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Among the many people- and cargo-carrying vehicles on the road, the Ram van is one of the most trusted. Presented in a variety of highly configurable guises, it serves as an affordable way to get work done. Whether full-size or compact, commercial vans are a common sight on US roads. However, these vehicles are surprisingly versatile, and it's not uncommon for people to buy them for personal use. Some even go so far as to convert them into urban campers or miniature homes. With a long history in the States, Ram vans are a common sight on the road.

List of New Ram Van Models and Prices

This is a list of the Ram van models currently for sale in the USA:

Model Power Engine Base Price
Ram C/V 283 hp 3.6L V6 Gas $22,500
Ram ProMaster Cargo Van 280 hp 3.6L V6 Gas $39,615
Ram ProMaster City Cargo Van 178 hp 2.4L Inline-4 Gas $32,580
Ram ProMaster Window Van 276 hp 3.6L V6 Gas $48,125
Ram ProMaster City Passenger Wagon 178 hp 2.4L Inline-4 Gas $33,075

What to Consider When Buying Ram Vans

With so many workhorse vans on the market, it can be hard to tell them apart. What makes Ram vans different from the rest?


  • Powerful engine options
  • Highly competitive payload capacities
  • Good fuel economy for the segment
  • Relatively comfortable cab setting
  • Smooth ride, especially when fully loaded


  • Subpar towing capacities
  • Cheap-looking interior
  • Limited safety features
  • Not aesthetically pleasing


What is the best Ram van?

Every buyer will have a specific purpose in mind when buying a van, and the best van will meet those needs. The ProMaster City Cargo Van is for those who only need to transport small loads around town and who want to save as much money as they can in the process. The larger Cargo Van costs more, but it also has more capacity. The City Passenger Van is the only purposed people mover, though the larger Window Van can be fitted with some extra rows of seating.

Do Ram vans get good fuel economy?

It is difficult to get accurate fuel economy figures for the cargo vans, but you can expect around 17 mpg combined from the larger Cargo Van. The Passenger Van gets 21/28/24 mpg city/highway/combined, which is impressive for the segment. It is worth noting that there is no option for a more economical diesel engine.

What are the maximum dimensions of the Ram ProMaster Cargo Van?

In its largest configuration, the Cargo Van measures 213.2 inches long, 102.1 inches tall, and 81.3 inches wide. This body gives it 463 cubic feet of cargo space inside the cab.

How many people can fit in the Ram ProMaster Passenger Van?

The Ram Passenger Van is only available in a smaller configuration, which limits its passenger capacity to five people.

What is the price of a new Ram Van?

The cost of a Ram van differs greatly depending on how you configure it. That being said, the City versions of the Cargo and Passenger van only come in a single size and trim, with prices starting around $35k. The ProMaster Cargo Van starts at around $43k and tops out over $52k, while the ProMaster Window Van starts at just under $50,000, with the top trim selling for a few grand over $50k.

Are Ram vans reliable?

The Ram ProMaster receives a slightly above-average reliability rating, but it isn’t stellar either. Similarly, the warranty is nothing special for the segment.

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