2023 Nissan Versa Sedan Performance

Nissan Versa Sedan Performance Rating

2023 Versa Sedan Performance

If you're looking for performance in a $15k car, you'll be disappointed with the Nissan Versa. This is not a sedan built for speed or fun. It is a bare-bones commuter with good fuel economy and high levels of safety. That being said, thanks to its small size and low weight, the 122-horsepower engine actually makes the car feel surprisingly sprightly around town. But, if you're trying to get up to speed on the highway, you can expect a slow 0-60 mph time of around 9.5 seconds, according to independent tests - and it is very hard work when laden at speed. This is quite a bit slower than a Kia Rio. This front-wheel-drive car can reach a top speed of 115 mph where it's legal if you are patient, but it is noisy at high speeds. It is not rated for towing.

2023 Versa Sedan Performance Photos

2023 Nissan Versa Sedan Front View Driving Nissan 2023 Nissan Versa Sedan Rear View Driving Nissan 2023 Nissan Versa Sedan Wheel Nissan
2023 Nissan Versa Sedan Front View Driving
2023 Nissan Versa Sedan Rear View Driving
2023 Nissan Versa Sedan Wheel

Engine and Transmission

The only engine available to the Nissan Versa is a 1.6-liter four-cylinder that makes 122 hp and 114 lb-ft of torque. This is sufficient power to get you around town if you aren't in too much of a hurry, but it is lacking on the highway, and overtaking any but the slowest of drivers isn't advised without a lot of forethought. As standard, a five-speed manual gearbox lets you handle the shifts yourself, sending power to the front wheels only. However, a CVT is available, and it comes standard on the upper trim levels. It does nothing to improve the driving experience, but it does help with fuel economy.

2023 Nissan Versa Sedan Performance Specs:

Nissan Versa Sedan TrimsNissan Versa Sedan EnginesNissan Versa Sedan HorsepowerNissan Versa Sedan TransmissionsNissan Versa Sedan DrivetrainsNissan Versa Sedan MPG/MPGE
S1.6L Inline-4 Gas122 hp @ 6000 rpm5-Speed Manual
Continuously Variable Automatic (CVT)
35 MPG
SV1.6L Inline-4 Gas122 hp @ 6000 rpmContinuously Variable Automatic (CVT)FWD35 MPG
SR1.6L Inline-4 Gas122 hp @ 6000 rpmContinuously Variable Automatic (CVT)FWD35 MPG

2023 Versa Sedan Gas Mileage

If nothing else, the Nissan Versa offers good gas mileage for a regular ICE vehicle. When equipped with the manual transmission, the mpg figures are not that impressive, with 27/35/30 mpg across the EPA's city/highway/combined cycles. However, switching to the CVT makes the Versa far more competitive with other leading small sedans like the Kia Rio. In this configuration, the Nissan manages 32/40/35 mpg, nearly matching the Kia. Every model has a maximum fuel capacity of 10.8 gallons, so in restrained mixed driving, you can expect to cover around 378 miles between refills on CVT-equipped models.

2023 Nissan Versa Sedan Fuel Capacity

Nissan Versa Sedan TrimsSSVSR
Nissan Versa Sedan Tank size14.7 gal.15 gal.15 gal.
Nissan Versa Sedan Fuel Economy (Cty/Hwy)27/3532/4032/40


Which Nissan Versa trim is the most efficient?

Any Versa equipped with the CVT gearbox will get you the best gas mileage figures of 32/40/35 mpg city/highway/combined.

Does the Nissan Versa require premium gas?

No, the Nissan Versa can run on regular gasoline.

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