2022 Lamborghini Countach

2022 Lamborghini Countach
2022 Lamborghini Countach Rear View 1
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Lamborghini Countach Review: Back To The Future

Five decades after its introduction, the Lamborghini Countach LPI 800-4 reappears as a limited-series hybrid supercar. The Countach nameplate is so important to automotive history (who didn't have a poster of an original Countach on their walls in the early 80s?) that the automaker has stated there's a little Countach in every Lamborghini model that's been made since its release - and so the icon must live on in this remake. Borrowing the platform and powertrain of the Aventador and adding the hybrid magic from the Sian to the mix imbues the 2022 Lambo Countach with 802 horsepower - enough to match the Sian hypercar's sprint time and bring it just three-tenths short of the ludicrous Revuelto. With only a few models ever made - all of which were hastily snatched up - is it all about nostalgia, or is the Countach actually as good as we want it to be?

Lamborghini Countach Changes: What's New?

The very special 2022 Lamborghini Countach is a fresh take on the iconic Countach of the 70s and 80s. Built on the Aventador platform, it borrows the V12 from that Lambo and the hybrid technology from the Sian hypercar for its unique powertrain, putting out a combined 802 hp. With its unmistakable retro-styled looks and limited production run, the ultra-exclusive 2022 Countach is already a collector's item, just like the original.

Pros and Cons

  • Iconic throw-back styling
  • Monsterous outputs and thrilling soundtrack
  • Impressive performance
  • Excellent handling
  • Collector's status with only 112 models made
  • Insane starting price...
  • ...and all 112 models are already taken

2022 Lamborghini Countach

The Lamborghini Countach was unveiled at Monterey Car Week in 2021 as an homage to the original Countach. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first Countach prototype revealed in the early 70s, the new model used the original as the blueprint and imbued it with modern Lamborghini excellence; the result is a V12-powered monster with 802 hp that can dispatch the 0-62 mph sprint in just 2.8 seconds. As a throwback to the LP 112 internal code of the original Countach, only 112 models of this - the LPI 800-4 - will be made.

Specs and Trims: Lamborghini Countach Models And Configurations

A one-of-a-kind car, the Lamborghini Countach isn't available in various trim levels, and instead, is available in one configuration with a powerhouse of a V12 engine with hybrid assistance. This setup is responsible for the Lambo Countach's impressive specs: 802 hp and 531 lb-ft that result in a 0-62 mph sprint of 2.8 seconds. The Countach is AWD with a seven-speed automatic doing duty.

Filling the arches are 20-inch front wheels and 21-inch rear wheels. Other standard features include the traditional scissor doors, a louvered engine cover, an electrochromic roof, an active rear spoiler, and LED lights. Inside, there's seating for just two, but climate control, an eight-inch central display with Apple CarPlay, and a digital driver cluster are included. No pre-bundled packages or options are available to add to the standard specifications.

2022 LPI 800-4
Starting Price (MSRP)
  • Engine:
    6.5L V12 Gas
  • Transmission:
    7-speed ISR
  • Drivetrain:
    All-Wheel Drive
  • Configurations:
    LPI 800-4 Coupe
Key Features
  • 6.5-liter V12 engine with hybrid assistance (802 hp/531 lb-ft)
  • 0-62 mph in 2.8 seconds
  • 20-inch front/21-inch rear wheels with Pirelli P Zero Corsa tires
  • Electrochromic roof with active rear spoiler and scissor doors
  • Eight-inch central display with Apple CarPlay and a digital driver's information cluster
Lamborghini Countach LPI 800-4 Full Specs

While the list of available features isn't public knowledge, the specs of the Lamborghini Countach are impressive enough to stand alone as the driving force behind the supercar. The hybrid-assisted V12 engine makes 802 hp. Stepping into the cabin opens up space for just two, a digital gauge cluster, a steering wheel with paddle shifters, and an eight-inch HDMI screen that comes standard with Apple CarPay. Climate control and a backup camera are standard, and a front-axel lift system will prevent damage due to the extremely low ground clearance. 

Countach Exterior

The appearance of the 2022 Countach is an amalgamation of the wedge-shaped icon of the past and modern Lamborghini. Taking into account that there are laws governing what is legally allowed on road-going cars, the new Countach maintains the steeply angled shape while making some allowances for these regulations. So, while it doesn't sport pop-up headlights, there are rectangular clusters instead of the y-shaped or angular units we expect on modern Lambos. This front end is sharply reminiscent of the LP5000 Quattrovalvole with its blocky bits and pieces. This modern Countach is based on the Aventador platform, so some of the styling cues follow that car's aesthetics, and plenty of elements resemble the Sian hypercar.

Along the side, there are much larger intakes than what the original had, but these are also functional, and since the car puts out more than double the power, that makes perfect sense. The rear is definitely more futuristic, and the triple-ringed taillights are dramatic while maintaining a retro feel. There are also quad-exit exhausts housed in a carbon fiber diffuser and hexagonal wheel arches filled with 20-inch wheels up front and 21-inch items at the rear. We're fans of the telephone-dial style wheels that hark back to the original, too - here, these are wrapped in Pirelli P Zero Corsa rubber.

