2019 Toyota Mirai Performance

Toyota Mirai Performance Rating

2019 Mirai Performance

There's only one powertrain in the Mirai range, with the mid-size sedan packing a front-wheel-drive configuration with power sourced from a hydrogen fuel cell which powers an electric motor. It also has a small 1.7 kWh battery which is used to help when instant power is required. The electric motor has an output of 151 hp and 247 lb-ft of torque, while the fuel cell is rated at 153 hp. Like most electric and hybrid cars, it has instant torque on takeoff but is short-lived, resulting in a slower than expected 0 to 60 mph time of 9.6 seconds and a top speed limited to 111 mph.

Comparatively the Honda Clarity Fuel Cell can reach 60 mph from a standstill in 9.2 seconds, while Hyundai's crossover Nexo manages 9.5 seconds to the same mark.

2019 Mirai Performance Photos

2019 Toyota Mirai Three Quarter Front Left Side View In Motion Toyota
2019 Toyota Mirai Three Quarter Rear Left Side View In Motion Toyota
2019 Toyota Mirai Engine Toyota

Engine and Transmission

Core to the Mirai's appeal is the hydrogen fuel cell which powers an electric motor to produce an output of 151 hp and 247 lb-ft of torque. While this setup seems unique, it's been in experimental use for some time, now, although the Mirai is the oldest of the current generation of FCVs. Adding extra juice when needed, the Mirai uses the same 1.7 kWh battery from the Camry Hybrid, while the electric motor is the same one from the Lexus RX450 Hybrid. Thankfully it has a better range than most electric and hybrid cars at approximately 312 miles.

Thanks to having a single-speed transmission and electric propulsion, the Mirai has smooth acceleration that's initially quick, but then simmers down at the car picks up speed. The Mirai doesn't feel like a fast car but is more than capable of scuffling through the city or cruising at highway speeds, although it's in the former department where it truly excels.

2019 Toyota Mirai Performance Specs:

Toyota Mirai TrimsToyota Mirai EnginesToyota Mirai HorsepowerToyota Mirai TransmissionsToyota Mirai DrivetrainsToyota Mirai MPG/MPGE
Fuel Cell EVElectric151 hpSingle Speed AutomaticFWD66 MPGE

2019 Mirai Gas Mileage

The Mirai's raison d'etre is to provide a new and sustainable way to commute while using the least amount of fuel possible. In that regard, it's a winner. It has an EPA-rated MPG-equivalency of 67/67/67 city/highyway/combined which is fantastic even compared to many hybrid cars. Even more amazing is that the Mirai has a range of around 312 miles on a five-kilogram/122.4-liter hydrogen capacity split between two tanks.

In comparison, the Hyundai Nexo has best available figures of 65/58/61 mpg with a range of 380 miles in the Blue trim. The Honda Clarity Fuel Cell has a range of 360 miles and figures of 68/67/68 mpg.

The Mirai boasts great fuel economy, but unfortunately, hydrogen stations are few and far between and confine the Mirai to short distances within Hawaii and California only.

2019 Toyota Mirai Fuel Capacity

Toyota Mirai TrimsFuel Cell EV
Toyota Mirai Tank size12.8 gal.
Toyota Mirai Fuel Economy (Cty/Hwy)66/66
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