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Toyota’s electric cars have been slow to arrive on the market, but the automaker has also taken a broader approach than most rivals by releasing not only plug-in electric cars but also hydrogen fuel cell models. This innovation, combined with the brand’s reputation for exceptional quality and reliability, bode well for the future of a fully electric Toyota.

List of Toyota Electric Vehicles and Prices

This is a list of all Toyota electric car models and prices in the US:

Model Power Engine Base Price
Toyota bZ4X 201 hp Electric $42,000
Toyota RAV4 EV 154 hp Electric $49,800

What to Consider When Buying a Toyota EV

Gone are the days when electric cars were a novelty in the US, and while some may see the late arrival of Toyota’s electric car models as a bad sign, it could be argued that the Japanese automaker has taken the time to see what its competitors are doing and make sure it gets the recipe right. As such, you can expect a Toyota EV to exhibit these qualities.


  • Eco-friendly operation and zero direct emissions
  • Unique and edgy exterior designs
  • Exceptional safety and reliability ratings
  • Practical interior spaces
  • EVs require less maintenance and at a lower cost


  • Low horsepower outputs and sedate performance
  • More expensive than your average Toyota
  • May require the installation of a home charging station
  • Mirai is only sold in California


What is the best Toyota electric vehicle?

Currently, the only standard EV offered by the brand is the bZ4X, and while it displays many of the strengths of the brand, including exceptional safety and reliability, as well as practicality and driving ease, it doesn’t have very good range for the segment and costs more than similarly accomplished SUVs. However, the hydrogen-powered Mirai has been around for a while and proved itself a capable example of the uncommon technology. Sadly, it is limited to areas where hydrogen refueling stations exist - namely, California.

What Toyota EV offers the best range?

The hydrogen-powered Mirai can cover 312 miles on a full tank. But Toyota's only true electric vehicle is the bZ4X, which has a less impressive range of 252 miles. Top models in the segment are able to achieve between 300 and 450 miles.

What is the price of a new Toyota electric car?

Neither of the two models are particularly cheap, with bZ4X starting at around $42,000, while the Mirai asks for a bigger investment of $50k.

Do hydrogen-powered cars need to be charged?

Since they don’t have a traditional battery, hydrogen cars don’t come with a charger or need to be charged at all. Instead, their hydrogen fuel tank can be refilled, similarly to how gasoline cars are resupplied.

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