In keeping with the severe wedge shape, the powerful haunches are emphasized by a steep shoulder line that draws the eye across the side. A louvered engine cover leads to an electrochromic roof, although no gigantic rear wing exists here. An active rear spoiler will deploy when necessary, however.

2022 Lamborghini Countach Front View Lamborghini 2022 Lamborghini Countach Rear View Lamborghini 2022 Lamborghini Countach Sideward Vision Lamborghini
2022 Lamborghini Countach Front View
2022 Lamborghini Countach Rear View
2022 Lamborghini Countach Sideward Vision
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Naturally, the new Lambo Countach coupe has bigger dimensions than the original car had, and it's around 16% longer by comparison. Dimensions for the Lambo Countach include a length of 191.7 inches over a 106.3-inch wheelbase, a width of 89.2 inches (82.6 without taking the mirrors into account) and its height is just 44.8 inches. The Lamborghini Countach's dry weight comes in at 3,516 pounds.

Exterior Colors

With such limited production numbers, there's no online configurator that allows you to play around with exterior colors on your dream Lamborghini Countach. We know there was a range of heritage colors available, including Impact White, Giallo Countach, and Verde Medio, while the contemporary palette mentioned Viola Pasifae, Blu Uranus, and Bianca Siderale as options. Each unique unit was likely custom-designed, however, with those lucky owners getting to kit their Countach out in their favorite hues.

Countach Performance

The theme of past-meets-future is at the center of the Countach design, so the engine Lamborghini chose to power it also takes old-fashioned V12 power and adds electrification. Mounted in the middle of the chassis is the V12 engine from the Aventador mated to the supercapacitor from the Sian - this negates the need for batteries, which would add unnecessary weight. The engine makes 769 hp on its own but is supplemented by the hybrid system, which adds 33 hp for a total of 802 hp. This results in superb performance, with 2.8 seconds needed to get the Lambo Countach from 0-62 mph, and 0-124 mph in 8.6 seconds.

The 2022 Lambo Countach reaches a top speed of 221 mph, and thanks to carbon ceramic brakes at all four corners, it can come to a halt from 62 mph in around 98 feet. The coupe has active front and rear suspension with horizontal dampers and springs to benefit handling and standard rear-wheel steering to make turns even tighter. Like other modern Lambos, you get selectable drive modes, with Corsa being the most aggressive.

Conveniences like a front axle lift system mean you won't be scraping that exquisite nose on the pavement, and the hydraulic power steering means the driver gets the most feedback from the road.

2022 Lamborghini Countach Engine Lamborghini 2022 Lamborghini Countach Wheel Lamborghini 2022 Lamborghini Countach Engine Bay Lamborghini
2022 Lamborghini Countach Engine
2022 Lamborghini Countach Wheel
2022 Lamborghini Countach Engine Bay

Engine and Transmission

The engine that does duty in the Lamborghini Countach is a 6.5-liter V12 mid-mounted engine that makes 769 hp. It is supplemented by a 48-volt motor mounted to the gearbox (powered by a 600-amp supercapacitor), which adds 33 hp and 25 lb-ft. This results in specs of 802 hp and 531 lb-ft, with peak torque arriving at 6,750 rpm. Red line arrives at 8,700 rpm.

A seven-speed single clutch automatic helps to send the power to all four wheels via a Haldex all-wheel-drive system. The additional torque from the electric motor helps to smooth out the gear changes, and the result is much less vicious shifts than you get in the Aventador.

  • Engine
    6.5L V12 Gas
  • Transmission
    7-speed ISR
  • Drivetrain

Countach Gas Mileage

Official gas mileage figures from the EPA are, as expected, rather poor - expect to achieve 9/16/11 mpg on the city/highway/combined cycles. We'd wager these don't matter much, however, nor does range; buyers are likely much more interested in how the car looks and how it feels around the track than any form of fuel economy.

  • Fuel Tank Capacity
    18.5 Gallons
* 2022 Lamborghini Countach LPI 800-4 Coupe

Countach Interior

The interior of the Lamborghini Countach follows the retro styling from the exterior, and of course, you enter the cabin by means of traditional scissor doors. The two-seater cockpit gets smatterings of technology to bring it in line with modern expectations, but don't expect that to be the focus. There are movable air vents, a fully digital gauge cluster, and a flat-bottomed steering wheel devoid of buttons and controls - two large paddle shifters behind the wheel allow drivers to take control. An eight-inch HDMI center display allows for audio and multimedia control, and selecting the 'Stile' button runs an explanation of the Countach design philosophy. Seated inside, the combination of beautiful Italian craftsmanship and modern technology does the Countach justice.

