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Though 4-door sedans may not be as popular as they once were, they remain an ideal choice for those building electric vehicles and also for buyers looking for a comfortable family car without the burden of a gas bill. Lucid takes the idea of a sedan and dials it up to eleven, though, offering one of the most comprehensive packages in the industry: smart, beautiful cars with loads of space, stacked with features, and heavy on the power and range front. Competition is rife, though, and in this ripe environment, the Lucid sedan rises as one of the most impressive.

List of Lucid Sedan Models and Prices

This is a list of the Lucid sedan models for sale in the USA:

Model Power Engine Base Price
Lucid Air 480 hp Electric $77,400
Lucid Air Sapphire 1,200 hp Electric $249,000

What to Consider When Buying a Lucid Sedan

Lucid is fairly new to the market and has only delivered one model lineup to the US thus far. But what sets it apart from rivals?


  • Extremely high levels of performance
  • Buttery smooth ride quality
  • Sophisticated and stylish exterior
  • More standard features than you could ever need
  • Class-leading all-electric driving range
  • Rapid charging times


  • Teething issues are possible
  • Cabin colors aren’t to everyone’s liking
  • Steep price


What are the best Lucid sedans?

Far from being a full-size sedan, the Lucid Air appears bigger than it is. Its interior dimensions are more impressive, with plenty of space for people and stuff. However, the tech-laden interior takes the cake, pushing the sedan into luxury territory.

Are Ludid sedans reliable?

Though there are no official safety ratings or even a comprehensive reliability review, the Lucid Air has been subject to several recalls in its short lifespan.

What is the price of a new Lucid sedan?

Lucid markets its electric sedans as luxury vehicles, and the prices seem to reflect this. The base-model Air will cost you close to $90,000, and in top trim, this price doubles. The upcoming Air Sapphire will be even more premium, and the expected price is closer to $250k.

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