2023 Tesla Model 3 Interior and Cargo

Tesla Model 3 Interior & Cargo Rating

2023 Model 3 Interior

Spartan seems a bit condescending a term to use when describing the interior of the Model 3, but at least it's simple. Two things strike you about the interior when you first open the door: it looks bigger than it would appear from the outside, and that central screen on the dash is huge. This effect is amplified by how simplistic the dash and most of the interior are, but it is indeed a large screen, measuring 15 inches. It's a very clean and modern look overall and it works fairly well, but we still would prefer some physical knobs. Interior space is good too, proving to be more than just an optical illusion, although those in the back shouldn't be close to the six-foot mark if you intend to go on a long trip.

2023 Model 3 Interior Photos

2023 Tesla Model 3 Infotainment System Tesla
2023 Tesla Model 3 Steering Wheel Tesla
2023 Tesla Model 3 Dashboard Tesla

Seating and Interior Space

The Model 3 seats five individuals in relative comfort, but as we've noted above, the sloping roofline cuts into the rear headroom a little. Fortunately, legroom is good - a bonus that comes with a car that doesn't have a transmission tunnel. In the front, 12-way power-adjustable seats allow the driver to get into a good driving position. All-round visibility is exemplary too, and forward occupants will have no issues with headroom or legroom. Ingress and egress for all passengers are impressive too, and all seats offer a good balance between support and comfort.

2023 Tesla Model 3 Interior Dimensions:

Tesla Model 3 TrimsModel 3Long RangePerformance
Headroom Front Seat40.3 in.40.3 in.40.3 in.
Headroom Back Seat37.7 in.37.7 in.37.7 in.
Legroom Front Seat42.7 in.42.7 in.42.7 in.
Legroom Back Seat35.2 in.35.2 in.35.2 in.
Shoulder Room Front56.3 in.56.3 in.56.3 in.
Shoulder Room Rear54 in.54 in.54 in.
Hip Room, Front53.4 in.53.4 in.53.4 in.
Hip Room, Rear52.4 in.52.4 in.52.4 in.

Interior Colors and Materials

Two interior color schemes are available for the Tesla Model 3, the first of which is called All Black but features a contrasting wood element through the dash. Leather isn't viewed as environmentally friendly, so a leatherette with white contrast stitching features instead. However, we prefer the $1,000 Black and White color scheme. Here, the seats and elements of the door cards and dash feature a bright and futuristic blank white. Spec your Model 3 with either black or white paint and the car has an overall appearance that wouldn't look out of place in an early-2000s sci-fi flick.

2023 Model 3 Trunk and Cargo Space

Since electric cars don't have an engine sitting under the hood that area is used as a buffer for frontal collisions but also doubles as a place for a frunk. In the Model 3, that front trunk offers 3.1 cubic feet of volume, while the rear offers 19.8 cubes for a total of 22.9. The back is large enough to swallow carry-on luggage for four, while the front can fit an additional overnight bag. If that's not enough, you can fold the rear seats to maximize rear storage.

In the cabin, you get a pair of cupholders in each row, along with door pockets that feature recesses for water bottles. There's also a spot for two phones in the center console, a reasonable glovebox, and a center armrest storage bin.

2023 Tesla Model 3 Trunk and Cargo Space Photos

2023 Tesla Model 3 Armrest Tesla
2023 Tesla Model 3 Hood Up Tesla
2023 Tesla Model 3 Front Luggage Space Tesla

2023 Tesla Model 3 Cargo Dimensions:

Tesla Model 3 TrimsModel 3Long RangePerformance
Trunk Volume19.8 cu. ft.19.8 cu. ft.19.8 cu. ft.

2023 Model 3 Infotainment and Features


As standard, the Tesla Model 3 features 12-way power-adjustable front seats with heating, a tinted glass roof, heated and power-folding wing mirrors, remote access through a mobile app, keyless entry and ignition, LED headlights with automatic high beams, rain-sensing wipers, a brake hold feature, a surround-view camera, parking sensors, and a dash cam. Dual-zone climate control also features, along with lane departure warning and lane keep assist. You also get adaptive cruise control, traffic sign recognition, and forward collision warning with autonomous emergency braking as part of the Autopilot suite of semi-autonomous driving aids. Further wizardry can be unlocked with the Full Self-Driving Capability option that adds a summon feature, automatic parking, auto lane change, traffic light/stop sign control, and the still unreleased features of automatic steering on city streets. A power trunk lid is also equipped.


The aforementioned 15-inch horizontally-mounted touchscreen display in the center of the dash is the base of operations for the infotainment system, but also for most other vehicle functions. It features navigation with real-time traffic updates, both of which use the familiar Google Maps interface. Bluetooth connectivity features too, along with four USB-C charging ports, HD Radio and FM-frequency radio. However, AM radio, SiriusXM satellite radio, and Android Auto are all conspicuously absent. In better news, Apple CarPlay has recently been introduced via a new software update, and at least an internet browser and some online stations are offered. A 14-speaker premium sound system is also available.

While the overall look and feel of the system is decent, the lack of any physical knobs or buttons, as well as icons that can be too small, can distract one from the road for too long. Two phones can be wirelessly charged at the same time on charging pads positioned below the screen. There is a USB-A port in the glovebox and Tesla has thrown in a 128 GB portable storage device.

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