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Lordstown Endurance
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2023 Lordstown Endurance: Electrifying The Commercial Sector

The Lordstown Endurance and Tesla Cybertruck have a few things in common, but not all of them are good. Each promises to be a highly capable and powerful electric pickup, but both have been beset by delays. The Endurance was revealed in June 2020, but it has yet to reach customers as the Ohio-based company faces serious financial hurdles. When - and if - it arrives, the Endurance promises a lot: It has four in-wheel hub motors and is expected to make a combined 600 horsepower, and the simple styling and reduced number of moving parts will make the Endurance more suited to commercial applications than many rivals. Here's what we know about the pickup so far.

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2023 Lordstown Endurance Front View Lordstown Motors
2023 Lordstown Endurance Rear Angle View Lordstown Motors

When Is The Lordstown Endurance Coming Out?

Production of this electric pickup was once slated to begin in January 2021, but the Lordstown Endurance's release date has since been pushed back more than once. The company was targeting initial deliveries in the second half of 2022, but persistent financial woes mean that even this later date is now uncertain. Similarly, the Tesla Cybertruck's release date is now only in mid-2023. In both cases, we don't know exactly when these pickups will finally be coming out.

What’s The Price Of The 2023 Endurance?

The 2023 Lordstown Endurance's price was supposed to begin at $52,500 MSRP before federal tax credits, but since the pickup has been delayed so many times, it's unclear if this starting price will remain as is.

Rivals will include the Ford F-150 Lightning, which has a starting cost of $39,974, which comfortably undercuts the Endurance. The Tesla Cybertruck was meant to start at under $40,000 too, but it's unlikely that this will remain the case when it finally goes on sale in the USA.

2023 Lordstown Endurance Top View Lordstown Motors
2023 Lordstown Endurance Side View Lordstown Motors
2023 Lordstown Endurance Rear Angle View 1 Lordstown Motors

New Lordstown Endurance Exterior And Colors

The Lordstown Endurance's exterior has a more rugged design than some other electric trucks, such as the much flashier Chevy Silverado 1500 EV. The 2023 Lordstown Endurance has a blocky stature and looks quite old-school in profile. However, the sleek headlights and taillights are reminders that this is a thoroughly modern truck. Squared-off wheel arches and dark cutouts along the side are interesting styling touches. The wheels measure 20 inches in size.

We don't know what colors the Lordstown Endurance will be available in yet, but it's been pictured in conservative hues like silver, white, and black so far.

Lordstown Endurance Dimensions

The Lordstown Endurance's dimensions are similar to those of the Ford F-150 Lightning., although at 230 inches, the 2023 Endurance is 2.7 inches shy of the Lightning's length. It has a width of 86 inches, a height of 75 inches, and a 146-inch wheelbase.

Based on a leaked presentation from 2020 containing investor materials, the new Lordstown Endurance pickup truck has a curb weight of 4,200 pounds. That's quite a bit lighter than expected, but the truck's use of aluminum in its construction could contribute to its lighter weight.

2023 Lordstown Endurance Front Angle View Lordstown Motors
2023 Lordstown Endurance Front View 1 Lordstown Motors
2023 Lordstown Endurance Motorwheel Lordstown Motors

Lordstown Endurance Engine And Performance

The full-electric Lordstown Endurance's powertrain is unique - there are four in-wheel electric hub motors that Lordstown says lowers the number of moving parts and can improve maintenance costs over time. With a motor for each wheel, it stands to reason that this is an exclusively four-wheel-drive pickup. Combined, the system makes 600 hp.

A 0-60 mph time of 5.5 seconds is quick for a hardworking pickup and comparable to many V8-powered full-size trucks. Less important is top speed, but that is restricted to just 80 mph. However, the manufacturer-claimed towing capacity of 7,500 pounds falls short of the 10,000 lbs the F-150 Lightning can manage when correctly equipped. Other claims suggest an even lower 6,000-lb towing capacity for the Endurance, so we'll have to see what the final specs are when the truck eventually arrives.

According to early documentation from Lordstown, the maximum payload capacity is 3,000 lbs.

2023 Lordstown Endurance Badge Lordstown Motors
2023 Lordstown Endurance Front Lights On Lordstown Motors
2023 Lordstown Endurance Front Angle View 1 Lordstown Motors

Range, Charging, And Battery Life

EPA numbers haven't been published yet but the Lordstown Endurance EV is expected to achieve 75 MPGe combined and a range of around 250 miles. Again, the Ford leads the way here with a maximum EPA-rated range of 320 miles with its extended-range battery.

At 220V, the Endurance's battery will take about 10 hours to charge. Using a faster 400V Level 3 charger, that time drops to approximately 45 minutes.

Lordstown Endurance Interior And Cargo

Like the exterior, the Lordstown Endurance's interior has a simple design. Three displays under one housing are positioned ahead of the driver for essential information and infotainment. Based on pictures we've seen, the steering wheel has touch-sensitive controls - but not everything is touch-sensitive. There is a physical rotary controller on the center console to the left of a pair of easily accessible cupholders. It looks like Apple CarPlay will be incorporated into the infotainment system, but we aren't certain about the inclusion of Android Auto just yet.

With its four-door, crew cab body style, there should be sufficient legroom inside for passengers in the second row. As it has more of a commercial focus, the Lordstown Endurance's seats are expected to be upholstered in hardy materials, but perhaps faux leather will be on offer for customers wanting a touch of luxury.

With a 9.6-cubic-foot frunk in front, the Lordstown Endurance's cargo space should make it particularly practical. With a bed measuring around 5.5 feet, the Endurance can carry a decent amount of cargo - close to 60 cubic feet.

2023 Lordstown Endurance Interior Overview Lordstown Motors
2023 Lordstown Endurance Dashboard Lordstown Motors
2023 Lordstown Endurance Steering Wheel Lordstown Motors
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