2020 Nissan Armada Performance

Nissan Armada Performance Rating

2020 Armada Performance

All variants of the Nissan Armada feature the same 5.6-liter V8 with 390 hp and 394 lb-ft of torque, with output sent through a seven-speed automatic transmission to either the rear, or all four, wheels. Despite its weight, the Armada is capable of sprinting from 0-60 in 5.9 seconds, according to some independent tests. Top speed is less impressive, but still more than adequate, at an estimated limit of 120 mph. Nevertheless, SUVs like this are less about their car-like performance and more about their off-roading ability and capacity for towing - both of which are areas in which the Armada excels. Maximum towing capacity is rated at 8,500 lbs. Although this isn't the highest in its class - the Ford Explorer can tow up to 9,300 lbs - it's still plenty for most lifestyle activities. And that's what the Armada is all about - taking a full cabin of family and friends anywhere with all their stuff and possibly some leisure vehicles on a trailer too.

2020 Armada Performance Photos

2020 Nissan Armada Front View Driving Nissan
2020 Nissan Armada Rear Angle View Nissan
2020 Nissan Armada Engine Nissan

Engine and Transmission

The Armada's 5.6-liter Endurance V8 is a robust engine that produces 390 hp and 394 lb-ft of torque. Paired with a smooth and civilized seven-speed transmission, progress is strong although not vicious. Off the line, the weight of the Armada comes into play, but once the wheels start rolling, the SUV makes good use of its power and accelerates smoothly. On the freeway, overtaking opportunities are neither scary to take advantage of, nor especially easy, making the Armada a decent companion for long-distance and town driving. Throttle response is good as can be expected from a naturally aspirated vehicle, and although you won't see the Armada win any awards for the most beautiful engine noise, it's not an intrusive or particularly unpleasant sound either. The gearbox seems to know which gear is right for the conditions and kicks down quickly enough so as not to be frustrating. Overall, the Armada is a vehicle that's a solid performer that will neither enthrall nor bore. It's not meant to be a sporty SUV and doesn't pretend to be. It just gets the job done and works.

2020 Nissan Armada Performance Specs:

Nissan Armada TrimsNissan Armada EnginesNissan Armada HorsepowerNissan Armada TransmissionsNissan Armada DrivetrainsNissan Armada MPG/MPGE
SV5.6L V8 Gas390 hp @ 5800 rpm7-Speed AutomaticAWD
15 MPG
16 MPG
SL5.6L V8 Gas390 hp @ 5800 rpm7-Speed AutomaticAWD
15 MPG
16 MPG
Platinum5.6L V8 Gas390 hp @ 5800 rpm7-Speed AutomaticAWD
15 MPG
16 MPG
Platinum Reserve5.6L V8 Gas390 hp @ 5800 rpm7-Speed AutomaticRWD16 MPG

2020 Armada Gas Mileage

With a 5.6-liter V8 and over five and a half thousand pounds of weight to lug around, the Armada SUV is far from economical in terms of gas mileage; in fact, the Armada is one of the greediest gas guzzlers in the segment. In rear-wheel-drive form, the Armada returns EPA estimates of 14/19/16 mpg on the city/highway/combined cycles. Each of these figures drops by one mpg if you spec the four-wheel-drive option. With a large 26-gallon gas tank, however, the 4WD Armada can go at least 390 miles under mixed driving conditions, with the RWD variant upping that slightly to 416. One of the Armada's chief rivals, the Toyota Sequoia, is even worse, albeit just. This model scores best figures of 13/17/15 mpg on the EPA cycles.

2020 Nissan Armada Fuel Capacity

Nissan Armada TrimsSVSLPlatinumPlatinum Reserve
Nissan Armada Fuel Economy (Cty/Hwy)13/1813/1813/1814/19

2020 Nissan Armada Trailering

Nissan Armada TrimsSVSLPlatinumPlatinum Reserve
Nissan Armada Maximum Trailering Capacity8,500 lbs.8,500 lbs.8,500 lbs.8,500 lbs.
Engine5.6L V8 Gas5.6L V8 Gas5.6L V8 Gas5.6L V8 Gas
Transmission7-Speed Automatic7-Speed Automatic7-Speed Automatic7-Speed Automatic
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