2023 Maserati Grecale Exterior and Dimensions

Maserati Grecale Exterior Design Rating

2023 Grecale Exterior

The exterior of the Maserati Grecale exhibits all the Italian flair you can reasonably expect from a restrictive form factor such as a compact crossover, and Maserati must be lauded for trying to infuse some passion into what is supposed to be a very practical shape. The front bumper with its big vertically straked grille and centrally mounted Maserati trident draws inspiration from the MC20 supercar. Other typical styling cues such as the three fender vents and a repetition of the Maserati logo on the rear pillars are present and accounted for, while the boomerang motives in the taillights hark back to the 3200GT of blessed memory. The GT runs on 19-inch alloy wheels and the Modena has 20s. Various designs of 20- and 21-inch wheels are optionally available, as well as differently colored brake calipers. The lower-body side trim, lower front lip spoiler, exterior badging, rear-mounted sharkfin antenna, tailpipes, and glasshouse surrounds are chromed on the GT and black on the Modena, and only the latter has a dual-pane power sunroof. Both trims come with LED headlights and taillights.

2023 Grecale Exterior Photos

2023 Maserati Grecale Front View Maserati 2023 Maserati Grecale Rear View Maserati 2023 Maserati Grecale Side View Maserati
2023 Maserati Grecale Front View
2023 Maserati Grecale Rear View
2023 Maserati Grecale Side View


The Maserati Grecale's dimensions push it half a size class up. It's a good five inches longer than most of its compact rivals such as the Macan and X3, and positioned halfway between these cars and the Cayenne/X5, with an overall length of 190.8 inches on a 114.2-inch wheelbase. Its width is 76.7 inches without the mirrors (85.2 inches with the mirrors), its height is 65.8 inches, its ground clearance is 8 inches, and its curb weight is 4,123 lbs. These apply to the GT and some of the Modena's figures differ slightly, like its length (190.9 inches), its body width without the mirrors (77.9 inches), and its curb weight (4,178 lbs). The Modena's adaptive suspension also reduces its overall height and ground clearance by 0.1 inches each to 65.7 and 7.9 inches, respectively.

2023 Maserati Grecale Exterior Dimensions:

Maserati Grecale TrimsGTModena
Max Width76.7 in.77.9 in.
Length190.8 in.190.8 in.
Height65.7 in.65.6 in.
Wheelbase114.2 in.114.2 in.

2023 Maserati Grecale Weight Information:

Maserati Grecale TrimsCurb Weight
GT4,123 lbs.
Modena4,178 lbs.

2023 Maserati Grecale Tires:

Front TireP235/55WR19
Rear TireP235/55WR19

2023 Maserati Grecale Wheels:

Wheels TypeAluminum Wheels
Front Wheel Size19" x 9"
Rear Wheel Size19" x 9"

Exterior Colors

The available exterior colors for both Maserati Grecale trims are the same. The only non-metallic color is the no-cost Bianco (white). The four metallic colors are Bianco Astro (silver), Grigio Lava (a gunmetal bronze), Nero Tempesta (black), and Blu Intenso (navy), and each costs $800. The pearl-effect Grigio Cangiante Tri-Coat is the only Fuoriserie color at $9,000. The local configurator doesn't contain Maserati's Rosso Granturismo (red), or the striking yellow Giallo Corse seen in some of the press photos, but Maserati is advertising these colors, so we hope this means that they will soon be added, along with Blu Nobile. The GT's brake calipers are gray, but for $500, they can be ordered in black, red, yellow, or blue. The Modena has no-cost black calipers, with red, yellow, and blue costing the same $500.

  • Bianco
  • Nero Tempesta Metallic
  • Blu Nobile Tri-Coat
  • Bianco Astro Metallic
  • Grigio Lava Metallic
  • Blu Intenso Metallic
  • Grigio Lava Opaco Matte
  • Rosso GranTurismo Tri-Coat
  • Grigio Cangiante Tri-Coat
  • Bronzo Opaco Matte


What is the best color for the Maserati Grecale?

Until more interesting shades hopefully become available, we like the Grecale most in the $800 Blue Intenso for now. The in-your-face Giallo Corse is striking and vivid, but not listed as available - yet.

Which is the most expensive color for the Maserati Grecale?

The single Fuoriserie color - Grigio Cangiante Tri-Coat - is the most expensive color at $9,000.

Does the Maserati Grecale come with a sunroof?

Only the Modena has a standard sunroof, but it's optional on the GT.

How many tailpipes does the Maserati Grecale have?

The Grecale has four round tailpipes - chromed on the GT and dark-finished on the Modena.

What size wheels does the Maserati Grecale have?

The GT runs on 19-inch gloss-dark Thetis alloy wheels and the Modena on 20-inch machine-polished Etere wheels, but various different styles up to 21 inches in size are optionally available on both.

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