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In the early ‘60s, an automaker called International Harvester produced an automobile called the Scout as part of its agricultural product catalog. These two-door trucks were popular for being hardy and practical, and buyers could have them as ‘wagons’ - precursors to the modern SUV - or even with a soft top, all of which rivaled early Jeeps and the original Ford Bronco. These Scouts were produced for almost twenty years until the company changed its name in the mid-80s and shifted focus to producing heavy-duty trucks, school buses, and engines, shelving the Scout nameplate.

The Volkswagen Group bought out the parent company in 2020, and with it, the rights to the Scout name, reviving it officially in 2022 as Scout Motors Inc with former VW of America CEO Scott Keogh at the helm. The marque now focuses on producing the next generation of all-electric pickup trucks and rugged SUVs for the USA.

Scout Motors: EV Models and Prices

Scout Motors is a new off-shoot of Volkswagen, and as such, it hasn’t yet produced any new models. However, there are two products in the planning and development phase. An SUV and a pickup truck are currently the only vehicles on the list:

Model Power Engine Base Price
Scout Pickup TBC TBC TBC

What to Consider When Buying a Scout Vehicle

Although the brand is new, it has a history stretching back to the 60s, which includes experience in building hardy off-roaders. Volkswagen backing also means Scout Motors has staying power in an industry where EV startups disappear just as quickly as the make a splash. This may help you consider whether investing in a Scout vehicle will be worthwhile:


  • Experience in making tough, rugged vehicles
  • VW has a strong presence in the US and backs the new brand
  • All-electric cars mean zero emissions and no fuel bills
  • New brand novelty is exciting
  • Cutting-edge technology can be expected


  • No track record with modern passenger cars or EVs
  • Limited choice in the lineup at this early stage


Does Scout produce only electric cars?

Scout is a new brand that will build only electric cars. It may have a history in building rugged, gas-chugging agricultural vehicles, but as a new automotive manufacturer, Scout is now focused on an emissions-free future.

Who owns Scout Motors?

The VW Group bought over the original company behind the Scout nameplate in 2020. It now owns and finances Scout as a company on its own.

Where are Scout Motors vehicles made?

Scout EVs will be manufactured at a facility near Columbia in South Carolina. The assembly plant was set to be built during the course of 2023, at a cost of $2 billion, and completed in time for the production of Scout electric vehicles to start in 2026.

How much do Scout electric models cost?

There’s no information on what pricing will look like for Scout models, but given that its first vehicles are set to go up against the electric pickup and SUV products from Rivian, it’s likely the automaker will strive to keep price tags competitive.

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