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Tesla has slowly been expanding its range in the USA, with new crossovers and even a pickup truck, but there are still only two Tesla sedans to choose from. As electric cars become more popular and accessible, this may change, but it is more likely that Tesla will work to expand its crossover model range. However, the lower cost of a Tesla sedan should still keep the style popular as an entry point to the EV market.

Current Tesla Sedans

The most famous all-electric brand has two great sedans for sale in the US. In comparison to many rival EVs, Tesla sedan models have long ranges, more distinctive styling, and thrilling acceleration. This is mainly because the automaker makes use of the most advanced battery technology and puts all its focus on making the best EVs money can buy. The current lineup comprises:

  • Model 3: The entry-level Tesla vehicle is available in three different configurations - Standard Range Plus, Long Range, and Performance. Combined horsepower ranges from 266 hp to 430 hp, and a total driving range of 353 miles is possible. The interior is a bit spartan, but it looks good and you actually get a fair number of standard features. You get a surprising amount of cargo space, too, since you get some extra room in the frunk.
  • Model S: For the best performance, the Model S is the way to go. The electric engines available in this range consist of two motors and a battery pack that develops 670 hp on the Long Range and an insane 1,020 hp on the new Plaid. These specs also empower the Model S Long Range with top-notch mileage figures of 124/115/120 mpg-equivalent city/highway/combined and a 405-mile driving range. However, it is the 0-60 mph sprint time of under two seconds on the Plaid, according to Tesla, that really impresses.

Tesla sedan price list

The Tesla sedan price list for 2021 comprises only two base models, but the difference in price between the variations looks as follows:

Model Power Engine Base Price
Tesla Model 3 TBC Electric $46,990
Tesla Model S 670 hp Electric $99,990
Tesla Model S Performance TBC Electric $91,990
Tesla Model S Plaid 1,020 hp Electric $135,990

What To Consider Before Buying a Tesla Sedan

Not everyone feels confident buying an electric vehicle, but with the expanding charging network and the increasing number of EV models across various automakers, there has never been a better time. You can read reviews about each of these cars on the CarBuzz buyer’s guide, where the comparison tool lets you see exactly where each model shines or falls short of the competition. Here are some of the characteristics that make Teslas unique:


  • Top-tier battery and motor technology
  • Extremely long travel range
  • High-tech interiors
  • Some of the best performance figures
  • Dedicated charging network


  • Questionable quality
  • Not as luxurious as premium rivals at the same price
  • Not many customization options
  • Expensive to repair


What is the cheapest Tesla car?

The Model 3 is the most affordable of the brand’s automobiles. In Standard Range Plus guise, it will cost you around $40k. However, this is before you take into account any incentives that many states offer for eco-friendly EVs.

How long do Tesla cars last?

The manufacturer claims its batteries can function for up to eight years, though maximum mileage varies by model. Tesla gives the Model S the longest warranty of 150,000 miles. However, considering how quickly battery technology is being updated, who knows how long they will last come 2022 and beyond.

Are Teslas expensive to fix?

Unfortunately, this is one of the brand’s biggest weaknesses and something that many EVs struggle with. Since EV technology is so complex, even basic repairs can be pricey, and serious ones can be crippling. Luckily, most electric vehicles have quite lengthy warranties on their electric components.

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