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Best Small Cars of 2019

Not all of us want a gas-guzzling SUV that is a chore to maneuver around town. For zipping around the city as easily as possible, there are many capable new small cars that are up to the task and using our reviews, you can quickly find out what the best of them are. From compact sedans to smaller minivans, we’ve arranged them into sensible categories that can help everyone from students to young families find their next car.

If you’re shopping for your first car, our methodical evaluations of the top-rated small cars will give you the confidence to walk into any showroom with the knowledge you need to make a smart choice. As compact cars are value-driven, we’ll also tell you which features come as standard, along with vital fuel-economy and warranty information. We hope this is the start of getting behind the wheel of a new car that suits your budget and lifestyle. 

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