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Subaru was a bit late to the hybrid game, so it’s not overly surprising that only a single Subaru Hybrid model is currently for sale in the USA. Built on the foundations of the Crosstrek, the Subaru PHEV entered the market in 2019, and has only seen minor updates since. Despite this, the 2020 and 2021 Subaru Hybrid models continue to do well in the States. This is because the model brings to bear all the strengths and desirable traits of the standard Crosstek, now infused with new electric features from the plug-in powertrain. This segment of cars is quickly growing in popularity in the US, so the brand will need to put in a lot more effort to stay relevant as many shoppers turn to hybridized or electric vehicles in the future.

2021 Subaru Hybrid Models

The singular model in the Subaru hybrid lineup is the PHEV variant of the acclaimed Crosstrek. However, a fair number of changes have been made, aside from tacking on a few additional engine components, so it is worth taking a closer look:

  • Crosstrek Hybrid: The engine under the hood of the hybrid seems somewhat unimpressive at first glance, developing just 137 horsepower and 134 lb-ft. However, when you take the pair of electric motors into account, this changes significantly. Even with just 148 combined hp, the compact SUV feels surprisingly peppy, and the remarkable 90 MPGe across the combined driving spectrum is nothing to sniff at. Sadly, the new Subaru hybrid has to sacrifice around five cubic feet of cargo space for its electric components, but it tries to make up for this with more standard features in its only trim level. This includes a full bevy of driver-assistance systems, an eight-inch infotainment touchscreen with smartphone integration and Wi-Fi, as well as an array of power outlets and USB ports.

Price List of Current Subaru Hybrid Models

Currently, the only Subaru hybrid vehicle is the PHEV adaptation of the Crosstek SUV. Due to its additional powertrain components, battery pack, and longer list of standard features, it carries a much higher price tag than its gasoline-powered siblings.

Model Power Engine Base Price
Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid 148 hp 2.0L Flat 4 Hybrid $36,345
Subaru XV Crosstrek Hybrid 160 hp 2.0L Flat 4 Hybrid $25,995

What to Consider When Buying a New Subaru Hybrid

Buying a new car is always a difficult task, and with the burgeoning hybrid and EV markets, you would be wise to question whether hybrid cars from Subaru are your best option. Luckily, the experienced journalists at CarBuzz have subjected each vehicle, including the Subaru hybrid, to reviews across a variety of categories, including performance, practicality, fuel efficiency, safety, and value for money. Whether you are buying new or used, be sure to check out our handy comparison tool in the buyer’s guide, where you can find each review and see how your top picks rate against their contemporaries or even offerings from other segments. When it comes to the Japanese automaker, these are the characteristics you can expect from its products:


  • Good ride quality
  • Good interior space
  • Competitive fuel economy
  • Standard AWD on its SUV range
  • Comprehensive luxury and safety specs in top tiers


  • Subpar trunk size
  • High cost for top trims and hybrid models
  • Mediocre handling
  • Somewhat bland interior


Is the Crosstrek Hybrid the best Crosstrek to buy?

If you do lots of short daily trips and can make the most of the all-electric range, it can provide all the zero-emissions driving you need without using a drop of gas. If you need more performance, the 2.5-liter Sport model is the best, at around $9,000 less than the Hybrid. If you habitually drive the Hybrid beyond its electric range, the weaker gas-only performance will ruin its otherwise great fuel economy.

Can the Crosstrek Hybrid go off-road?

Though not a true 4WD vehicle, it has great ground clearance and excellent AWD traction, which means it can do more than you might expect and is great for camping trips. You’ll have to tow a small trailer (max 1,000 lbs) because the trunk is on the smaller side, though.

Is the Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid safe?

Yes, it has received the IIHS’s 2021 Top Safety Pick+ award. Standard safety features include high-beam assist, blind-spot detection, rear cross-traffic alert, automatic braking in reverse, a backup camera, and seven airbags, including a driver’s knee airbag.

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