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2022 Lotus Emira First Look Review: An Analog Sports Car Send-Off

Lotus had not released an all-new car in over a decade when the original Evora debuted. Following a long teaser campaign, the 2022 Lotus Emira makes its long-awaited arrival as the first sports car developed under Geely ownership. The Emira joins the Evija in a completely refreshed Lotus lineup that should remain devoid of SUVs. Whereas the Evija calls on battery packs and electric motors for propulsion, the Emira strictly uses internal combustion with no electric assist. Lotus says this is its final gas-powered sports car, so think of the Emira as a purist's tribute car.

It's not every day we get to say hello to a brand-new sports car, so the Emira has the potential to shake up the market in a big way. Though the Evora GT was a hidden gem car that won our Track Weapon award, we think the new Emira will have much wider appeal than its predecessor.

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3.5L Supercharged V6
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2022 Lotus Emira Front Angle View Lotus
2022 Lotus Emira Rear Angle View Lotus
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Stand-Out Styling

Whenever a new car is released, car enthusiasts are usually split on the design and spit out the common cliche that it looks like some other car already on the market; not so with the Emira. Its design seems universally beloved, and we struggle to see a single angle where it resembles any other sports car, besides the familial Evija. Lotus started with a clean sheet creating modern curves and a stunning silhouette. The details, such as the lights, wheels, grilles, and bumpers, are simple in classic Lotus fashion.

It measures just 173.7 inches long, 74.6 inches wide, and 48.2 inches tall with a 101.3-inch wheelbase. These dimensions make it slightly longer, narrower, and lower than the outgoing Evora GT. This is truly a compact sports car, and it only weighs 3,097 pounds in its lightest form.

2022 Lotus Emira Side View Lotus
2022 Lotus Emira Sideward Vision Lotus
2022 Lotus Emira Top View 1 Lotus
2022 Lotus Emira Lotus

A 21st-Century Interior

Lotus did its best to equip the Evora with modern features such as Bluetooth and navigation, but it always felt like a losing effort. The Emira finally brings Lotus out of the calculator era and into a smartphone world. It includes a 10.25-inch central touchscreen plus a 12.3-inch digital driver's display. We didn't know Lotus knew what Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are, but both come standard in the Emira. Lotus will even include driver's aids such as adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, lane change assist, and rear cross-traffic alert.

Cool details in the cabin include a flip-up starter button cover, flat-bottom steering wheel, and exposed gear linkage on manual-equipped models. Lotus wants the Emira to function as a daily driver, so it has sufficient space and storage inside, including two cupholders, an area behind the seats, and a trunk behind the engine.

2022 Lotus Emira Driver Area Lotus
2022 Lotus Emira Dashboard Lotus
2022 Lotus Emira Front Seats Lotus

Toyota Or AMG Power

Like the outgoing Evora, the Emira features a 3.5-liter Toyota-sourced V6 engine with a supercharger, mounted in the middle. Lotus says this engine produces 400 horsepower 317 lb-ft and propels the car to 60 mph in 4.5 seconds on its way to a 180 mph top speed. If you opt for the Toyota engine, Lotus offers either a manual or traditional automatic transmission.

In a new plot twist, buyers will have the option to fit the Emira with a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder sourced from AMG. This is the same engine that powers the CLA 45 and GLA 45, though it's been tuned by Hethel engineers specifically for the Emira to produce 360 hp. If you opt for the AMG engine, the Emira sends its power through a dual-clutch transmission.

2022 Lotus Emira 1 Lotus
2022 Lotus Emira 2 Lotus
2022 Lotus Emira Wheel Lotus

Pricing And Competition

We don't know how much the Lotus Emira will cost in the United States, but it starts at £60,000 ($83,092 with a rough conversion rate) in the UK. To get a Porsche with similar power, you'd have to opt for the 718 Cayman S, which starts at $72,500 before getting into Porsche's extensive options list. The Chevrolet Corvette brings mid-engine V8 thrills starting at $59,900, but it's around 500 pounds heavier than the Emira, albeit with significantly more power. We don't receive the Alpine A110 in the US, but it is perhaps the most direct competitor.

2022 Lotus Emira Frontal Aspect Lotus
2022 Lotus Emira Front View Lotus
2022 Lotus Emira Rear View Lotus

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