2019 Mini Cooper Clubman

2019 Mini Cooper Clubman
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2019 Mini Cooper Clubman Review: A Go-Kart For The Family

If you love the Mini Cooper Hardtop but need some extra space as your kids all-too-quickly turn into surly teens, then the Mini Cooper Clubman may be the answer. Powered by the same set of powertrains, with an available 189-horsepower turbo-four-cylinder, the wagon-style Mini offers comparable performance to its smaller sibling. But, where it really shines, is in its better-proportioned rear seats and almost practical trunk. Still, the Clubman will never be as sensible as some of its hatchback rivals like the Honda Civic or Hyundai Elantra GT. But it's certainly more fun, and it offers something many of its competitors don't - an all-wheel drivetrain. But, even with its premium interior, the Mini Clubman may not be worth the pretty hefty price tag, especially when you consider its rather lackluster standard features offering.

Read in this review:

  • Exterior Design 9 /10
  • Performance 8 /10
  • Fuel Economy 8 /10
  • Interior & Cargo 8 /10
  • Infotainment & Features 8 /10
  • Reliability 8 /10
  • Safety 8 /10
  • Value For Money 8 /10
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2019 Mini Cooper Clubman Changes: What’s The Difference vs The 2018 Cooper Clubman?

Not all that much changes for the Mini Cooper Clubman. Additional safety features are available to the otherwise sparse list of standard features. These include forward collision detection with automatic emergency braking, as well as front parking sensors. The infotainment can be upgraded with Apple CarPlay, which oddly doesn't come standard.

Pros and Cons

  • Signature Mini styling
  • Great handling
  • Optional all-wheel drivetrain
  • More cabin space than standard Mini Cooper
  • Well-built, premium interior
  • Hefty price tag for a subcompact hatchback
  • Not a spirited as the Mini Cooper Hardtop
  • Sparsely equipped without optional packages

What's the Price of the 2019 Mini Cooper Clubman?

The Mini Cooper Clubman is available in four trim levels, the cheapest of which starts at a pretty premium price of $24,900. The ALL4 model of the base Cooper adds $2,000 to the bill, while each of the Cooper models can be had with a six-speed automatic transmission for an additional $1,500. The Cooper S models cost between $28,900 and $30,900, each with an available $1,750 eight-speed automatic. Within each trim are three sub-trims. The base prices above are for the Classic, while the Signature sub-trim adds between $3,500 to $4,000, and the Iconic maxes out the price with an additional $5,000 to $6,000. These prices exclude tax, registration, licensing, incentives, and Mini's destination charge of $850.

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2019 Mini Cooper Clubman Trims

See trim levels and configurations:

Trim Engine Transmission Drivetrain Price (MSRP)
1.5L Turbo Inline-3 Gas
6-Speed Manual
Front-Wheel Drive
Cooper ALL4
1.5L Turbo Inline-3 Gas
6-Speed Manual
All-Wheel Drive
Cooper S
2.0L Turbo Inline-4 Gas
6-Speed Manual
Front-Wheel Drive
Cooper S ALL4
2.0L Turbo Inline-4 Gas
6-Speed Manual
All-Wheel Drive
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Handling and Driving Impressions

Most Minis excel when it comes to the actual driving experience. And while it certainly doesn't disappoint, the Clubman isn't quite as engaging as its smaller siblings like the Cooper Hardtop. The base engine feels far too inadequate for the larger wagon, but once you upgrade to the four-pot, the Clubman starts to move with a bit more gusto. However, the longer wheelbase and wagon-like dimensions do detract a bit from its handling. You won't want to throw the Clubman into turns as readily as you would a Hardtop.

But that doesn't mean the larger Mini isn't willing to take a few risks. The steering is still nice and responsive, and it provides plenty of feedback so that you know when the Clubman is pushing against its limits. Unfortunately, all this fun comes at the cost of ride comfort. With a slightly firmer suspension than you'd expect on a city hatchback, the Clubman won't spare you from road imperfections.

Still, few hatchbacks can offer the same degree of fun, and they certainly don't grant you the same level of freedom behind the wheel. However, what the Clubman sacrifices in terms of comfort and practicality may not be worth it.

Verdict: Is the 2019 Mini Cooper Clubman A Good car?

For those with an affinity for the Mini brand, the Cooper Clubman is certainly appealing. It gets the same unique Mini styling, but that is as much a pro as it is a con, in some people's minds. But beyond that, the Clubman offers something Mini never has in the past - practicality. It's far more spacious than a standard Mini Cooper, and it even has a usable trunk, if you can believe that. But this also means that it's quite a bit bigger and heavier than the Mini Hardtop.

While it may sacrifice some of its fun factor to be more sensible, the Clubman isn't all work and no play. With a choice of two engines and extremely engaging driving dynamics, the wagon can still deliver some thrills. However, it will never be as practical as it's more value-for-money rivals like the Honda Civic or Hyundai Elantra GT. But who buys a Mini for practicality?

For what it markets itself as, the Mini Cooper Clubman is a good car. But, it's not a well-rounded purchase. If you want the perfect combination of form, function, and fun, you may need to keep looking.

What Mini Cooper Clubman Model Should I Buy?

Generally, you don't buy a Mini because it is affordable or practical, so settling for the less impressive Cooper models doesn't make much sense. Instead, look to the four-cylinder-powered Cooper S, with significantly improved performance and more standard tech and comfort features. However, there is no real reason to option on the available ALL4 drivetrain if you don't actually need it. Now that we've settled on the main trim, it's time to look at sub-trims. The Iconic is certainly the most expensive, but it's also the best-appointed. If money isn't too much of a concern, and it probably isn't if you're looking at the Mini Clubman, then you may as well get everything the model has to offer. The available Driver Assistance Package will definitely appeal to those who want an extra degree of safety, too.

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2019 Mini Cooper Clubman Comparisons

Mini Cooper Countryman Mini
Mini Cooper Hardtop Mini

2019 Mini Cooper Clubman vs Mini Cooper Countryman

The Mini Cooper Countryman takes the philosophy of the more practical Clubman and stretches it nearly to the breaking point. Even larger than the wagon-style mini, the Countryman offers more passenger space but, oddly enough, slightly less cargo room with the rear seats down. Both Minis share the same powertrain options, but the slightly heavier Countryman gets a little less performance out of them. Still, the Cooper Countryman is the more striking vehicle, with a more unique style rather than looking like a stretched out Cooper Hardtop. Both Minis are similarly priced, and each gets the choice of the same three sub-trims, with their respective feature offerings. So while it may come down to personal taste, we feel that the Countryman is the more appealing large Mini - but it's by no means a practical subcompact hatchback.

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2019 Mini Cooper Clubman vs Mini Cooper Hardtop

The foundation on which all other Minis are built, the Hardtop is also the purest of the range. If you've ever owned a Mini before, the Hardtop will feel like an old friend. And a rather intimate one if you're a bit on the taller side. With true Mini dimensions, the Hardtop doesn't have room to spare for rear passengers or cargo, but it makes up for this by being the most fun to drive. It gets the same engine options as the Clubman, but its smaller size and weight mean that it is far quicker and nimble on the road. If you want to at least make a run at being practical, then the Hardtop does offer a four-door model that offers slightly more rear passenger and cargo space, but it still can't show its face around the family-centric subcompacts like the Honda Civic. Naturally, the tiny Cooper Hardtop is quite a bit cheaper than its larger siblings, but that doesn't make it the more sensible choice. No Mini is truly sensible, though, and the Hardtop is all about senseless fun.

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