2023 Lexus LC Coupe

2023 Lexus LC Coupe
2023 Lexus LC Coupe Rear-Facing View
2023 Lexus LC Coupe Steering Wheel Design 1
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2023 Lexus LC Coupe And Convertible Review: Feel-Good Machine

The Lexus LC has long been hallowed by enthusiasts for its achingly beautiful design and sonorous 471-horsepower V8 engine, but some feel that it's getting on in years. Rivals like the BMW 8 Series are much more modern inside, while the Lexus LC still sports an iffy infotainment system (and a small screen by comparison). Additionally, the Porsche 911 is still the ultimate in the performance game. So is there still space for the LC somewhere? With a hybrid for those who want to spend less on fuel and a convertible in the lineup, we think the 2023 Lexus LC is not only still relevant, but it's one of the cars that never fails to make our hearts jump - even if it costs a pretty penny.


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New for 2023

Although the Lexus LC range carries over mostly unchanged, enhancements have been made to the front and rear suspension to improve ground contact feel and steering responses. The available sport package now adds 21-inch forged alloys with Gloss Black accents. The exterior color palette for the Lexus LC has also been freshened up with the addition of Cloudburst Gray in place of Smokey Granite. In terms of the price of the 2023 Lexus LC Coupe and Convertible range, expect to pay a few hundred dollars more than last year.

2023 Lexus LC Coupe And Convertible Price: Which One to Buy

With only minor changes for this year, the cost of the Lexus LC lineup in the USA has gone up only slightly. The starting price for the new Lexus LC Coupe is $93,450, while in hybrid specification, the Lexus LC 500h will set you back at least $99,450. The MSRP for the convertible Lexus LC is the highest, coming in at $101,500. These prices exclude the $1,150 destination fee.

Since there aren't extensive trim levels to wade through, the choice is really between the fixed-roof or drop-top cars. Once you've decided which car suits your lifestyle best, you can decide which options to add. And, if you opt for the 2023 LC Coupe, you have the option of a hybrid powertrain instead of the naturally-aspirated V8. Most times, we'd lean toward hybridization for the efficiency gains (which are significant), but it feels sacrilegious in this car. We'd sign on the dotted line for the V8 Coupe without batting an eye.

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Interior and Features

A beautiful, classic interior, the cabin of the Lexus LC range is elegantly styled and avoids too much tech-focused screen real estate.

The Japanese carmaker is known for elegant cabins, and the interior of the Lexus LC in coupe and convertible is another example of this. Some may feel the infotainment screen is small in comparison to what most rivals offer, but it still fits in with the way the dashboard has been laid out. It's not necessarily the most ergonomic cockpit, and it may take some getting used to, but a gorgeous layout with the highest quality materials covering most surfaces will help smooth that over. We love that there are buttons and dials and not just acres of screens, and that seems to fit in well with the slightly 'old-school' recipe that the Lexus LC upholds. Occupants up front will enjoy every journey, while those crammed into the back are less likely to have a good time. Package upgrades on coupe models can equip sports seats for a little more support during spirited driving.

2023 Lexus LC Coupe Steering Wheel Design CarBuzz
The dashboard houses a smaller multimedia screen than what many rivals offer, but there are tactile controls. The iffy touchpad is still in use.


We're inclined to call the Lexus LC a 2+2 in the sense that the rear seats are best reserved for kids or as additional storage space. The only place worth being in the LC - whether convertible or coupe - is up front, where occupants get supportive and comfortable power-adjustable seats that have heating and ventilation as standard and the lion's share of interior space.

There is ample legroom for even taller drivers, and naturally, with the top down, headroom is in endless supply. The Lexus LC Convertible pays a penalty for its sharp looks and top-down thrills, however, and loses 4.5 inches in rear legroom, although it gets a smidge more up front.


Unfortuntately, cargo space in the Lexus LC lineup is not a strong point. The coupe offers the most in terms of trunk capacity, with 5.4 cubic feet, which drops to 4.7 cubes for the hybrid. The Lexus LC Convertible has the least cargo volume, with just 3.4 cubic feet on offer. Additionally, the trunk isn't a deep space, which can make it awkward to stow bulky items.

Inside, small items can be kept in the glovebox or the door pockets, but none of these are particularly spacious. The center armrest bin has more room for small items, and there is a single cupholder ahead of the shifter.

