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Best Sports Cars of 2019

What are the ingredients of the best sports cars on the market? Of course, they’ve got to offer exciting performance along with engaging handling. You’ll also want something with an enticing design, the latest technologies, and - if you have a family - enough space for them to go along for the ride, too. Shopping for a great car isn’t necessarily a great experience with so much to consider, but our reviews can help you whittle down your shortlist.

We’ve divided our reviews of the top-rated sports cars into various categories to improve your researching process. From sports sedans to performance-oriented convertibles, you can scour through our top choices easily. If your chosen sports car doesn’t rank as highly as you may expect, click through to the full, comprehensive review and find out why. Get insights into acceleration figures, handling at the limit, and the different trims and drivetrain options for models you’re interested in. If you’re looking for the best sports cars on sale in 2019, this is the fastest way to find them.

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