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The time of the minivan in the US has mostly passed, with only a select few automakers still willing to give the body style a chance. The Toyota minivan that has stuck around is the Sienna, a surprisingly modern and attractive vehicle with brand-inherent reliability and good value for money.

List of Toyota Vans and Prices

This is a list of the Toyota van models and prices in the USA:

Model Power Engine Base Price
Toyota Sienna 245 hp 2.5L Inline-4 Hybrid $36,885

What to Consider When Buying a Toyota Minivan

A small segment does not mean an easy choice, and the few remaining passenger vans have to compete fiercely for the buyers who still care about this type of vehicle. So what makes a Toyota van unique in this highly tailored segment?


  • Considerably stylish
  • Highly versatile and practical
  • Affordable and great resale value
  • Wide array of trims and options
  • Can be equipped with an AWD system


  • Only one model on offer
  • Interiors are feeling dated
  • Mundane and unengaging to drive
  • Infotainment is not up to scratch


What is the best Toyota minivan model?

Only the Sienna is available in the USA, but it is sold in a variety of trims to suit most needs. The Platinum gives you just about anything you could want, including heated seats, all the available driver-assistance features, and a much-needed upgrade to the infotainment.

How much does a new Toyota minivan cost?

The price of the Sienna is relatively reasonable, starting at around $36,000 for the bare-bones model. However, it can go as high as $50k if you opt for the top-spec trim.

Can a Toyota minivan go off-road?

While it is available with an all-wheel drivetrain, the Sienna is not a 4x4 car that is suited for rugged off-roading. It is made to handle slippery road conditions and snow, but not much else.

Will Toyota make a new van model?

There is currently no information on any upcoming vans from Toyota, so it is likely that the Sienna will remain the only model until such time as it, too, is discontinued.

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