2023 Lucid Air Exterior and Dimensions

Lucid Air Exterior Design Rating

2023 Air Exterior

At its core, the Air is a four-door sedan. Arguably the oldest automotive design template there is. And yet somehow, Lucid managed to design something unique to it that doesn't come close to resembling anything else on the market.

Being the first car to market for Lucid, the Air has the unenviable task of creating a brand identity, and it succeeds beautifully. Keep in mind that the designers had to work within the same limitations as Mercedes-Benz's designers, at least as far as drag coefficient is concerned. So how come Mercedes now sells an entire series of different-sized boiled eggs (we're looking at you EQS, and EQE, and every other EQ) while Lucid's designers came up with something that's hyper-modern yet elegant? Those are two big birds to hit with one stone.

From a features perspective, you get LED headlights and taillights, flush-mounted door handles, and a massive glass roof that makes the already-airy cabin feel even airier, although you can swap this out for an aluminum roof if you so wish. Only the base Pure misses out on the glass option. A selection of 19-, 20-, and 21-inch wheels are available. Models across the range look largely the same though. Some might see this as corner-cutting but others might say it's exactly the kind of understated class the Air is aiming for, tantamount to debadging a luxury sedan. Not everything has to be screamed about and marketed in neon for the world to see, and Lucid gets that. This year, an optional Stealth Look package replaces the chrome exterior trim in dark gray and renders the wheels in black.

2023 Air Exterior Photos

2023 Lucid Air Front View CarBuzz 2023 Lucid Air Rear View CarBuzz 2023 Lucid Air Front Angle View CarBuzz
2023 Lucid Air Front View
2023 Lucid Air Rear View
2023 Lucid Air Front Angle View


The Air may look big in images, but it's actually smaller than a Model S and the Mercedes EQS. The total length is 195.9 inches, while the overall width, including the mirrors, is 86.4 inches. It stands just 55.4 inches tall, and the batteries are housed within a 116.5-inch wheelbase.

Lucid does not provide a curb weight, but independent tests have shown that the Touring weighs around 5,212 pounds. That's roughly 400 lbs more than a Tesla Model S Plaid but around 200 lbs lighter than the non-performance EQS.

2023 Lucid Air Exterior Dimensions:

Lucid Air TrimsAir PureAir TouringAir Grand TouringAir Grand Touring Performance
Max Width76.3 in.76.3 in.76.3 in.76.3 in.
Length195.9 in.195.9 in.195.9 in.195.9 in.
Height55.4 in.55.4 in.55.7 in.55.7 in.
Wheelbase116.5 in.116.5 in.116.5 in.116.5 in.

2023 Lucid Air Weight Information:

Lucid Air TrimsCurb Weight
Air Pure5,203 lbs.
Air Touring5,203 lbs.
Air Grand Touring5,236 lbs.
Air Grand Touring Performance5,236 lbs.

2023 Lucid Air Tires:

Front TireP245/45YR19
Rear TireP245/45YR19

2023 Lucid Air Wheels:

Wheels TypeAluminum Wheels
Front Wheel Size19" x 8"
Rear Wheel Size19" x 8"

Exterior Colors

Lucid only has six exterior colors available. Every color is a zero-cost option, and if you look at the palette, it's quite clear that Lucid didn't want customers to mess with its elegant design by painting the thing orange or bright blue.

You have all six options on the Pure: Stellar White, Infinite Black, Cosmos Silver, Quantum Gray, Zenith Red, and Fathom Blue. The other trims lose the Fathom Blue option.

  • Cosmos Silver +$1,000
  • Quantum Gray +$1,000
  • Zenith Red +$1,000
  • Stellar White
  • Infinite Black
  • Cosmos Silver, Available: Q4 2022

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