2022 Lamborghini Countach Steering Wheel Design Lamborghini 2022 Lamborghini Countach Central Control Panel Lamborghini 2022 Lamborghini Countach Center Stack Lamborghini
2022 Lamborghini Countach Steering Wheel Design
2022 Lamborghini Countach Central Control Panel
2022 Lamborghini Countach Center Stack
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Seating and Interior Space

Unlike the original Countach, there is actually space inside the new Lamborghini Countach coupe for even taller folk. Seating just two, the Countach is more spacious and ergonomically designed than the car it pays tribute to, which was so low-slung and snug that not all drivers could find a comfortable seating position.

While the automaker hasn't specified any luxuries like heated or ventilated seats, power adjustment and the like, the cabin isn't likely to be an unpleasant place to be.

  • Seating capacity

Interior Colors and Materials

Like with exterior color schemes, interior colors for the Lamborghini Countach aren't set in stone, although lashings of carbon fiber and geometric stitching on the seats and dash seem to be the standard fare, with high-end materials like leather and Alcantara a given. We're fans of the red and black interior seen here, but the automaker did note that an exclusive range of single- and dual-color interiors is available, curated to preserve the classic style the Countach represents.

Countach Trunk and Cargo Space

In a car such as this, there's little to no expectation for cargo storage options - and with a monstrous V12 and all its necessary bits and pieces taking up most of the space, you'll have to make other plans for carrying bags or hauling groceries. The automaker doesn't specify any cargo volume figures specifically, but we'd assume a similar four-and-a-bit cubes of storage space is available in the frunk, as on the Aventador, with which it shares a platform.

There's no interior storage space to speak of - no glovebox and no door pockets since the scissor doors make those impossible.

2022 Lamborghini Countach Steering Wheel Lamborghini 2022 Lamborghini Countach Interior Rundown Lamborghini 2022 Lamborghini Countach Front Seats Lamborghini
2022 Lamborghini Countach Steering Wheel
2022 Lamborghini Countach Interior Rundown
2022 Lamborghini Countach Front Seats
  • Trunk Volume
    2.2 ft³

Countach Infotainment and Features


Lamborghini lists the mechanical wonders that drive the Countach as its main features, so it's clear that the focus hasn't been on equipping the latest modcons to keep passengers entertained. There's no official list of what's included, but knowing there's a digital gauge cluster and movable air vents hints that at least the basics will be covered. The Aventador on which it's based gets a backup camera, keyless entry, power-adjustable side mirrors, and even heated seats - we'd expect these to be included here, too.


While infotainment is not the main focus, buyers of the Countach do get a portrait-oriented eight-inch HDMI touchscreen that's imbued with Apple CarPlay and radio connectivity. There's also a unique 'Stile' button that cues a history lesson about the Countach's design. There's no word on things like speaker-count or other infotainment features, but if it were our car, we wouldn't want to try drown out the engine noises anyway.

Countach Problems and Reliability

With only a small number of these cars to be made, there's no recall history or reliability report for the Lambo Countach. We can't imagine that Lamborghini would be anything but thorough and pedantic with the construction of these 112 special units. Still, warranty cover for the 2022 Lamborghini Countach comprises three years and unlimited miles.

Countach Safety

There is no data for a safety review of the Lamborghini Countach since exclusive supercars aren't routinely crash-tested. The hardy construction and safety features should make it safe in most circumstances, however.

US NHTSA Crash Test Result

NHTSA safety ratings are not available at this time.

Key Safety Features

Cars like this are about raw, back-to-basics driving, so don't expect a suite of driver-assistance tech here. What you do get is the carbon fiber monocoque, a backup camera, a front-axle lift system, and a complement of airbags: dual front airbags and seat-mounted side head-thorax bags. Select markets also offer knee-airbag protection.

Verdict: Is The Lamborghini Countach A Good Car?

A loaded question if there ever was one, it's not one you can answer without qualification. And that's not because it's not a good car - but it's a very specific, purposeful car that allows it to be extremely good in some ways, and less impressive in others. In all metrics that matter in the segment - exclusivity, rarity, performance, looks, and status - the Lamborghini Countach is an excellent car. Collectors and fans of the brand will likely scramble to get their hands on one for years to come, regardless of cost. It also doesn't compete with any one model directly, since it's such a special, emotional tribute. As far as practicality and economy go, the Countach isn't great - but these are entirely irrelevant ways of weighing up a car like this.

What's The Price Of The Lamborghini Countach?

With a starting price of $2.64 million for the new Lamborghini Countach quoted in 2022 in the USA, this is a car that was already out of most people's price range long before the automaker limited production to just 112 examples. All of these were sold out rather quickly, and if you've any hope of getting your hands on one now, it'll be at a ridiculous price as a second buyer - we wouldn't count on the Lamborghini Countach's MSRP quoted here being the final price paid.

Additional Packages

We're not sure how much customization is available to the Countach, but it's understood that buyers could specify the look and feel of their model rather extensively. Whether you're able to add on heated seats or a better sound system, for example, is unknown.

What Lamborghini Countach Model Should I Buy?

With only 112 Countach models to ever be produced, there's no choice of specification for anyone except the first 112 lucky customers who get to choose the color and interior kit for their car.

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