Lexus LC CoupeLexus LC ConvertibleBMW 8 Series CoupeBMW 8 Series Convertible
4 Seater4 Seater4 Seater4 Seater
37.2 in. front
32.2 in. rear
36.7 in. front
32.1 in. rear
38.9 in. front
33.6 in. rear
38.9 in. front
34.7 in. rear
42 in. front
32.5 in. rear
42.6 in. front
28 in. rear
42.1 in. front
29.5 in. rear
42.1 in. front
29.5 in. rear
Trunk Space
5.4 ft³3.4 ft³14.8 ft³12.4 ft³
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Materials and Colors

Both the gas and hybrid Lexus LC coupe come with two standard interior schemes, starting with Toasted Caramel leather with Satin Metallic Trim. If brown isn't your thing, you can switch it out for black leather against the metallic accents. Circuit Red, in combination with black, can also be had through various package upgrades, which gives a much sportier feeling to the cabin.

New Lexus LC Convertible models have access to the same interior colors, and all hues come with a black soft top as standard. Toasted Caramel interiors can be had with a Sand soft top, however. All Lexus LC models can be upgraded with semi-aniline leather for the front seats, an Alcantara headliner, or Alcantara upholstery on Sports Seats with the related package.

2023 Lexus LC Coupe Rear Passenger Seats CarBuzz
Leather is standard across the range in shades of brown, black, or red, ranging from elegant to sporty depending on the hue. Everything feels good to the touch.

Features and Infotainment

With no trim levels to work through, the Lexus LC range has to be customized by means of package upgrades. Still, you get a lot standard in the cabin, including dual-zone climate control, eight-way power-adjustable seats with heating and ventilation, push button start, illuminated entry, and a wind deflector on the LC Convertible. A heated steering wheel is available for $250 as part of the All-Weather Package.

Infotainment is a sore spot on this car, and the 10.3-inch screen looks and feels a little dated. Much has been said about its less-than-user-friendly interface, and a major improvement in this department is expected for 2024. For now, you have to deal with the system's sketchy controller. At least it comes with Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, Amazon Alexa, Wi-Fi capability, HD Radio, and SiriusXM. It also has native navigaion and a 12-speaker sound system. We'd definitely upgrade to the 13-speaker Mark Levinson system that's on the options list.

2023 Lexus LC Coupe Central Console CarBuzz
Unlike many more tech-focused rivals, there are hard buttons for many of the functions in the cabin and only one 10.3-inch screen. An amazing 13-speaker Mark Levinson sound system is available.
LC 500 CoupeLC 500 ConvertibleLC 500h
Dual-zone climate control
Eight-way power front seats
Front seat heating and ventilation
10.3-inch multimedia display
12-speaker premium sound system
13-speaker Mark Levinson sound system


With either a gas V8 or a hybrid V6 to choose from, performance in the Lexus LC range is satisfying, even if there are rivals that are quicker and more aggressive.

The Lexus LC range has access to two powertrains: a naturally aspirated 5.0-liter V8 with 471 hp and 398 lb-ft of torque or a 3.5-liter V6 hybrid setup with 354 hp. The 2023 Lexus LC Convertible comes only with the V8 engine, however. And in all cases, power goes to the rear wheels, with the V8 paired with a ten-speed automatic transmission, while the hybrid uses the complex combination of an eCVT and four-speed automatic. Performance is good, with the coupe managing to get to 60 mph quickest in just 4.4 seconds. The convertible adds two-tenths to that time, and the Lexus LC Hybrid's 0-60 mph time comes in just a little slower at 4.7 seconds. Top speed for the V8 models is 168 mph, while the hybrid maxes out at 155 mph.

It's not slow, but the LC was never designed to be a brash sports car. So despite the optional limited-slip differential with performance dampers, available high-performance brake pads, and rear-wheel drive, this isn't the car you take to the track. It's the car you take on winding canyon roads or down mountain passes when you have time on your hands and mechanical appreciation for how a car can merge with the driver.

Here is where this car shines. Both Porsche and BMW rivals are better performance cars than the Lexus LC, but that doesn't mean you won't have an absolute blast behind the wheel of the Japanese two-door. In almost every review of the Lexus LC, you'll find drivers waxing lyrical about the smooth ride, the comfort for passengers, the supple yet firm suspension, and its ability to eat up the miles on the open road. As long as you don't think of it as a track toy, you couldn't be disappointed in this car. Sure, it gets up to speed quick enough, but it's not about lightning-fast takeoffs. Buy a Porsche if you want that. This car is for the person who loves cars, who enjoys a long drive, and who appreciates when a car feels just right beneath your fingertips.

And that glorious V8 sound is one of our favorites - it's even better in the convertible with the top down.

2023 Lexus LC Coupe Gauge Cluster CarBuzz
The Lexus LC can dispatch the benchmark sprint in 4.7 seconds or less, with the V8-powered coupe getting there in just 4.4 seconds.

