2022 Rolls-Royce Ghost Interior and Cargo

2022 Ghost Interior

It's no secret that BMW owns Rolls-Royce, so parts sharing is inevitable. You can spot the odd BMW connection, but for the most part, Rolls-Royce does more than enough to justify a starting price that's more than double that of the 7 Series. Naturally, it comes standard with leather-wrapped everything, lambswool carpets, and yards of sound dampening. You won't find any faux metal or fake leather upholstery. Rolls-Royce even updates the infotainment system to remove all traces of German influence.

Still, we maintain that the first modern Phantom, launched in the early 2000s, has the best interior of any Rolls-Royce ever. It had a beautiful clock where the infotainment screen is usually found these days. And there was but one button for the media player. You pushed it to turn the music on, turned it to make it louder, and pushed it again to make it go away. As we've said many times before, luxury is simplicity. Luxury is not technology.

Our main gripe with the interior is the placement of the clock. The clock is offset to the right to make room for the infotainment screen. This messes with the symmetry, which is a tiny niggle. But if you're paying this much for a car, even a tiny niggle is unacceptable. Once again, Bentley does a better job. It also has a touchscreen, but it rotates. So you can have the screen when you need it or rotate it to get a wood panel with three old-school dials that blend perfectly with the rest of the interior.

2022 Ghost Interior Photos

2022 Rolls-Royce Ghost Dashboard Rolls-Royce
2022 Rolls-Royce Ghost Front Chairs Rolls-Royce
2022 Rolls-Royce Ghost Interior Overview Rolls-Royce

Seating and Interior Space

The Ghost Extended is aimed squarely at the Chinese market, where rear legroom is the ultimate luxury. The USA will get the standard Ghost, though it's not particularly lacking when it comes to space. The legroom in the front is 41.6 inches, and passengers in the rear get 41.9 inches. Headroom up front is 40.9 inches, while rear passengers get 39.1 inches. That's enough room for even the tallest person to stretch out and enjoy the ride.

The front seats and the rear bench are all power-adjustable, so finding the perfect driving position is remarkably easy. The rear bench also has a power-reclining feature for the outboard seats, which you can use to get proper rest on a long trip.

Rolls-Royce claims the Ghost is a five-seater, but to access the seat and infotainment controls, the rear passengers require access to the middle seat's seatback. Don't believe the marketing. This is a four-seat car.

2022 Rolls-Royce Ghost Interior Dimensions:

Rolls-Royce Ghost TrimsGhostGhost Black BadgeGhost Extended
Headroom Front Seat40.6 in.40.6 in.40.6 in.
Headroom Back Seat39 in.39 in.39 in.
Legroom Front Seat41.7 in.41.7 in.41.7 in.
Legroom Back Seat42.3 in.42.3 in.49 in.
Shoulder Room Front59.4 in.59.4 in.59.4 in.
Shoulder Room Rear55.8 in.55.8 in.55.8 in.

Interior Colors and Materials

These high-end vehicles don't work the same way as any other car, where you're limited to three to five color options. To begin with, you need to select what kind of environment you want to have on the inside. This is essentially a fancy way of asking whether you'd like a single, dual-tone, or bespoke interior.

Once again, nothing is off the table. Rolls-Royce will happily oblige if you want Lime Green as the primary color and the leather seat inserts wrapped in Peony Pink. Go the bespoke route, and nothing can stop you. Want a headliner in Tailored Purple? Why the heck not? The person in charge of the Rolls-Royce leather department might silently judge you, but they'll get the job done.

Sticking to the standard menu, you can choose between High Gloss and Open Pore trims. The High Gloss options include Dark Amber, Walnut Burr, Paldao, Piano Black, Paino White, or Stained Black Ash. The Open Pore wood options include Paldao, Obsydian Ayous, Circassian Walnut, Blackwood, or Mimosa Negra.

The Black Badge Ghost comes with Black Badge Technical Fiber but Piano Black inserts are also available.

Go bespoke, and you can go wild. Do you have a piece of attractive petrified wood on the family ranch? Rolls-Royce will happily collect it, shave it down, and put it inside your car.

2022 Ghost Trunk and Cargo Space

The previous Ghost had a disappointingly small trunk, and Rolls-Royce did a great job of fixing the problem this time. It comes standard with a 17.7-cubic-foot trunk, which is enough for four full-size pieces of luggage, or a month's worth of groceries. Not that Ghost owners buy their groceries. You can send the butler with a van to do the shopping.

Interior storage is quite good. All four seats have at least one cupholder, and you get the usual storage bin underneath the center armrest. The rear armrest comes standard with a refrigerated box to keep the champagne cool. If that's not enough, you can always add more.

Available interior accessories include an ashtray, picnic tables, and a specially commissioned umbrella. A central cooled chamber in the rear center armrest is available and can accommodate one large bottle of bubbly. It also has space for two champagne glasses.

2022 Rolls-Royce Ghost Trunk and Cargo Space Photos

2022 Rolls-Royce Ghost Armrest Storage Rolls-Royce
2022 Rolls-Royce Ghost Overhead Screen Rolls-Royce
2022 Rolls-Royce Ghost Cup Holder Rolls-Royce

2022 Rolls-Royce Ghost Cargo Dimensions:

Rolls-Royce Ghost TrimsGhostGhost Black BadgeGhost Extended
Trunk Volume17.3 cu. ft.17.3 cu. ft.17.3 cu. ft.

2022 Ghost Infotainment and Features


The baseline specification already includes everything a reasonable person could expect. Every Ghost comes with power-adjustable heated and ventilated seats, front and rear. Other luxuries include a power-adjustable tilt-and-telescoping steering column, a heated steering wheel, remote keyless entry with push-button start, dual-zone climate control in the front and a separate dual-zone system for the rear seats, an auto-dimming rearview mirror, remote engine start, power doors, an air filtration system, and a perimeter alarm. These are just a few highlights of a very long list of features. You can add to this with things like rear compartment curtains and rear massaging seats.

The previous-generation Ghost was criticized for not having enough driver assistance features, but the new one is fully loaded. As standard, it boasts active cruise control with a Stop & Go function, blind-spot monitoring, forward and rear collision detection with automatic braking, lane-keep assist, lane-departure warning, and a 360-degree camera system.


The infotainment system is remarkably simple to operate, though having the familiar Apple CarPlay and Android Auto interfaces on the touchscreen is slightly odd in such an elegant car. Thankfully, both systems connect wirelessly. Other functions include a CD player, a USB port, 12.5 gigs of internal storage space, a 12-month subscription to Sirius XM, integrated navigation with voice activation, and real-time traffic information.

The 18-speaker sound system has speakers integrated all over the place, including the seat bolsters and headliner. It makes a glorious racket, but you can go even better via Rolls-Royce's bespoke department.

The optional theatre configuration adds dual 12-inch displays to the rear, making it one of the most comfortable spaces to enjoy your favorite shows from.

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