Additional Packages

Leather interior B pillar pkg
(N/A w/CDU Leather Seat Belt Outlet or CVY Clothes Hook)
Leather interior C pillar pkg
(N/A w/CUX Release Lever or CVD Luggage Stop)
Sport chrono pkg plus
analog & digital chronometer, sport button in center console, ability to adjust lighting, wipers, air cond & door locking to personal preference
Black painted switch panel
(N/A w/EAF Leather, EAG Makassar, EAH Carbon, or EAJ Aluminum Look Interior Pkg)
Painted exterior pkg
(REQ: XAJ Painted Rocker Panels) (N/A w/CNC, or CNF Air Intakes, CNG Rear Apron, or XAF Aero Kit)
Leather interior pkg
(N/A w/801 Makassar Wood or 803 Carbon Pkg)
Customization pkg
Aluminum gear lever & handbrake, leather finish in color to sample, stitching in deviating color (REQ: Manual Trans)
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