will make be on sale in 2024. The Wagoneer S, a mid-size crossover, will start production in 2024.

How much will a Jeep EV cost?

Since the Jeep electric car lineup is only opening for reservations during the course of 2023, we don’t have much information on cost just yet. But, if past company trends hold true, we are expecting a price tag somewhere in the region of $55k for the Recon and even higher for the luxury Wagoneer S.

Will Jeep be abandoning internal combustion engines in favor of EVs?

Many automotive brands have laid out plans to phase out their gas-powered models while bringing in new EVs or electric variants of current models. Jeep seems to be following suit, aiming for a portfolio of all-electric vehicles by 2025 and for 50% of all American sales to be for electric vehicles. The ICE lives on for a little while longer.

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