2022 Porsche Cayenne

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2022 Porsche Cayenne Review: The Enthusiast's SUV

The Porsche Cayenne is undoubtedly one of the greatest luxury SUVs out there, boasting both impressive performance and an unwavering commitment to luxury, style, and the endless possibilities of customization. While the likes of the BMW X5 and Land Rover Range Rover are similarly priced and offer a number of impressive features, not even the Bavarian can drive or handle the way that Stuttgart's most successful offering can. For the 2021 model year, the Cayenne lineup saw the return of the exciting GTS variant with 453 horsepower and 457 lb-ft of torque, making it all the more attractive. In its third generation, now, after a remodel for the 2019 model year, has Porsche done enough to keep the Cayenne at the top of its game? Is it still so good that its rivals are left trying to catch a glimpse of its brilliance?

Read in this review:

  • Exterior Design 9 /10
  • Performance 9 /10
  • Fuel Economy 7 /10
  • Interior & Cargo 8 /10
  • Infotainment & Features 8 /10
  • Reliability 10 /10
  • Safety 8 /10
  • Value For Money 7 /10
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2022 Porsche Cayenne Changes: 🚙What’s the difference vs the 2021 Porsche Cayenne?

In anticipation of a mid-cycle refresh that is expected to launch as a 2023 model, there are few changes to the 2022 Cayenne. Last year saw the launch of the GTS model. This year, the infotainment system gets upgraded to the latest Porsche Communication Management (PCM) 6.0 software, which means that the wireless Apple CarPlay is finally joined by Android Auto - although this is still via cable and not wireless. The exterior color palette has also been tweaked a little.

Finally, Porsche expands the model range with Platinum Edition models featuring bespoke design elements and additional equipment. Cayenne Platinum and Cayenne S Platinum models cost $80,400 and $95,100, respectively.

Pros and Cons

  • It goes like stink, especially in GTS trim
  • It handles beautifully for an SUV
  • Plenty of ways to customize it
  • Impeccable build quality
  • Impressive towing ability
  • Minimal standard features
  • Options can get alarmingly expensive
  • Cargo area not as great as some rivals

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2022 Porsche Cayenne Trims

See trim levels and configurations:

Trim Engine Transmission Drivetrain Price (MSRP)
3.0L Turbo V6 Gas
8-Speed Automatic
All-Wheel Drive
Platinum Edition
3.0L Turbo V6 Gas
8-Speed Automatic
All-Wheel Drive
2.9L Twin-Turbo V6 Gas
8-Speed Automatic
All-Wheel Drive
S Platinum Edition
2.9L Twin-Turbo V6 Gas
8-Speed Automatic
All-Wheel Drive
4.0L Twin-Turbo V8 Gas
8-Speed Automatic
All-Wheel Drive
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Handling and Driving Impressions

A Porsche ain't a Porsche if it handles like a milk cart. Even if the Porsche in question is a tall SUV, it must drive well. Porsche takes real pride in this, arguably more so than any other luxury car manufacturer, and it shows in the way the Cayenne handles, regardless of what spec you've ordered yours in. Sure, there are hints of body roll when you're too enthusiastic through the corners, but it's nowhere near as bad as what you'd get in something like a Jeep Grand Cherokee, for example. Nevertheless, this is still a family car of sorts, so you need some suppleness in the chassis, which the Cayenne provides. This is especially true if you get adaptive air suspension - standard on the GTS. Steering is well-weighted too, increasing in resistance the quicker you go and thus allowing you to park with ease while also maintaining the ability to make placing the SUV on the road easy. In terms of braking, the pedal is easy to modulate and provides good feedback. As a luxury SUV that handles and goes better than you expect, the Porsche Cayenne is certainly worthy of the hype. Sure, it's not perfect, but it's still phenomenal.

Verdict: 🏁Is the 2022 Porsche Cayenne a Good SUV?

There are very few bad cars on sale these days, especially in a country like the US, but they do exist. The Porsche Cayenne is not one of these cars. Sure, it has its pros and cons like any other vehicle, but we feel that the pros outweigh the following cons: it's not cheap, the cargo area is less than class-leading, it's thirsty, numerous features offered by competitors cost extra here, and standard safety equipment is kept to a minimum. Now that we've covered the bad stuff, let's talk about the stuff that is somewhere between good and bad, depending on your preference. The lack of physical buttons in the cabin can be a headache for some and a delight to others. Furthermore, the difference in straight-line performance between the top-tier GTS and the middle-range S isn't all that great. But of its good features, no one can be a skeptic. All versions of the Cayenne are phenomenal to drive, accelerate strongly, and are meticulously built. It's also finished in lavish materials, sounds pretty good, and carries a level of prestige that neither BMW, Mercedes, nor Land Rover can offer, no matter how hard they try. But once again, we'd overlook everything and still favor the Cayenne if it had none of these positive attributes but still drove the way it does. Test drive one and it'll forever change what you think is possible in an SUV. That's how damn good it is.

2022 Porsche Cayenne Comparisons

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2022 Porsche Cayenne vs BMW X5

The BMW X5 referenced earlier in this review is a popular comparison for buyers to make. It's a true luxury vehicle these days and offers plenty of space, loads of features, and a wide variety of powertrains. In its most powerful guise (discounting the full-fat X5 M), the X5 gets the M50i suffix that means it's more powerful than even the Cayenne GTS. This model's twin-turbocharged V8 develops 523 hp and can get to 60 quicker too, with a time of 4.1 seconds. However, this model's towing capacity tops out at 7,200 lbs while the Porker can do as much as 7,700 lbs. Furthermore, the BMW can't handle aggressive driving the way that the Porsche can, and the Cayenne is also better off-road. Overall, we prefer the Porsche.

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2022 Porsche Cayenne vs Porsche Macan

The Cayenne has often been shown up by the Macan, a smaller crossover that carries the same brilliance in handling, the same sort of build quality, and an arguably better overall aesthetic. It's obviously more affordable too because it's got a smaller footprint, but it happens to have a number of enhancements too. Not only is it more economical thanks to its smaller engine options, it's got tri-zone automatic climate control as standard as well, but because it's still a Porsche, standard features still aren't that expansive. It can also only tow 4,409 pounds and offers just 17.2 cubic feet of cargo volume. Overall, the Macan is a great city car, but we'd take the Cayenne as a better all-rounder and family road trip companion.

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2022 Porsche Cayenne Popular Comparisons

The most popular competitors of 2022 Porsche Cayenne:

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