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There aren’t many Toyota minivans for sale in the USA. In fact, 2020 sees only one returning to the market for another circuit - the Sienna. Passenger vehicles are ideal for the big, American family and those from this renowned Japanese automaker certainly tick all the right boxes. While this brand’s cars don’t carry much in the way of premium-level luxury and conveniences in general, they are praised for their astounding and proven safety and reliability ratings. This makes them even more ideal for any US household, especially those on a tight budget.

Common Specifications for Toyota Vans

There are a number of commonalities to every vehicle that leaves this manufacturer’s factories.

  • Performance: These commuters typically ride softly, comfortably, and smoothly for the express purpose of transporting people. Some are pretty sporty and their handling is quite impressive, thanks to their balanced and aerodynamic, elongated design.
  • Powertrain: A sizable motor is usually put to work in these people-haulers to keep acceleration smooth and consistent. Automatic gearboxes are staples in these comfort-focused commuters, but few manufacturers offer an all-wheel drivetrain, which is what sets these rides apart from the competition.
  • Features: While creature comforts are not particularly plentiful, active and passive safety tech is abundant on the spec sheet of the base-level trims. Available conveniences include power-adjustable seats, automated climate control, and climate-controlled seats. The standard infotainment likely won’t wow most shoppers, with small touchscreens being common and the exclusion of Android Auto.

Toyota Minivan Models

There is only one type of Toyota van; the latest Sienna gets a potent 3.5-liter V6 engine and an eight-speed automatic gearbox. It can be had as either front-wheel- or all-wheel-drive. It carries a starting MSRP around $32k with a choice between five trims. The upcoming model is currently undergoing a major redesign for 2021, teasing an all-new hybrid powertrain and a far more contemporary design. It will be America’s first hybrid minivan with an optional 4x4, too.

What to Consider Before Buying

There is a lot to consider beyond just the attractive price of the new Toyota minivan. So, before heading to the dealership, check out CarBuzz’s passenger van reviews where we go into detail on all of Toyota’s minivan models. For now, here is a list of Toyota van advantages and disadvantages:


  • Considerably stylish for a minibus
  • Highly versatile and practical
  • Affordable and great resale value
  • Wide array of trims and options
  • Can be equipped with an AWD system


  • Only one model van is offered State-side, the Sienna
  • The interiors are usually somewhat dated
  • Mundane and unengaging to drive
  • Shoddy infotainment with no Android Auto


How many passengers can the Toyota Sienna fit?

The cruiser can be configured with seating for either seven or eight occupants who are split between three spacious rows.

Is a second-hand Toyota van model worth purchasing?

Yes. Vehicles from the Japanese automaker are renowned for their durability and resale value. Thus, opting for a used version is often worth it and will come at a lower cost, too.

What trim levels comprise the Sienna range?

The solo van sold in the USA is offered in one of five trim levels, including the L, LE, SE, XLE, and Limited.

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