2020 Maserati Ghibli Exterior and Dimensions

2020 Ghibli Exterior

The Ghibli's curves give it a unique silhouette in this segment. The concave grille with its chrome bars was inspired by the '50s Maserati A6 GCS Berlinetta and remains instantly recognizable. The rear-end isn't quite as striking, although quad tailpipes do remind you of the sedan's performance potential. All models ride on 19-inch alloy wheels as standard and also get bi-xenon headlights and LED daytime running lights. The GranSport and GranLusso trims are optional, with the former having more of a luxury focus and the latter boasting more aggressively designed bumpers and other styling cues. The GranSport, for instance, gets unique 20-inch alloy wheels and the GranLusso sports gloss black-painted brake calipers with white Maserati script.

2020 Ghibli Exterior Photos

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The Ghibli is just over an inch longer than a BMW 5 Series, but the Italian isn't quite as tall. Key dimensions are a length of 195.7 inches, a width of 83.8 inches including the side mirrors (76.6 inches without the mirrors), and a height of 57.5 inches. The wheelbase measures 118 inches. Curb weight ranges between 3,990 pounds for the base Ghibli to 4,123 lbs for the all-wheel-drive S Q4.

2020 Maserati Ghibli Exterior Dimensions:

Maserati Ghibli TrimsBaseSGranLussoGranSportS Q4S GranLussoS GranSportS Q4 GranLussoS Q4 GranSport
Max Width76.6 in.76.6 in.76.6 in.76.6 in.76.6 in.76.6 in.76.6 in.76.6 in.76.6 in.
Length195.7 in.195.7 in.195.7 in.195.7 in.195.7 in.195.7 in.195.7 in.195.7 in.195.7 in.
Height57.5 in.57.5 in.57.5 in.57.5 in.57.5 in.57.5 in.57.5 in.57.5 in.57.5 in.
Wheelbase118 in.118 in.118 in.118 in.118 in.118 in.118 in.118 in.118 in.

2020 Maserati Ghibli Weight Information:

Maserati Ghibli TrimsCurb Weight
Base3,990 lbs.
S3,990 lbs.
GranLusso3,990 lbs.
GranSport3,990 lbs.
S Q44,123 lbs.
S GranLusso3,990 lbs.
S GranSport3,990 lbs.
S Q4 GranLusso4,123 lbs.
S Q4 GranSport4,123 lbs.

2020 Maserati Ghibli Tires:

Front TireP245/45YR19
Rear TireP275/40YR19
Spare TireCompact

2020 Maserati Ghibli Wheels:

Wheels TypeAluminum Wheels
Front Wheel Size19" x 8.5"
Rear Wheel Size19" x 10"

Exterior Colors

It's always good to play around with an online configurator when you have a sedan as beautifully designed as the Ghibli - this is a car that seems to look equally stunning in any color you choose. Nero and Bianco are the two standard shades, and you can upgrade to several extra-cost metallic options that vary between $1,000 and $2,700 each. These colors include Nero Ribelle, Grigio Maratea, Grigio, Blu Passione, Blu Emozione, Rosso Folgore, Bianco Alpi and Blu Nobile.

  • Grigio Metallo +$1,000
  • Nero Ribelle Mica +$1,000
  • Blu Emozione Mica +$1,000
  • Blu Passione Mica +$1,000
  • Rosso Folgore Mica +$1,000
  • Bronzo Siena Metallescent +$1,000
  • Champagne Metallescent +$1,000
  • Grigio Maratea Metallescent +$1,000
  • Bianco Alpi Tri-Coat +$2,700
  • Blue Nobile Tri-Coat +$2,700
  • Rosso Potente Tri-Coat +$2,700
  • Grigio
  • Nero
  • Bianco

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