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Kia is no longer a manufacturer of the cheap and mediocre products such as the Kia minivan and car models we grew accustomed to from the 90s. Instead, the brand is now synonymous with quality and reliability, with many nameplates earning dependability and safety awards around the globe. However, while it has embraced a new way of doing business, it has been somewhat reluctant to let go of the past. In fact, it is one of the few automakers left that still sees the value of the minivan body style. Still, it's not putting all its eggs in a single basket, which is why there are only two new Kia vans up for sale in the USA at the moment.

About Kia Minivans

Though this type of vehicle has lost popularity over the years, Kia is still offering its third-generation Sedona as well as a new Kia minivan for 2022. To be fair, however, the Carnival is really just a refurbished and rebranded Sedona, and it bears a new moniker, MPV/GUV, in an attempt to make these dinosaurs a little more appealing to US shoppers. However, when you consider the growing popularity of the brand and its exemplary reputation for producing cheap, reliable, and very livable vehicles, there just might be enough star power to keep the endangered species from going extinct.

New Kia Minivan Models

Though many buyers are excited about the brand-new Carnival, some might find the changes in styling polarizing. Luckily, the 2020 and 2021 Kia vans are still readily available, albeit with a Sedona nameplate. So, for the time being, the Kia family hauler is available in the following configurations:

  • Kia Sedona - Now at the end of its lifecycle, the Sedona is still stylish and practical, offering a large interior with space for up to eight people and 33.9 cubic feet of cargo. However, while it may include all the latest mod-cons, it is starting to show its age in a market dominated by shiny new SUVs. Powered by a 276-hp 3.3-liter gas V6, paired with FWD and an eight-speed automatic transmission, it returns respectable fuel economy ratings of 21 mpg with mixed driving conditions.
  • Kia Carnival - The new kid on the block, the Carnival tries to walk the SUV walk, while still talking the minivan talk. To this end, it presents buyers with all the practicality of the body style while avoiding the unpopular boxy aesthetic. You still get the same V6 as the outgoing Sedona, but the cabin is far more spacious both for people and luggage. To top it all off, the new-generation van includes loads of advanced driver aids such as forward collision avoidance tech and rear cross-traffic alert, with even more available as options.

Prices of the 2021 Kia Minivans

The Sedona is still an affordable option but the newer, more desirable Carnival is a slightly more expensive proposition. Here’s how the two Kia minivan models shape up, price-wise:

Model Power Engine Base Price
Kia Carnival 290 hp 3.5L V6 Gas $32,300
Kia Sedona 276 hp 3.3L V6 Gas $30,400

What To Consider Before Buying a Kia Van

For more on all the Kia car and van models available, have a look at our in-depth reviews. There, you will be able to compare BuzzScore ratings, specifications, pros and cons with direct rivals using the handy comparison tool. Since vans are a dying breed, it may be easy to assume that they’re not all that great; however, they have some advantages going for them too. Here is what you can expect when shopping in this rather niche segment


  • Modern, SUV-like styling
  • A choice between 7-passenger or 8-passenger seating configurations
  • Plenty of standard features designed to keep everyone comfortable and happy
  • High safety and dependability ratings
  • Enough power to lug around all that extra weight


  • Poor ground clearance limits versatility
  • No 4WD/AWD setups in the current lineup
  • No hybrid powertrains available, such as on the Pacifica and Sienna


Why are there so few minivans on sale?

Where minivans were once the most versatile and practical of body styles, they have lost a lot of market interest to SUVs. This is largely because the high-riders offer similar levels of practicality in a much prettier package, along with the ruggedness of all-wheel-drive, and a fair amount of sportiness in certain cases.

Which is the best Kia minivan?

Without a doubt, the Carnival is the better of the two available. It is just as spacious as the Sedona, but is redesigned to look like an SUV while offering the latest features and safety. It is everything the Sedona was and more.

Can I get a hybrid or AWD Carnival?

Unfortunately not. Just like the Honda Odyssey, the Carnival is only available in FWD with normal gas engines. If you want hybrid or AWD minivan alternatives, you will have to look at the Chrysler Pacifica or Toyota Sienna.

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