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While the famous EV automaker has been making some impressive, high-performance vehicles, we have been waiting a while for a true Tesla sports car. But, that doesn’t mean the US doesn’t have anything to look forward to. The Model S Plaid can be confused for a sports car thanks to its more than 1,000 horsepower and around two-second sprint time, but it won’t be the fastest Tesla car for long. The upcoming Roadster will be all about speed and luxury.

List of Tesla Sports Car Models and Prices

This is a list of the Tesla sports car models currently for sale in the USA:

Model Power Engine Base Price
Tesla Roadster 1,360 hp Electric $200,000

What To Consider When Buying a Tesla Sports Car

While electric sports cars are still relatively new to the scene, they aren’t unheard of. But, as perhaps the biggest name in EV technology, Tesla has been a bit slow in bringing us a genuine sports car. That’s not to say that you can’t get a fast car from Tesla, but its true performance cars are something a bit different in comparison.


  • Compelling supercar performance
  • Impressive electric-only range
  • Futuristic and appealing exterior
  • Minimalist, high-tech interior


  • Absurdly expensive for a road car
  • Extremely cramped rears seats and tiny trunk
  • No traditional visceral engine and transmission feel


What are the specs of the Tesla Roadster?

Though information is still a little scarce, despite the looming release date, the Roadster is expected to be equipped with three motors as stock that should develop the same 1,020 horsepower found in the Model S Plaid. We do know it will have 7,375 lb-ft of torque, and Tesla claims that the drop-top will hit 60 mph in under two seconds. It will be equipped with an all-wheel drivetrain configuration as standard. The overall range will depend on how far battery technology comes by the time the car launches.

What is the price of a Tesla sports car?

Final pricing has yet to be announced, but based on previous information, we expect the 2-door Roadster to cost around $200,000.

When does the new Tesla Roadster debut?

After numerous delays, Tesla has announced that the Roadster convertible will be released in late 2023. Time will tell if this comes to pass.

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