Fuel Efficiency

It's great that there is a frugal option in the range, because gas mileage figures for the LC aren't great. The Lexus LC Coupe manages 16/25/19 mpg on city/highway/combined cycles, with the added weight of the convertible model dropping those figures to 15/25/18 mpg. True enthusiasts consider that rent for the pleasure of the naturally-aspirated eight-cylinder, but in the event that you're buying an LC for looks alone and you're hoping to cut the fuel budget, there is the Lexus LC Hybrid. It improves fuel economy drastically, with EPA ratings of 26/33/29 mpg.

Fuel tank capacity varies on the different models, with the coupe and convertible models equipped with 21.7-gallon tanks. The hybrid holds up to 22.2 gallons and has an average range of around 640 miles. The V8 convertible will need to refuel after around 390 miles, while the V8 coupe can carry on to over 410 miles.

5.0L V8 Gas
10-Speed Automatic
3.5L V6 Hybrid
eCVT and four-speed automatic
471 hp354 hp
Top speed
168 mph155 mph
16 / 25 / 19 mpg - coupe
15 / 25 / 18 mpg - convertible
26 / 33 / 29 mpg
4.4 seconds - coupe
4.6 seconds - convertible
4.7 seconds


Despite not being crash tested by authorities, the Lexus LC range has been generously equipped to ensure safety, with up to eight airbags and the full Lexus Safety System+ as standard.

Neither the NHTSA nor the IIHS has subjected the LC range to crash tests, so there is no official safety review for the 2023 Lexus LC range. Fortunately, it comes jam-packed with loads of safety features as standard, with a few extra options available at a cost.

The Lexus Safety System+ is standard on LC models in the lineup and includes lane departure alert with lane keep assist, pre-collision detection with pedestrian detection, frontal collision warning, automatic emergency braking, and all-speed dynamic radar cruise control. A blind-spot monitor with rear cross-traffic alert is also included, and if you want even more, there is a head-up display on the options list.

There are eight airbags fitted to the 2023 Lexus LC Coupe, while the convertible gets six airbags and active roll bars that will extend to support the car should it roll over.

LC 500 CoupeLC 500 ConvertibleLC 500h
Blind-spot monitor with cross-traffic alert
Lane departure warning with keep assist
Pre-collision system with pedestrian detection
Active roll bars
Head-up display

US NHTSA Crash Test Result

NHTSA safety ratings are not available at this time.


The last consumer-verified rating from J.D. Power for the Lexus LC range was for 2022, and it bodes well: a score of 86/100 was awarded to the Lexus LC for reliability, pertaining to all models in the lineup. To underscore this, the last three model years have been entirely free of recalls.

Lexus sells 2023 LC models with a warranty that covers four years or 50,000 miles, which includes a six-year/70,000-mile powertrain warranty, too. Hybrid models get eight years and 100,000 miles of cover for hybrid components, but the entire range gets complimentary maintenance for a year or 10,000 miles, whichever comes first.


Lexus vehicles generally look good, but we can't ever say enough about how much of a home run the LC is - whether it's the coupe or the convertible, it's a visually stunning car that evokes fuzzy, butterflies-in-your-stomach feelings. It's a timeless design, and we love the sweeping lines and curves along the side that culminate in powerful haunches. Up front, the spindle grille is prominent with a mesh insert, and character lines that meet the top of the grille, run upward from the front of the hood to the windshield. The triple-beam LED headlights are sharply angled and slim, giving an almost coy look to the car. Chrome-plated moldings along the side are supposed to be reminiscent of a Japanese sword, and at the rear, the LED taillights are fashioned to resemble the afterburners from a fighter jet.

The LC Coupe has a large glass panel roof with blacked-out rear pillars that create a floating-roof look - it can be swapped out for a carbon fiber roof, however, as part of the expensive Dynamic Handling Package. The convertible sports the folding soft-top, which can open or close in around 16 seconds, even at speeds up to 31 miles.

Across the range, 20-inch staggered-width wheels are standard, although an upgrade to 21 inches is possible in a different design.

2023 Lexus LC Coupe Front Angle View Lexus
A beautiful, timeless design sets the LC apart, and whether it's the coupe or drop-top you buy, you'll never tire of looking at it.

Verdict: Is The 2023 Lexus LC A Good Car?

Whether a car is good or not can be a simple question - does it tick the boxes that make it good value for money, reliable, affordable, and competent? But sometimes the question is a little harder to answer. On paper, the expensive Lexus LC isn't the best offering in the segment: There are rivals that make more power, are quicker off the line, and have more modern infotainment systems. But where the LC excels is in how it makes you feel. It's breathtakingly pretty to look at, it feels sublime to sit in, and it is an utter joy to pilot along a coastal road, through the mountains, and even as a daily driver. The V8 makes ample power and sings a glorious tune at the same time, something that isn't likely to be around much longer. We'd happily spend the money Lexus asks of an LC, and we wouldn't regret it for a second.

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