Tesla Sports Cars

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While the famous EV automaker has been making some impressive, high-performance vehicles, there are no Tesla sports cars on the market right now in 2021. But, that doesn’t mean the US doesn’t have anything to look forward to. The Model S Plaid can be confused for a sports car thanks to its more than 1,000 horsepower and around two-second sprint time, but it won’t be the fastest Tesla car for long. The upcoming Roadster will be all about speed and luxury, though we have no definitive information on the engines that will be available, yet.

Tesla Sports Cars

You may think you know what a fast Tesla car is, but there will be no comparison with the latest EV set to launch in the USA in 2022.

  • Roadster: With legitimate sports car styling, the Roadster will be more than just the best-looking Tesla ever made. While the exact specs have not yet been announced, the automaker claims that the sleek speedsters can make the 0-60 mph sprint in less than two seconds and reach a maximum cruising speed of 250 mph. It will also have the best range, if Tesla’s claims of a 620-mile battery can be believed.

Tesla sports car price

Only a single model is represented on the Tesla sports car price list, and we do not yet know if it will have multiple configurations aside from the special Founder Series. The expected MSRP price of each model so far:

Model Power Engine Base Price
Tesla Roadster 1,360 hp Electric $200,000

What To Consider Before Buying a Tesla Sports Car

Such is the nature of exclusive vehicles like this, that budget is generally the main consideration. Still, buyers should keep an eye on the CarBuzz buyer’s guide for more reviews about this exciting new classification. But, if it follows the trends we have seen from Tesla in the past; the pros and cons of the new sports car should include:


  • Refined battery and motor technology
  • Impressive all-electric range
  • High-tech interiors
  • Extreme performance
  • Zero emissions


  • History of uncertain quality
  • High cost to buy and maintain


Is the Tesla Model 3 a sports car?

While the Tesla Model 3 Performance is undoubtedly a quick car, and the Model S Plaid even quicker, neither classify as actual sports cars. They are simply extremely fast sedans with sport-like capabilities.

How much does a Tesla sports car cost?

The upcoming Tesla Roadster has been announced at $200,000 for the base model, with the special Founder Series available for pre-order at $250,000.

Is the Tesla Roadster faster than a Bugatti?

In terms of sprint time, the Roadster is faster than a Bugatti Chiron, reaching 60 mph in under two seconds. However, its top speed is a bit lower.

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